Riders of Rohan Delayed

August 22, 2012



This morning, in what must have been a tough decision by Turbine, Kate Paiz released a Letter from the Producer stating that  Riders of Rohan’s release date has been pushed back from September 5th to October 15th.  The reason?  Simply put, the expansion needs more work and they’re not comfortable releasing the content in its current form.

Riders of Rohan news from Kate Paiz, Executive Producer

We’ve had a very successful Beta program with some of the largest and most active beta player populations we’ve seen since Moria. The amount and quality of  feedback on our largest expansion ever has been fantastic.

Thanks to some great efforts from beta players, we’ve identified issues that we think need to be addressed before we can launch. In order to address those issues and meet our expectations for quality we’re going to need more time. As a result, we’ve elected to delay our launch to October 15th.

We understand that many players have been looking forward to joining us in Rohan as soon as possible and will be disappointed by this news. As a token of our appreciation for your patience we are granting a gift to all pre-purchasers of Riders of Rohan.

We thank you for your feedback and patience and hope to see you all in Rohan in October.

As a result of the delay, players who have pre-purchased The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan will receive 500 Turbine Points and a goodie bag of consumables. Points will be awarded automatically and a code will be sent to players that have pre-purchased Riders of Rohan, The code will be redeemable from around September 5th to any account that has pre-purchased by that date.

The goodie bag will contain the following items –

  • 100% XP Boost (1hr)
  • Slayer Deed Accelerators x1 (60 min)
  • +20% Renown (3 hours)
  • +20% Mount Speed (1 hour)
  • Tome of Defence
  • Scroll of Finesse

For a list of in-game celebrations planned, including Frodo and Bilbo’s birthdays, please visit the calendar page using the tab above.

When I first read this I felt disappointment and shock.  I couldn’t believe that we, the players, were going to have to wait over an additional month for the new content.  (I was also grateful I hadn’t requested any time off from work, yet.)  But then as I calmed down I thought what would I rather have, a horrible experience on September 5th, or a great experience on October 15th?  The answer was easy for me.  I would rather wait and have Rohan be the best possible experience possible, rather than stumble through it cursing in frustration.  Sure, I’m still disappointed; but I’ll get over it.  And in the meantime I’ll spend time leveling my alts and enjoying the game all the same.  How about you?

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101 Responses to “Riders of Rohan Delayed”

  1. Smugglin Says:

    Kinda staring at this news and the comments left here with a dumbfounded look on my face. Holy crap you guys really have been conditioned to take whatever you are given and ask for more. Congrats mmo industry. I guess I’ll be the one person here who doesn’t congratulate Turbine for making this decision. Let me clarify that statement. I am NOT ok with Turbine acting like they are doing us a favor by not fixing the problems that should have been aggressively fixed . I don’t think a company should be congratulated for a failure. This is coming from someone who is a Lifer and has been playing for 4 + years. And I know this will be met with people criticizing me that I’m raging or have unreal expectations but I am actually legitimately on the opposite side of this issue then most of you and that does not make me wrong and my expectations are real and quite simple. I seriously can’t stop shaking my head reading these comments here. People saying this is great or how this was a good decision for Turbine. Just befuddled. I mean , whether you are angry or ok with this, PLEASE just have some standards as a customer and a fan. It shouldn’t be ok with you for a company to say something and then not have to live up to it. On a side note, there is another major gaming company out there that prides itself on only releasing content when its ready and done. The game they have has not seem content in almost a year and has dropped millions of subscribers. There ready when its done has become a screen for lazy development and it bothers me that other companies have really adopted this mantra.


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      “I am NOT ok with Turbine acting like they are doing us a favor by not fixing the problems that should have been aggressively fixed . I don’t think a company should be congratulated for a failure.”

      I don’t think anyone is “congratulating Turbine for a failure”. Instead, they are respecting their decision to take the time needed to fix serious flaws in the game BEFORE it is released. Turbine has recognized that the current product is not up to the high standards that their customers have a right to expect, so they’re taking the time to make sure it will be able to live up to (and hopefully exceed) expectations.

