The Fellowship Walk: A Child’s Play Event

September 19, 2012

Fellowship Walk

Once again we are starting a very special Fellowship that will undertake one of the most epic journeys of virtual Middle-Earth.

The Fellowship Walk is an online fundraising event for Child’s Play Charity, an organization providing toys and games to sick kids in hospitals.

On the traces of Frodo and his friends, we will walk from Bag End up to Rivendell, and maybe beyond. For every donation made to Child’s Play, our Fellowship will take one step further towards the healing house of Elrond.

We were able to surpass our $5,000 goal last year and and so we’ve upped our goal to reach $7,000 this year!

Join us in our journey, donate now and help us make it to Rivendell!

To donate: Simply use the ChipIn widget located in the upper right section of the blog! Click on the “ChipIn” button to get started!

Event Details

Bag EndCSTM will be conducting a virtual walk inside the online game The Lord of the Rings Online. The goal is to walk from the in-game location of Bag-End all the way to Rivendell following the path of Frodo and his fellowship from the stories written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

The event will take place from September 23rd, 2012 (the departure date of the original fellowship) until October 24th, 2012 (when Frodo woke up in Imladris).

Every donation we receive will help move the fellowship forward on the same path as Frodo. We have developed a goal chart that will determine how the donations relate to the distance in game.

Location Goal Date Reached
Departure at Bag End $0 September 23, 2012
Hobbiton $250 September 23, 2012
Frodo’s House in Crickhollow $1,000 September 24, 2012
Tom Bombadil’s House $1,500 September 28, 2012
The Great Spire in Barrow Downs $2,000 October 3, 2012
Bree, The Prancing Pony $2,500 October 6, 2012
Forsaken Inn, Lonelands $3,000 October 6, 2012
Weathertop $3,500 October 6, 2012
Last Bridge, Lonelands $4,000 October 12, 2012
Bilbo’s Trolls, Trollshaws $5,000 October 18, 2012
Bruinen River, Trollshaws $6,000 October 19, 2012
Rivendell, Last Homely House $7,000 October 19, 2012

100% of the donations will be given directly to Child’s Play; CSTM is not retaining any of the donations collected.

Walk With Us!

Fellowship Walk through Lone-Lands 2010Once a goal from the chart has been reached the CSTM staff will host a virtual walk in game from one location to the new goal location.

This walk will be hosted on the Landroval server and the community will be encouraged to log in and join us on our walk across Middle-earth.

The first walk will take place on:

September 23, 2012 at 2pm /servertime
Meet at Bag End in the Shire

Guests to Landroval are welcome to create a character and join us! No level requirement is needed to join in our adventures and we have wonderful folks who make sure our lower level friends arrive at our destination safely. There is even a kinship you can join called “Visitor from Another Server” where you can ask for help prepping or getting to event locations.

Future walks are held when a new goal is reached using the chart above. The walk will continue from it’s last goal location and will set out to walk to the next goal reached. Notification of  the next online walk will be done primarily through CSTM’s twitter and facebook but we will post updates of the journey to the blog as well in the events widget located on the right.

There will be a weekly progress post created to show the Fellowship’s current location in game.

Fellowship Walk 2011 photos can be found in our Flickr set!

New Charity Auctions!

auctioneerBrand new this year are our charity auctions for the Fellowship Walk fundraiser! Players like yourself have donated their time and talents to offer a special item or skill for you to bid on.

All auctions are hosted right here on CSTM’s web site. There’s no separate site to visit and no new account to register for. Serious bids only!

What types of things are up for auction?

  • Cosmetic make-over from top cosmetic bloggers!
  • Crafting skills from high level crafters
  • Special kinship crest created for your kin
  • UI assistance
  • Personalized video created for you starring you!
  • Play with Goldenstar’s Dum Group!
  • Learn to play music or have someone transcribe your favorite song
  • Special in-game music concert for you or your event
  • Be a guest podcast host!
  • Skirmish with Pineleaf
  • … and more!

All proceeds from the auctions go directly to Child’s Play! It’s a great way to donate to a terrific cause and get something really fun in return. Payment not due until the auction ends so bid early and bid high to be sure to win!

See the complete auction listing and rules for bidding.

Giveaways & Events

Apart from the amazing charity auctions, we will have a huge pile of goodies to giveaway on the blog during the Fellowship Walk! These events will be spaced out during the Fellowship Walk and the listing below will be updated with links to more details as they become available.

