Win a Legendary Edition Rise of Isengard [Giveaway]

August 13, 2012


The Rise of Isengard Legendary Edition is no longer available in the LOTRO Market but we have a code valid for you to apply this package to your game as part of our 3rd anniversary celebration!

  • All three Rohirrim Style Mounts with a blanket & emblem in the colours of green, red and white
  • All three sets of matching cosmetic Rohirrim Style armour in the colours of green, red and white
  • An in-game title – Guard of the Isen
  • Access to the Path of the Fellowship Quest Packs including Trollshaws, Eregion, Lothlórien and Moria plus the Mirkwood Quest Pack as a special bonus
  • 1,000 Turbine Points for use in the LOTRO Store

Note that you can only have one Rise of Isengard code applied to your account so please pass on entering this contest if you cannot use this code.

How to Enter

Enter to win by using the Rafflecopter widget below. You must follow the instructions in the widget and click the “DO IT” and enter to submit your entry. There are four ways you can enter to win and you can do all four of them to increase your chances of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

None of the entry methods are required so if for instance you don’t use twitter or facebook, you do not have to sign up in order to participate.

It is however required you DO the thing you say you do on the entry (I’ll be checking the winning entry that they actually commented, or liked us, etc). Just follow the instructions and enter for the items you do and you are eligible to win!

How Winners are Selected

The winner will be selected randomly by the rafflecopter widget after the contest has ended. The winner will be contacted via email and given their product code.

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363 Responses to “Win a Legendary Edition Rise of Isengard [Giveaway]”

  1. jordan Says:

    i remember when i bought a copy of lotro starter addition and turns out it went on sail it was a bummer and when i bought some lotro points a few weeks later the points wen on sail and all the expantions went on sail and over all i lost $30

  2. Rinpherion Says:

    I want this soo bad my friends stoped playing and i want too tease them back with this!!

  3. Aarto Says:

    Hey cstm, gratz on big no. 3.

    My most memorable moment in lotro was when i met my kin leaders at the ford of bruinen. I was level 16 and they were 42. We journeyed to Rivendell, where i joined their new kin (i was the 8th member to join). Nothing but fun times have followed since then!

  4. Nalric Says:

    Has to be the first time finishing the Rift in SoA. There were too many runs that started at 10:00 pm and finished WAAAY too late for an old fogey like me L)

  5. Guy S Says:

    I’m fairly new to the game(2 weeks) and walking into this world the first time was breathtaking. It’s beautiful, big and I have so much to explore (currently fininshing up Bree-land) and I cannot step away from this game. Awesome contest and I’m looking to purchase all expansions this would just save me a good chunk! :)

  6. Aesai Says:

    Nice giveaway! Also I really like your tips on the game, very useful.


  7. Arstarot Says:

    When won m first “undying” title \(^_^)/

  8. Wal Says:

    Equipping the first age bow I’d just crafted back at lvl 60 :)

  9. Carlos Nazareno Says:

    running to every single boss and /slapping thing whenever they give long pre-fight speeches.

  10. gimii Says:

    I like the squirrel up in the tower, with that boring bloke.

  11. Noname Says:

    Seeing Baldrog for the first time.

  12. Jase Says:

    Awesome prize, be great if I won it

  13. Wesderic Says:

    My MMM (most memorable moment) was when I first jumped into the well in the Chamber of the Crossroads to find out that I wasn’t dead, but I ended up in the waterworks…I was so surprised!

  14. Wysteriana Says:

    my favorite moment was when i was in the beta for shadows of angmar and i saw hobbiton and bagend for the first time in game :D

  15. Cory Says:

    My most memorable moment would be stepping foot in Moria for the first time. That was an epic feeling.

  16. Hildiewyn Says:

    There are way too many moments to pick a favorite.

  17. Wailin Says:

    Best moment was coming back and noticing the Moria revamp! zooooom XD

  18. Adrian Says:

    The blade that was broken instance in Evendim quest chain. Awesome

  19. WiltenRose Says:

    Riding over the crest of the hill and seeing Rivendell for the first time.

  20. Dianne Says:

    Playing with my husband, being his mini :D

  21. Michael Says:

    Would be nice to win, looks fun.

  22. Dave Shepp Says:

    my most memmorable moment is when i joined a kinship and found out one of the members actually lives like 5 minutes away from me.

  23. Greaven Says:

    Nice prize for anyone who has not pre purchased. Good luck all

  24. Ege Says:

    It is gonna be awesome. Thank you!! Looking forward to Rohan.

  25. Willygard Says:

    Thanks for another giveaway, and congratulations for the great work you’re doing here. Good luck to everyone!

  26. Tergus Says:

    My most mememorable moment in LOTRO was when I and my friends defeated Ivar, the Bloodhand, and danced around fireworks and the body of the villain

  27. Boyd Says:

    I enjoy the quiet moments roaming around Middle-Earth, especially in the Shire.

  28. Avatar of Carica
    Carica Says:

    My favorite moment HAS to be playing with BBB! :D
    Oh, how I love those degenerates.

  29. Marco Says:

    my favorite moment was when I got my first mount – back in the day when these mounts where sooo expensive and rare and only a handful of people could afford the gold for it….

  30. Graybeard Says:

    My favorite moment was when I first got to the shire, making my way from Little Delving to Michel Delving, seeing the stars, and watching my childhood imagination come to life before my eyes.

  31. Pnunu Says:

    Who doesn’t like a contest?! Particularly for something one can’t buy otherwise…

    My favorite moment in LOTRO was not that long ago — in a fellowship with 3 others trying(!) to work our way through a full fellowship skirmish. No idea how many times we died (and *cough* I’m a Minstrel!), but it was fun running back and trying to chip away.

  32. Mike K Says:

    My favorite Lotro moment was when I found Lotro, and Started playing! A great game!

  33. kelly Says:

    my friend plays and would like to get this to keep up

  34. Jordan Says:

    My most memorable moment in LOTRO was probably the first Epic quests where in you’re in inspiration. It made me feel all powerful and it was pretty cool.

  35. Avatar of adganion
    adganion Says:

    One favorite moment from LOTRO happened last year when I was able to participate in the Fellowship Walk for the first time.

  36. Jones Says:

    My favorite moment in LOTRO was when I joined my Kin.

  37. Ryan Says:

    Homesteads in the shire. Were depicted how Tolkien described, the attention to detail has been tremendous, for all the time spent at work, spending time just enjoying middle-earth is a perfect way to end the day.

  38. Arndt Says:

    Definitely walking into Moria for the first time. That place is epic. In 2nd place is the frustration of actually doing quests in Moria. The map… it does nothing…

  39. Gui Says:

    LOL I want it so bad

  40. Cedrowlad of Vilya Says:

    The most epic moment ever: 4 manning the twins in BG after the raid almost completely wiped. We had a healer a tank a hunter and me…we survived and conquered.

  41. uyenphuong Says:

    Best wish for CSTM. Hope we can celebrate 4 anniversary in next year


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