Steam Starter Pack $14.99 until July 23rd

July 12, 2012


Steam is having a pretty big sale right now which means gamers all over squee with happiness! One of those sales right now is for 50% off  the LOTRO Steam Starter Pack that was just introduced last month. That makes this package $14.99 USD.

Noble Grey Pony

  • Exclusive Noble Grey Steed: Saddle up on this striking grey steed as early as level 5 and travel across Middle-earth 68% faster than on foot.
  • Three Bonus Quest Packs: Continue your adventures through the troubled Northdowns, tranquil Evendim, and frigid Misty Mountains
  • 25% XP Boost Token: Earn 25% more experience from quests and monster while you have this token equipped, all the way to level 65
  • 1,000 Turbine Points: Customize your experience in Middle-earth with 1,000 Turbine Points. Buy cosmetic gear, rare mounts, experience boosts, buffs, and more.

For new players this a great package to help get you started in Turbine’s Middle-earth with some really great content, goodies points and a horse.

Veterans like myself will be interested in this starter pack because it is $15 for an account wide 68% speed horse. Plus some Turbine points! Tis a good deal!

Sale runs until July 23, 2012.

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35 Responses to “Steam Starter Pack $14.99 until July 23rd”

  1. Grishgash Says:

    glad this is back on since I missed it the first time around! :)

    everyone should really consider buying this! you get so much more for the price you would be paying for the 1000 turbine points anyway :P

    I’m happy with this anyway :DD


  2. Avatar of Draculetta
    Draculetta Says:

    Hum.. just bought this.. and it’s not showing up my in list of games to install.. I got the confirmation email… it shows up in my settings as a purchase…

    guess it’s time to contact steam….


    • Hrangar Says:

      When you launch Lotro through steam you’ll get a key that comes up on the steam overlay, register that under your account on the Turbine site to get the goodies.


      • Avatar of Draculetta
        Draculetta Says:

        Problem was it was not showing up at all.. I figured it out.. I had to pick the FREE TO PLAY version of LOTRO… then it would show up and I could get the key… applied and it’s all good..


    • Dryden Says:

      Try closing Steam down and starting it up again. Their servers are being slammed today.

      If LOTRO is showing up in your games list you may just need to apply the code to your account. To quote Merric when this first came out:

      ” You can also add this pack to existing accounts by adding the game to your Library in the Steam client (I did this by having it start the download), right-clicking the title name, and choosing “View game CD key”. This will give you the key that you can add to your account through Turbine’s My Account page. You can then stop and delete the install from Steam if you wish to do so.”


      • Shaun Says:

        I bought it, started the download, stopped it, got the code and applied it at Turbine’s My Account paid. The 1,000 TP got credited to my account, but I did not receive the mount or the pocket item. :-(


        • Avatar of Goldenstar
          Goldenstar Says:

          Look for a package in your inventory named “Mithril Gift Box” or something similar.


          • Shaun Says:

            That was it. I had checked my inventory originally, but it wasn’t there. I did get a notice saying it could take up to an hour for the items to appear, so I guess that’s fair. I like the horsey! The steam from his nose looks cool!

  3. Rendien Says:

    Personally I’m going to hold off on buying this till the last day or two. They might put it on sale even more for one of their daily deals/flash sales before the sale is over.
    $15 is a good deal either way, though, and the steed looks cool.


    • Grimbran Says:

      Ive never seen steam do a sale within a sale before.(been with steam for a couple of years now) Your only hope of a better deal is to wait for it to expire and maybe come back again during steam’s big holiday sales that they have every day in December. I prefer to pick it up now, vs hoping though.


  4. Daniel Says:

    So the 25% XP Boost Token is not like the RoI one? it works on quests also?


  5. erunineriol Says:

    for only Turbine points, its not the best deal in europe..

