Walking with Frodo

August 21, 2012


I have done something terrible…and Merric and Goldenstar don’t know.  Who knows what they might do if they found out, so nobody tell them.

I was in Rivendell with no idea what was about to happen, I was just glad to be with the fellowship having fun.  It all changed when silly Gandalf asked me to go on a walk with Frodo.  It sounded simple enough just don’t talk about the adventure and you will be fine.  So I went on the walk and was having fun talking to Frodo but he must have been tired because he wasn’t responding to what I was saying very well.  He seemed not to care much about what I had to say which was kind of annoying since I was talking about how awesome I was when fighting along with Legolas taking down evil trees.

Frodo didn’t seem to want to talk about me or him…he just kept saying vague sayings which almost seemed automated.  I know this sounds weird but I think no matter what I was saying Frodo would still have the same responses.  I could have said that the whole fellowship died and Frodo would still be sitting there making vague sayings not really paying attention to me.  Alright so maybe he would have reacted to that but it just seemed like he was ignoring me and it was getting old fast.

We continued to talk very vaguely until we were nearly done with our journey.  Frodo was talking about how he was afraid about what was going to happen to him and his party.  I finally knew what he had been talking about this whole time he was talking about the Ring.  While I didn’t know too much about the Ring I knew it was very important because of the party that has been made to protect it.

All of a sudden I had a weird feeling come over me.  I started getting scary thoughts.  I don’t know where they came from but I knew what I was about to do but I could not stop myself.  My mouth was about to start a scary sentence and I could not keep control.  I was overwhelmed by these feelings and it happened.

I asked Frodo what was around his neck.  He said it was not part of my business.  I could see fear forming in his eyes but I could not control myself, I asked Frodo for the Ring!

Frodo quickly ended the conversation and I snapped out of it and realized what I had done and yelled out I was sorry to Frodo as he fled.  I continued on my journey to fight some ringwraiths and even lesser balrogs and finally made it to Lothlórien.  Surprisingly none of the Fellowship had been informed of my mistake.  I am glad Frodo never told them and he realized I really was sorry.  We talked again and were much more productive.  While Frodo was more worried about his future than ever he seemed to half a calm about him as if he had thought of a possible solution.  This time I did not get involved with his business even though he still sounded automated…I guess that is just how Frodo talks.

In the end it all worked out but it is not exactly something I want to brag about or put on my resume.  So again don’t tell Merric or Goldenstar and if you ever see Gandalf again be sure to tell him that my talk with Frodo went well and NOTHING HAPPENED.

Note: This is a true story.  When I typed out about the Ring Frodo really did end the conversation then and there (even though it was likely planned to end there).  All that said I now have a weird relationship with Frodo in LOTRO and will likely never live this down even though it has nearly been a year.

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19 Responses to “Walking with Frodo”

  1. Prighild Tussletoe Says:

    Great sorry. Thanks, Andang.


  2. Dan Says:

    Very nice.. although as I was scrolling down, with those pictures of the bridges and cliffs in Imladris, I thought you were going to to write about how you pushed Frodo off a bridge. That really would have been something to keep quiet!


  3. Cirded Says:

    Gotta say I started reading this thinking it was a serious article. Not really expecting this and it seems out of place. Maybe because of what I thought when I saw the link from Twitter.


  4. Ithilwen Says:

    Absolutely brilliant ;) Though I too expected tales of how you accidentally tripped Frodo and he went down the waterfall or something :P I know I’d have loved to have done that listening to Frodo whining about stuffs on the 10th character :P


  5. AdamKickman Says:

    The was awesome


  6. Ryssadis Says:

    Well, this was way better than my /follow /afk on my fourth walk with Frodo last night.


  7. Brainslug Says:

    Hm, I remember the story a little bit different …

    Frodo: Take it!
    Me: No, Frodo.
    Frodo: You ‘must’ take it!
    Me: You cannot offer me this ring!
    Frodo: I’m giving it to you!
    Me: Don’t… tempt me Frodo! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand, Frodo. I would use this ring from a desire to balance PvMP and reduce the lag … But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.


    • Ithilwen Says:

      You want to balance PvMP and you DIDN’T take the Ring?! What’s wrong with you? :P


      • Avatar of Andang
        Andang Says:

        One does not simply walk into the Ettenmoors and expect it to be balanced…Not with 10,000 rings could you save PvMP…it is folly

        What did you say? Riders of Rohan might fix PvMP? Well…I guess Turbine has 10,001 rings of power

        Thank you guys for the funny remarks


  8. Thurinphir Says:

    I just smoked pipe-weed the entire time (~10 pouches) :)


  9. Strunto Says:

    I remember the first time I did this quest! I was a complete MMO newb, and when Frodo started asking questions, I was stressing out thinking I had to respond to him. All too soon, I realized he didn’t give a crap. Haha!

    Enjoyed the article, Andang!


  10. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Vraeden slaps Frodo on the cheek with a cold fish.
    Vraeden slaps Frodo on the cheek with a cold fish.
    Vraeden slaps Frodo on the cheek with a cold fish.
    Vraeden slaps Frodo on the cheek with a cold fish.
    Vraeden slaps Frodo on the cheek with a cold fish.
    . . .


  11. Triski Says:

    Andang, I think Gandalf knows what you did….he doesn’t need us to tell him. Galadriel probably knows too. Oh, and don’t turn your back on Gollum, ever. And just to be safe, don’t mention it to Bilbo either!


  12. Lala Says:

    “…he seemed to half a calm about him…”

    Not a bad first story, but it needs some editing. “Half a calm about him”? Have* a calm about him. There were also run-ons and other simple grammar errors throughout.

    I do enjoy the smile at the retelling of that quest and seeing everyone’s comments, though. :) I remember the very first time I did it, 5 years ago, and also thought I had to talk back. I had a very in-depth conversation with automated-Frodo. We totally bonded and then never spoke again.


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