      In my opinion, it is infinitely worse to knowingly deliver an excessively buggy/unfinished product than to delay release a while to make sure it’s done. If you were buying a car and were told it would be delivered on a certain date and arrived at the dealership to be told “Here’s your car as promised! Now please take a look at the known issues. We haven’t had time to install the brakes. But since we didn’t want to make you wait past the day we promised it to you, we’ll just have to fix those for you later. I’m sure you’re just glad to get the car today, right?” Of course this an extremely hyperbolic example, but the basic principle applies. On time is not greater than finished.

      Oh, and these bugs that should have been “aggressively fixed”? They are being worked on. However, they can’t just have a new build ready and release it on Sept. 5th completely untested and cross their fingers that all the issues have been fixed. It would be irresponsible for them to just slap together a fix and hope it works without giving themselves time to test it and then fix the things that patch will inevitably break. And that’s not because they are incompetent, but because that is the way software development works. Fixing one thing almost always leads to something else, seemingly unconnected, being affected in some unexpected way.


      • Smugglin Says:

        At the core of what I was saying was I understand that game, as is, has bugs and other problems that can not be released to us on Spetember 5th as they said it would. I get that and support that. I don’t want a broken product, but what you seem to be overlooking is that the testing and fixing should have been done and the game should have been in a release state by the time they sold us on when we preordered (September 5th). So I guess a big part of the problem was when there was money exchanged and one person starts rearranging the agreement. I just want people to realize when you add money into a relationship between us and Turbine you have a right to expect certain things. And all I can go on is what Turbine has presented to me, MoM was buggy and had all sorts of issues on release, SoM was buggy and had issues on release and the same with RoI. So following the trend of what I do KNOW and not what I would like to believe, I would have to say that RoR will be buggy and have lots of issues when they release it on Oct 15th.I get it too, people in this community are always trying to look at things in a positive way and personally I feel that creates a bias. I try to stay impartial and review stuff thing by thing and if something is wrong I’m going to say it and not try and spin it. The positive outlook when things don’t warrant them is a bias and your doing yourself a disservice. In the end though, all points are moot because they’re going do what they want and everyone’s gonna have they’re own opinions on it.


        • Dagael Says:

          It sounds like someone doesn’t understand what “beta testing” means. If the game was 100% ready to go, there wouldn’t be any need for a lengthy pre-order period. If you pre-ordered this and KNEW that there was going to be a beta testing period after you pre-ordered, then you KNEW that there was the possibility that they would find significant bugs and need to delay the release. If you don’t want to risk that possibility, don’t pre-order. It’s that simple.


        • mrtoad Says:

          Everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course. Maybe some have heard of a company called Blizzard? Yeah, they don’t rush their stuff out the door nor should Turbine. I’ve been playing computer games since 1989, and the #1 complaint I’ve heard over and over again from fellow gamers is that the devs rushed out a lower-quality game to make some quick money. For once, Turbine does the right thing and delays a product to make it higher quality. Never gonna please everyone I guess :D Oh and writing and testing computer code/art/systems isn’t like digging ditches where just throwing massive amounts of machines, people, and work ethic will get something done. So please don’t treat the hard-working Turbine devs like they are naughty children who haven’t been working hard enough at their chores, sheesh :)


        • Andy Says:

          Adding a few gaps in the text makes it easier to read.

          If you consider what they’re actually trying to add into the game in the form of the mounted combat they gave themselves a pretty tight deadline anyway so in some respects the delay wasnt much of a surprise.

          They’ve added not just riding about and hitting stuff while mounted, the system includes a whole trait tree system that can have multiple builds stored, 3 types of horse an LI for each of those mount and been trying to get the feel of combat right for each class type.

          It would have been much simpler to follow the WoW jousting path and just say here’s a horse, if you ride it you’ll always get skills x, y and z.

          As RoR is still in beta it means it’s still being worked on, so it’s not a completed product yet and as such we can’t class it as a failure or otherwise.

          There’s usually at least one dev lurking online not doubt making notes about things being found in game and chatted about and helping out where needed.

          They’re also willing to tell us bits of info like they don’t class tasks as content you will need to level off whereas RoI had a situation of people running out of quests and having to grind and task the final level or so. Very good news to me as a player that generally hates grindy stuff.


  2. Legolyn (Firefoot) Says:

    Frankly, I’m okay with it. I get both sides of this argument. But, I will enjoy the extra leveling and rep grinding time.