    1000 Points+horse = 13 EUR

    600 Points (ingame store)=6 EUR

    1600 Points (ingame store)=15 EUR

    600 and 1600 are withour double bonuspoints

    its a meh from me =(


    • Grimbran Says:

      You get more than just TP points though. You can’t just rate the whole package off of a single perk out of four that you get.


  6. erunineriol Says:

    i know, but goldie says, that this is also something for us veterans, so i calculate the tp + the horse.. 10$ would be a nice deal, i must pay 14 EUR, (13 was wrong)


    • dodos Says:

      Considering horses range from 900+ to 2000 TP in the store and are per character i think 14 EUR for 1000 TP plus account wide fast horse is pretty good deal.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      You are calculating the TP plus a single horse. This horse is a 68% speed account wide horse.

      The closest we’ve seen to buying something like this is the Reveller’s account wide mount:
      2,995 for Reveller’s Gilded Mount account-wide

      Yes, this steed plus the TP are well worth it for a veteran. I suppose unless you have all the fast horses you may require already.


  7. Andy Says:

    Was glad to see this hit the sale as I’d recently suggested to a new player that they wait until the steam sale hits to buy the starter pack.

    At 33% it may not be the best TP deal but the account wide fast horse should help it past the tipping point and of course new players have likely not bought quest zones yet.


  8. Jamz Says:

    Does anyone know if this provides a 1-day of VIP like the mithril edition did?


  9. Avatar of Goldenstar
    Goldenstar Says:

    In sad news, I tried to buy one of these packages as a gift purchase and it wouldn’t allow me to do so.

    I sent in a ticket to Steam help and just got the answer that “you cannot gift this specific Starter Pack”. No reason why it can’t be gifted but it’s not an option.


    • Grishgash Says:

      i heard people got around this by just opening up a new steam account *snickers*
      as long as you don’t care about that key being linked to that steam account, you can just add the key to your my.lotro account :))


      • cairidor Says:

        ok well umm where do u find the coad?! im listening


        • Grimbran Says:

          After you buy steam’s lotro starter pack, you choose to install the free-2-play version of Lotro (it is separate from the starter pack in steam’s store). Once you have it in the library list and beginning to download, right-click it and choose the option to “view game CD key”. Then copy that code and log in to the website for your my.turbine account (where you control your subscription status to Lotro). After logging in, you will have a “add product key” box, just copy in the code you got from steam for Lord of the rings Online. Done.

          I did the above myself just yesterday, and can verify it worked for me. It added all the starter pack goodies to my already existing Lotro account. After I got the code and entered it successfully on the my.turbine site, i just right-clicked Lord of the rings Online in the steam library and chose “delete local content” to clean up my steam game list and keep from installing a duplicate copy of the game on my PC.


  10. cairidor Says:

    umm i know this is a noob question but if i buy this, since i did buy the mythirid adition and played for like a month now can i still use it and get all the bounouses?


  11. Black Llama Says:

    You don’t even need to download the entire thing to Steam. I honestly only purchased for the points and the awesome steed (it really is the bees knees). What I did was:

    Install steam
    Purchase game
    Start the game download
    Click on ‘Games’ then ‘View Game Library’
    On the LOTRO game screen click on ‘CD Key’
    Click ‘Copy Key to Clipboard’
    Log on to Myaccount at LOTRO
    Add Key
    Uninstall Steam

    Done :D


  12. Grassrootz Says:

    I was so glad this went back on sale. I grabbed it real quick mainly for the account wide mount and Turbine Points as I already had unlocked all the quest packs previously.


  13. Samaire Says:

    Just bought this. It’s a great deal. I’ve been a VIP for almost two years but recently went F2P since I haven’t been playing as much. I’ve been buying the quest packs little by little. This deal gave me 3 that I needed, Plus with the 1000 TP I bought Enedwaith on sale. That was the last one I needed. Now I can play anywhere without paying every month.


  14. Ozmer Says:

    Odd question, it says the mounts are account wide – does it only apply to current characters, or if I get more slots in the future will newly created characters also have access to the mount?


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