Ketani’s Cosmetics: Should Have Been a Minstrel

August 30, 2012


When looking for new and interesting outfits for my captain, I often find myself drawn to gear intended for other classes. Lately, I seem to gravitate toward minstrel pieces. Two of the pieces in my most recent outfit are part of minstrel sets, and another piece is a light armour quest drop. I must say, I’m extremely happy that the cosmetic system in LOTRO allows a character to look their best while still benefiting from their more practical, possibly less stylish gear.


Recently, that shoulder piece was my entire reason to go to the Ettenmoors. I’m sure there are some people who play PvMP for reasons other than getting new outfit pieces, but I’m certainly not one of them! The shoulder piece in question is the Pauldrons of the Wandering Bard and in my opinion, it is one of the best cosmetic shoulder pieces in the entire game. (Don’t mind the out-dated Lorebook entry.  You do not need to be Rank 3 to purchase them—or even a minstrel!—you just need to have 2,000 commendations to burn and a wardrobe to add it to.) For more examples of outfits using this armour piece, check out these posts on Cosmetic Lotro.

captain_minstrel captain_minstrel2

The other minstrel piece in this outfit is the leggings. They are the Ceremonial Silver-voice Leggings. The non-ceremonial version of these leggings is part of the Helegrod minstrel armour set. If you want the cosmetic version of these, you can find them at the skirmish cosmetic vendor under the filter “Helegrod Cosmetic Clothing – Light”.


Head: Summerdays Hat; Sea Blue dye (Summer Festival cosmetic)

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wandering Bard; Sienna dye (PvMP barter, Minstrel)

Back: Leather Cloak of Mystery; Evendim Blue dye (skirmish “mystery” cosmetic, shows a random pattern when dyed)

Chest: Disused Robe of the Dunland Soothsayer; Sea Blue dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Hands: Gauntlets of Dungon; Umber dye (Ost Dunhoth barter, Captain)

Legs: Ceremonial Silver-voice Leggings; Umber dye (Helegrod cosmetic, light)

Feet: Boots of Dundolen; Sienna dye (Ost Dunhoth barter, Burglar)

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10 Responses to “Ketani’s Cosmetics: Should Have Been a Minstrel”

  1. susan Says:

    now that is fashion dedication.. to venture into PvMP… awesome!


  2. Hagges of Landroval Says:

    That’s a nice looking wrap/shoulderguard!

    Hagges is quite a seasoned pvmp’er, but recently he ventured out to the moors for the sole purpose of getting a purple RK armor piece for his outfit from the vendor out there. Pauldrons of the Word-Crafter iirc. it’s one of 2 pieces in the game with that particular look, the other being the Moria Teal shoulder armor using the token from the VM raid.

    2,000 comms later and about 4 different dyed versions in my wardrobe… My dwarf RK, Champ, and Guard are all rocking what I think is the best shoulder piece in the game.

    Totally worth every wargie-pounce out there.

    keep up the fashionable fight! o/


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      I remember those shoulders. They’re not one of my favorites, but they certainly are different and make quite the fashion statement. Congrats on getting an outfit piece you love!


  3. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    Awww so lovely! Congrats again on the shoulders and that cloak really looks awesome too. I should check out more of those mystery boxes!


  4. ladyofrohan Says:

    See Catrine.

    See Catrine go adventuring. She completes a quest. What is her first question? Is it “Which piece of armor is worth more?” Is it “Which piece of armor is fractionally, infinitessimaly better than what I have now?” No, it is “Which one looks better?”

    See Catrine’s brother bang his head against the keyboard and despair of ever making a proper, orc-slaughtering, skirmish-and-instance-running, death-and-destruction-loving gamer.


  5. Avatar of Matthew
    Matthew Says:

    I do not understand.

    I suspect that it is a generational thing.

    None of the board-gamers could understand why anyone would play a tabletop RPG when I was young. Now the tables are turned.


  6. Gliredhel Says:

    Ironic; I’ve been minstrelling around in Full Lorien Plate armor lately, myself.

    The flexibility of LOTRO’s cosmetic system has always been one of it’s most enjoyable aspects, for me.


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