    Sometimes it feels like a job. But it is a job I love! :)


  3. Arsenette Says:

    I wasn’t buying the expansion anyway so I commend them in fixing something broken instead of releasing a known problematic expansion. Lord knows with what’s going on with MMO’s now where they knowingly release bugged and even broken content I’m happy they are giving it another month to fix the problems that are exclusive to this content. That said I wish they are doing something to fix the current problems that make ROI just about unplayable to a lot of us with Windows 7.


    • Michael Says:

      By ROI problems are you referring to when the game crashes periodically when entering new areas/instances?


  4. Shardis Says:

    I might just be cynical about this, but pushing back the Rohan release also lets them have the Summer Festival (which has been delayed due to delays in the earlier festivals) before Rohan goes live. As it was shaping up since festivals tend to last roughly 3 weeks, the summer festival would have still been running when Rohan went live if they stuck to the original release date. I imagine that would have been problematic both for Rohan and the Summer Fest.


  5. Narnian Says:

    Now that the NDA is lifted, let me tell you: Pushing back the release date is a good thing. They are not ready.


  6. Avatar of Hadoriel
    Hadoriel Says:

    Hey, this comes out the day before my birthday now! :D
    So I suppose I’m one of the few very happy for this, as now I can get it as a present hehe ;;


  7. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    This makes me sad but i’m ok with it.


  8. Kanati Says:

    I’d rather that they took more time than released an incomplete and buggy product. I’ve seen enough of that in the past year in other games I play.


  9. RoyalBob of DD Says:

    Already pre-ordered, but haven’t put the code in yet. Wish I knew this would happen earlier


  10. Michael Says:

    This has to be looked at from the perspective of project management. Turbine must not be congratulated for failing to deliver the goods on time. You can bet that within Turbine, there will be a Project Manager who has failed to achieve his performance bonus for this and they will have accountability.
    On the other hand I am pleased they have the guts to delay the release because believe me plenty of companies don’t and it ends up creating chaos for end users.
    I was looking forward to the release but on the other hand lately I spend more time in the moors than anywhere else so this gives my noobish Creeps more time to do the commendations quests before the rewards get reduced.


  11. Paul Says:

    What’s the big surprise here. It probably dawned on them that releasing an overpriced expansion in a bad economy a week or two after GW2 is maybe not the best idea they ever had. Duh.

    The game has been reduced to festival appearances and mount collecting for most people because of the lack of vision these people have anyway.


  12. Shutz Says:

    I am shocked about Turbines continued path away from Tolkien’s dream into this wow emulation. Where is the creativity? Re assert yourselves.


  13. LotRO rules! Says:

    To all the people who can’t wait get over it it’s 1 month (and a bit) unless you have been given a death notice before October 15 it’s really not that bad to wait :)


  14. scott Says:

    I am afraid I won’t be on LOTRO much at all now until Oct 15th and I hope I am excited enough to come back after waiting another 6 weeks for this new release. I’ve been with LOTRO for 4 years and with 5 75s a level 62 and a 60, I’ve just experienced all this game can give me until they raise the level cap and offer new content. It’s sad they had to delay the new release because I feel like it will really be slow and unpopulated on most servers until then. Unless you are a Moors guy (I’m not) another Summer horse just doesn’t get me excited enough to log on. Until then, keep leveling Alts you guys! Not much else to do.


  15. Jon Brantner Says:

    My take on it, as of today there is 3 strikes against turbine for this expansion.
    1. Before the pre-order was released the devs stated there was to be a new instance cluster in RoR, which was pulled after the pre-order was released stating that it would not be out until around December.
    2. The release date was stated September 5th, the beta testing didn’t begin until July 18th? Doesn’t seem like enough time to test a expansion to me, maybe they should have planned better and started sooner so that they would not miss another expansion release date again.
    3. Turbines apology for the expansion being delayed is 500 TP and a goodie bag, which in itself is great and I appreciate it greatly, except it’s already 2 days late and no word on when it’s to be released.

    I am a patient person but it is really frustrating to see a companies absolute incompetence in keeping it’s word. As a customer who has spend well around $800 or more on LOTRO in the last 2 years I am really debating how much more of my money I will give to them if any in the months to come.



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