To go Legendary or not to go Legendary that is the question!

July 23, 2012


Hey everyone DJ Helsing here. With the upcoming release of Riders of Rohan I wanted to take a few minutes to go over all the bonuses that are provided in the Legendary Edition of the Riders of Rohan expansion and give you my opinion and take on the extra content and if it’s worth the extra thirty dollars. In the following article I am going to be going into detail about the main differences between the Base Edition and the Legendary Edition; the 6th bag, Cosmetic Armour, Crystal of Remembrance, 1,000 Turbine Points, Exclusive Rohan content and the Outrider’s Token.

To begin I wanted to discuss the Exclusive Rohan content that’s provided in the Legendary Edition. This is by far one of the best goodies provided in this bundle. I won’t give any big spoilers but this content provides you with a few hours of fun running around and helping a variety of characters help out a mysterious horse. In addition you get the unique opportunity to run a few solo instances as the actual horse actually attacking orc’s and completing quests while playing as the actual horse. These quests are a ton of fun for those of you who like LOTRO quests and the instances provide a very unique and entertaining experience unlike any other in game to date.

Next up comes the Crystal of Remembrance. This item has a lot of players debating whether it is worth going Legendary or not. The Crystal is a one time use item that you can use on a legendary item to add a Legacy slot. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you use it. If you use it on a low level legendary or Third age item most players would say that you have wasted the Crystal mainly because of the lack of points that you can use to level up your legacies. Although the Crystal gives you another legacy it does not however give you more points. So it would be a great way to add more Might or other skills to a item but not the best for a skill focused Legacy since you won’t have the points available to level it up to its capacity. Personally I think there is a lot of potential when the level 85 Legendary items come out but that is yet to be seen so I’ll be holding on to mine for a while.

The best part of this package in my opinion would be the 6th bag. I don’t want to go into to much detail about the importance of bags but the extra 15 slots really helps reduce the stress of managing your inventory perfectly so as to have room for random pick up raids or large group or kin runs. Having to run back to town one or two less times per play session is a huge savings of time and well worth the investment into Legendary Edition. I’ll be following up in a week or so with another article focusing on what items you should always have on hand so keep your eyes open for that in a few weeks.

As for the other goodies, the Cosmetic Armour in my opinion is just filler. Although a lot of players do love dressing up their toons, as a more game play focused player I feel that these types of goodies aren’t tailored for me and thus aren’t very appealing as a bonus. I will admit that they do look really cool on my toon I personally aren’t to impressed by the Armour. The extra 1,000 Turbine Points on the other hand I believe is a big bonus and a great addition to the package. If you buy turbine points online you’re looking at around a twelve dollar and fifty cent value. With that in mind your basically only paying seventeen fifty for the rest of the goodies. You can never have enough Turbine points especially if your running multiple toons or if you’re playing free to play. The Outrider’s Token can be great for those of you with low level toons but for those of us who are already level 75 it really does nothing for us. Although I do like how I can share it between characters so If I start another toon they have this bonus. So the Token is really hit or miss, either you love it or it’s useless.

So what does this all come down to? Is Legendary Edition worth the extra thirty dollars? In my opinion I would say yes, Legendary Edition is the way to go. The 6th Bag is a huge in game benefit giving you more room and less stress having to worry about optimizing your bag space. The Crystal will give our new level 85 Legendary items another Legacy which makes a big difference in end game scenarios. The Exclusive Roan Content provides a very entertaining quest line taking you through the life of a Horse and giving you a lot of fun quests in game along with a special skill for use in mounted combat. The Outriders token can be useful for anyone under level 75 or with alts. The cosmetics are a nice addition for those fashion forward types and the extra 1,000 Turbine Points top it off giving you the ability to add any of your favorite items to the batch of amazing bonuses for going Legendary.

I hope this article helped you make your decision on whether to go Legendary or to go Basic. I would definitely recommend talking to your Kin mates about their experiences before making the final decision and also do a little research because at the end of the day its your game, your toon and you can play it how ever you like :)

Be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming article on must have items to hold in your new 6th bag. But until next time…

“Ride for wrath, ride for ruin, and a red dawn! Forth Eorlingas!”

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13 Responses to “To go Legendary or not to go Legendary that is the question!”

  1. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    Since the cloak, soldier appearance, and Outrider’s Token are the only bonuses exclusive to the pre-purchase, I think I’ll wait and give Rohan a look after launch before I invest in the expansion.

    It will be an even better deal if I can get it on sale for 50% off and after the inevitable bugs of the first couple months are fixed.


    • Avatar of Hobbitmeister
      Hobbitmeister Says:

      I am going to wait as well. If it doesn’t sell well, the fire sale will come but Turbine may hold off much longer to try and squeeze fence sitters into buying at full price. Or they may throw out a 25% off sale to lure weak fence sitters.
      Personally, I think that is one of the reasons this Expak is so overpriced, so they have built in padding when they do discount it. And yes, I do feel it is overpriced. There is nothing in the Expak that is overly compelling to justify the price, IMHO.


