Help the Hobbit: Warden Legacies

August 29, 2012


If there’s one class that’s seen a lot of changes this year, it’s the Warden.  Whether you think the class is overpowered or not, there is one thing that most people agree on: it’s one of the more complex classes in LOTRO.  And with its revamp earlier this year even more complexity was added to the class with it now having a distinct stance for tanking, melee DPS, and ranged DPS roles.  With these different roles usually comes a desire for different Legendary Item Legacies to assist in their function.

This Week’s Topic

What legacies do you use for the Warden in:

  • PvMP
  • Tanking Roles
  • DPS Roles
  • Raiding
  • Small-Fellowship
  • Full-Fellowship
  • Soloing

One of the things that I’m going to enjoy about this edition of “Help the Hobbit” is that I think the answers will also answer a question for me that I’ve had of late, which is “Do many Wardens find themselves staying primarily in any other stance than Determination nowadays?”  Not that I don’t think that there won’t be people who switch between all stances or those who don’t play tanks, but Warden mains are few and far between in my kinship for some reason so I don’t get a lot of interaction with them on a regular basis.  Which means I’m interested in seeing if anyone finds themselves filling DPS roles more often than not since the revamp or if tanking is still the main role most players end up fulfilling.  Either way, though let us know what legacies you use below!

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6 Responses to “Help the Hobbit: Warden Legacies”

  1. Svenric Says:

    My warden has always been a tank and more often than not, the main tank for our kin. I don’t usually play my warden in any other role as I don’t keep an alternate set of gear with more might than vitality.

    The legacies on my LIs are picked for tanking, whether it be 3mans, 6mans, or raids.


    Main Hand
    + +Spear Gambit Parry Rating
    + -% Power, Fist-Spear Gambit Line
    + +Shield Gambit Buff Duration
    + Fist-Spear Gambit Threat Up
    + +% Gambit Lifetap Damage
    - +Shield Tactics Tactical Mitigation

    + +ICMR – Determination
    + +ICPR
    + +% Shield Gambit Line Heaing
    - -Defiant Challenge Cooldown
    - +Shield Mastery Block Rating
    - Ambush and Careful Step Induction

    Yes, that’s 5 majors on my hammer, possibly was lucky to get that on my first 75sa. My javelin could be better with +% Conviction Healing if I had gotten 4 majors on it but it does fine enough. The Ambush legacy is nice to halve that wait time for it. Warden legacies are surprisingly cheap on LI points. On a second ager, I can max (rank 9) out all 6 legacies on my main hand weapon, and 5 on my javelin (though ambush is at rank 8). I also have 2 star-lit crystals on my javelin which affect its DPS, ICMR, ICPR, and Shield Mastery Block legacies.

    Gentoo of Dueces Wild
    Gladden Server


  2. Lazlo Says:

    Tanking (Determination):
    Main hand – club (hobbit) or spear (4 major 2 minor)
    Fist-Spear Gambit Threat Up
    Spear Gambit Parry Rating (low priority for points)
    Shield Gambit Buff Duration
    Power, Fist-Spear Gambit Line
    Shield Tactics Mitigation
    Power, Shield-Spear Gambit Line or Javelin Toss Range

    Javelin – (3 major 3 minor)
    Warden Shield-Spear Gambit Line Heal Bonus
    Heal Bonus for Conviction
    Shield Mastery Block Rating
    Defiant Challenge Cooldown Modifier
    Resolution Resist Rating or Vit or Might or Agility

    DPS (Recklessness and Assailment):
    Main hand – spear (3 major 3 minor)
    Spear Gambit Damage (Melee)
    Recklessness Attack Duration
    Gambit Lifetap Damage
    Javelin Toss Range
    Resolution Damage or Might or Agility
    Boar’s Rush Crit Rating or Might or Agility

    Javelin – 4 major 2 minor
    Fist Gambit Crit
    Spear-Shield Damage
    Power, Spear-Shield Gambit Line
    Shield Piercer Duration
    Reduced to-hit movement penalty for javelin skills

    Moors Build:
    dunno, tho I imagine that disco challenge CD, reduced movement penalty, javelin range, wages of fear, hampering javelin, and the ambush/crit strike stuff would be good

    as for tanking vs dps… since I have a stable full of alts, my warden does not get asked to dps. For that, they ask I bring my RK or Hunter. If my warden is there, she’s tanking for all her hobbity yells are worth. I’d say I spend about 85% of the time in Determination, 12% in Recklessness, and 3% in Assailment. Stance dancing whenever there’s a need is fun. If I’m tanking something easy, I’ll hop to recklessness for a cycle of bleeds and then hop back.


