Pineleaf’s Presents the Horse Cloak

July 5, 2012


At long last, after 60 quests with the war steed from Combe, I have finally been acknowledged as as the Studier of the Equine.

What else did I get for my efforts? A cloak. In fact, the cloak you see me wearing above. If you have unlocked the deed, you can preview the cloak on your own character through the dressing room. For those who can’t preview it, I have included a few more images of me wearing the cloak below. As you can see, this cloak is unlikely to become the height of Middle-earth fashion.

From the Front

Yes, the hood does look like a horse’s head.

From the Side

The side view provides a better look at the distinct shape of the hood.

From the Back

We complete the theme with a mane and tail at the back.

While Mounted

The Algraig steed fits quite well with the cloak. At least something fits with it.

While Skirmishing

It should be no surprise that I soon afterwards skirmished while wearing my new cloak. Naturally, I chose Defence of the Prancing Pony for this run.

I’m sure some of you wish to know what else you get. As far as I can tell, nothing. Perhaps there will be a surprise at some point in the future but for the moment, the title and cloak are your only rewards. I like the reward for completing each of the nine horse quests at least once better.

May your shield protect you and your Spear never break,

Pineleaf Needles

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15 Responses to “Pineleaf’s Presents the Horse Cloak”

  1. Avatar of Hymne
    Hymne Says:

    You know I love cosmetics but this, well… mumble…
    Congrats on finishing those quests though! Well done!


  2. Budge Says:

    Gratz on completing the deed.

    I’ve also been expecting that completing the deed would open up more content… well, I guess we can still hope…

    As for the look of the cloak – I wouldn’t advise wearing it around the stables during the mating season. :)


  3. Avatar of Pojoh
    Pojoh Says:

    You know if you can find another person, it could make for a great horse costume for Halloween ;D


    • Avatar of Hildifast
      Hildifast Says:

      Turbine would have to introduce a “Back End of the Horse” Cloak for that. And I dread what 60 quest I would have to complete to get a horse’s arse cloak. :D


  4. Comment Says:

    I think Turbine is trolling us. At least everything they have been doing lately feels that way.


  5. Ryzis Says:

    60 Quests? Holy cow that’s a lot of quests for that ugly thing! I’d prefer some special skill or skirmish (or house stable (I wish!)).


  6. Avatar of Pineleaf
    Pineleaf Says:

    You get the skill for finishing each quest at least once (and doing a little session play following that). This is discussed by Ketani’s article at

    I do like your idea of a house stable for finishing all 60. Alas, Turbine didn’t have the same idea.


  7. erunineriol Says:

    There should als be an extra horse skill when finishing this quests, or?


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      The horse skill comes from the deed for finishing each of the horse quests at least once. That is separate from the one that grants the horse cloak (it requires you to do any combination of the horse quests 60 times).


  8. susan Says:

    I happen to love the cloak, its silliness personified. There are a bazillion and one ‘serious’ cloaks in game and its time they had one for the other side. unless they were serious and not tongue in cheek… uh… were they serious?



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