Community Update August 29, 2012 [Video]

August 29, 2012


This week the community team is going to be ultra busy travelling to all different types of events which is the bulk of this community update, detailing where you can find Sapience and Celestrata.

Mentioned in this update:

  • Dev diary about Crafting releasing later today
  • Celestrata is heading down to DragonCon in Atlanta, GA attending the Dragon Slayer Awards (still time to vote LOTRO best community!) and hanging out at a screening for The Fellows Hip Movie. Will be a raffle for a signed boxed copy of Mithril Edition.
  • Sapience is heading to PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. There is no LOTRO booth on the show floor this year but you catch Sapience (follow on twitter to find him) in and out of the convention and score yourself some swag. When someone earns some swag in person, some will be offered to win on twitter!

View the video on LOTRO’s YouTube Channel

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3 Responses to “Community Update August 29, 2012 [Video]”

  1. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    It is really amazing at how quickly you get these up Goldenstar!

    Also I am wondering if they are going to have a lot less condenced information now that Riders of Rohan got postpone…the hype train might have come off the track, fallen down a cliff and ended up way at the bottom of a ravene somewhere. It will be interesting to see how they handle letting out information now that we have 46 Days to go (A month and a half more). I just hope that it doesn’t lead to an under the radar launch of the expansion.


  2. Shutz Says:

    I too am also amazed at Goldenstar’s punctuality.
    The video was pure unadulterated hype. I would love it if someone experienced did a live camera interview on Sapience about some of the real issues confronting LOTRO while he is at this event. Ive heard a lot of hype about new things players never asked for that seem to come ahead of basic improvements.
    From what it looks like, they are only authorized to give out “swag”.
    If a game rep from a company like this tried to give me a fan button, I would politely refuse. I am tired of ambiguous statements of disbelief.
    Not tired of the lord of the rings. I think it deserves a much better effort.


    • Andy Says:

      Some of the new additions do kind of come across as, if it aint broke poke it til something does.

      Might sound cool, I am always wary when any dev sells a thing as being cool, in a discussion room somewhere but in practice just come off as irritating.

      I can see why they’ve tried to add some one the new little bits and bobs but new things like the sounds need options to turn them off. I’d still like an option to choose the old style maps and fog of war over the more basic looking ones.


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