  3. Vyral Says:

    You will probably get a wide variety of answers here, as with all legacy discussions. I primarily tank while in a group but have a swap set of weapons and jewelry for soloing to up DPS (never got an armor swap set).

    Tanking Melee Weapon
    + FiSp Threat
    + Sh Gambit Buff
    + Power FiSp
    - Power ShSp

    I don’t use Spear Gambit Parry Buff because the parry buff on WoS was so short I never really used it in my tanking rotation. With the duration increasing in RoR it might be more useful. The FiSp Threat legacy used to be a must-have. However, the 2 new threat skills in RoR (which will likely take over as primary threat builders) are FiSh and won’t be buffed by the legacy, thus reducing its utility. The ShSp Threat legacy may become useful, as it will start buffing the new threat generation effect from our HoT gambits (I am not yet clear whether the increase will be significant enough to warrant a legacy). I use the 2 power legacies which are convenient but not must-haves, but do reduce my need for DBtD. The FiSp power legacy may become easily expendable in RoR as threat generation goes to FiSh gambits. I don’t use lifetap damage legacy because my job isn’t to do damage and it doesn’t increase the heal I receive. Shield Tactics Tact Mitigation is a good legacy if you’re not already maxing out tactical mitigation without it (I have tactical mitigation near cap with Raid Buffs even without Shield Tactics up, so the bonus doesn’t help me and I don’t use the legacy).

    Tanking Ranged Weapon
    + ShSp Heal Bonus
    + Fi Gambit Buff
    + Fi Gambit Evade
    - DC Cooldown

    ShSp Heal Bonues legacy and DC cooldown legacy are must-haves. I don’t use conviction heal bonus because conviction has become a waste of time. I like the Fi Gambit buff / evade legacies as I actively use those in my tanking rotation and don’t typically max evade without the bonus. ICMR is an option is you have a 4th major. Shield mastery block rating is okay if you’re not already maxing out your block rating with your equipment and standard tanking rotation.

    As you can see, I have a lot of “blanks” on my tanking weapons, which can be filled with quality of life legacies or stat legacies as you see fit. I find that there are very few “must-have” legacies for Wardens.

    DPS Melee Weapon
    + Sp Gambit Dmg
    + Recklessness AD
    - Javelin Toss Range

    Gambit Lifetap Damage, Boar’s Rush Crit Rating (for running in assailment in the Moors), and Hampering Javelin Duration are all potentially useful additions. I typically will have might and agility stat legacies.

    DPS Ranged Weapon
    + SpSh Damage
    + SpSh Power
    - Reduced To-Hit Movement Penalty for Javelin Skills

    ICPR, Resolution Resist and Shield Piercer Duration are decent utility legacies you can add in. I typically will have might and agility stat legacies.


  4. Zide Zwipe Says:

    While there are many different ways you can do your legacies, Improved Combat Morale or Power Regen is not one of them. The base bonus is not worth the waste of a Legacy slot over anything else, and the total bonus of the fully upgraded legacy is not worth the total points spent. The bonuses are so small that 99.9% of all wardens will not notice the difference between having them and not having them in Battle, nor will they be the difference between a successful Tank, and a smear on *Random End Boss #2′s* main weapon.


  5. Adanorod Says:

    Basically what others have said, but on your tank weapons, vitality on both is a must (scrolls are pretty cheap from Grey Company vendors), and might on DPS weapons. I am certainly in Determination most of the time, however I prefer soloing in recklessness. In groups, I tend to use Assailment, since it is more usefull for trash fights.


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    Merric Says:

    Thank you all for your input. I really appreciate it!


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