  2. susan Says:

    My sis bought the preorder though she doesnt have a character anywhere near the level to use the content. She did it for the cosmetics, horse, horse play and is very happy and content with her purchase. (not to mention smug, as I havent bought it yet lol)

    I think that is the lesson here, buy if it will give you pleasure, wait if its too costly for your budget and whether you feel it will be ‘worth’ it, then you can pick up the bits and pcs you like when they go on sale.

    I personally will buy it, just to wipe that smile off my sis face, also, I have already invested in every preorder the game has offered and may as well go one more.


  3. LelqTian Says:

    Does anyone know if the so called e exclusive Rohan quests will come with just the Pre-Purchase, or will they stay in the Legendary edition when RoR goes live? Or alternatively, if they will be included in the in the TP store version/s? In any case, even if they aren’t, I still don’t think this alone is worth the whopping $70 they are asking for the Legendary. Everything else will be available in the store – 6th bag, etc, so while nice, I don’t see the value in it. I mean, I’m not in a hurry for an extra 15 bag spaces, or an item I might be able to use a couple of months from now – since I would imagine I won’t get my hands on a lvl 85 2nd Ager till much later than the release, and probably never for an 85 1st Ager, since those most certainly won’t be available at release.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Exclusive Rohan content is not a pre-order exclusive item. This will be available in the Legendary Edition after launch as well.

      Perhaps even in the store although we have not heard if it will be sold separately.


  4. Andy Says:

    I’ve not used the crystal yet as I’m mainly waiting until an 85 weapon to use it on. I’ve not seen if they’re going to be giving LI’s extra levels or more points per level. Without more points the benefit of an extra (randomly given) legacy might not be as much as it would seem. Might be a nice thing but it it becomes store only I’d probably ignore this entirely.

    The RoR exclusive content was never going to be game shatteringly awesome, just as the exclusive skill for mounted combat wasnt going to run the gambit of pay to win accusations. BUT it is fun, enjoyable content and now I’ve got the horse cloak I can say it doesn’t look as bad on a hobbit as the official screenshots make out. Don’t recall anywhere that said it would vanish post release and I imagine they’d face another storm of abuse if they did pull it from the TP version. The content not just the cloak.

    Extra space is always good and I would have bought that anyway, certainly levelling alts with a 6th bag does mean I’m now more able to dedicate one to task drops and have room to pickup other rubbish to vendor off. Moria is particularly bad for task and rep drops on top of the regular stuff.

    Outriders token is just an extension of the derudh’s stone so it’s a nice option to have equipped as and when you want it. As it’s a pocket item I find it works very well compared to similar buffs via armour that you find in other games.

    I use some of the cosmetic armour on some characters but as it doesnt dye you’re limited to a colour scheme that works well when using something like the chest piece. Skirm soldier skins are a nice addition although I still tend to stick with my hobbit’s using a hobbit soldier. The horse being able to transfer over to the warsteed system is a nice option but until I actually get my hands on I dont know what exactly I’ll be able to do with it cosmetically to work it into other mount skins/parts.

    Now they’ve given the instance pack, when it arrives, in with purchase I’m happier with having bought it. The bonus TP’s are a probably going to go on a class mount once the one I want turns up. Unexpected bonus but can’t complain about a bit more stuff.


  5. Tony Says:

    After they added in the TP and the instance cluster, I felt all of the packages were generally more worthwhile. I liked the additional horse quests, although they could use some more polish… And honestly, the cosmetics and horse are some of the nicest in the game in my opinion. I am hoping that horse appearance is one of the cosmetic options for our war steed — it seems like an obvious one.


  6. Avatar of Harperella
    Harperella Says:

    I think the Legendary edition really starts to shine if you have multiple level-cap characters. Basically, you get one crystal of remembrance for each level-cap character. So if you have many, this is a fantastic deal. If you have only only, its just so-so.


  7. Anthony Says:

    Last time I checked, the Legendary pre-order included 2000 TP, at least thats how much I got for my pre-order after Turbine added it in.


    • Corvald Says:

      Right, but it has 1000 *more* than the basic edition, which includes 1000 by itself.

      One other item is missing – the Moria, Evendim, and Lothlorien quest packs. But if you already have those, it’s not a useful feature.


      • Anthony Says:

        True, but then you need to know that in the first place.

        “main differences between the Base Edition and the Legendary Edition; the 6th bag, Cosmetic Armour, Crystal of Remembrance, 1,000 Turbine Points”

        If you didn’t know, then that almost reads like the Base Edition has 0 TP and you get 1000 TP with the Legendary Edition.

        Also, both Base and Legendary are missing the quest packs, thats only in the Heroic Edition.

        Nothing’s clear cut these days, is it :lol


  8. Manuel Says:

    Is it going to be released in a CD/DVD ?


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