MadCatz Mouse / Keyboard / Headset Mega Gaming Accessories Giveaway!

Madcatz BundleDonate a minimum of $20 to the Fellowship Walk during the fundraising event and you are entered to win one of four (4) amazing PC gaming accessories generously donated by MadCatz.

Giveaways include S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard, a M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse and a F.R.E.Q. 5 Gaming Headset.

Details on this giveaway are available here.

Twitter Perlino Steed Giveaways!

PerlinoSteedWe had so many people sharing the Perlino (PAX) Steed codes with us that we will be giving them out in batches during the Fellowship Walk Event as flash giveaways!

Keep an eye out so you don’t miss one of these quick style giveaways we are using to help spread the word about scheduled walks!

PAX Swag Bag Giveaways

MMO-Reporter-LOGO.jpgOur friends over at MMO Reporter donated some Swag Bags they picked up from PAX Prime last month. There will be a LOTRO themed swag bag and one that will be more general gaming focused.

Mithril Edition Giveaway

MithrilEditionThraorin of Imladris donated a Mithril Edition Code to giveaway for the Fellowship Walk! One lucky winner will get their own copy of the digital edition of the LOTRO starter pack.

The Mithril Edition includes:

Details on this giveaway is available here! (ends Oct. 12)

Get Us Out of the Old Forest In-Game Party

SantuaryAs is tradition, we will holding a mid-event concert to raise awareness to players about the Fellowship Walk and to have some fun times!

Join us Saturday, October 6th at 4pm Eastern (/servertime) for a big in-game party hosted by the Lonely Mountain Band kinship on the Landroval server!

Attendees of the in-game party on Landroval are also eligible to win music from the amazing Karen Altman, aka Ghingeriel from the Hobbiton PhilharmonicSee Karen’s assortment of goodies for some lucky party goers!

We will be meeting at Tom Bombadil’s House in the Old Forest!

Turbine Points Giveaway

CardMarjarine of The Alliance on the Landroval server has donated Turbine Point codes for us to giveaway!  Everyone probably wouldn’t mind a little extra Turbine Points lining their pockets.

We have two (2) codes worth 2,500 TP each graciously donated by Marjarine to help promote the Fellowship Walk.

/Fishslap Screenshot Contest

Vraeden is in a giving mood and has offered up a 2,000 TP code for the person with the best screenshot using the /fishslap emote. In return, he will donate the same amount (in dollars, not TP) to Child’s Play. It’s fun, it’s for sick baby hobbits and it annoys one of Vraeden’s kinmates. Win – win – win! (unless you are Vraeden’s kinmate, then it’s probably just win – win).

Details on this contest are available here. Entries must be submitted by October 17th!

Donate on October 12th for a Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition

Thraorin of Imladris didn’t want to stop with his Mithril Edition Giveaway and has given us a Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition Pre-order code to give away!

All you need to do is donate on October 12, 2012 to be entered to win. No minimum donation required.

Details on this contest are available here. Contest ends midnight October 12th.


Spend Prighild’s Money

Prighild Tussletoe of Firefoot has taken up the challenge the Fellowship Walk has set to reach $7,000 and has offered to do donation match to help the kids of Child’s Play! Prighild will be matching donations dollar for dollar up to $150 out of his own funds. Started October 17th.

Details on this event can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the FAQs for more information on the Fellowship’s Walk.

We have a separate set of FAQs for questions related to the charity auctions.

For any other questions, please write to

About Child’s Play

cp_nodateChild’s Play is a charity nurtured by the gaming community since 2003. Its mission is to donate games, movies and toys to sick kids in children’s hospitals.

Since 2003, Child’s Play, a game industry charity, has been dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. Over the years, you as a community have answered the call and come together to raise millions of dollars.

We appreciate your support for this worthy charity helping sick Baby Hobbits all over the world smile and play and, for at least a little while, forget they are sick.

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41 Responses to “The Fellowship Walk: A Child’s Play Event”

  1. bibliocat Says:

    Way to go, CSTM and Child’s Play! Let’s all get to Rivendell in record time this year :)


  2. Aldarionn Says:

    This sounds absolutely fantastic!!! It’s like one big party all month long :) I’m definetely interested in all the activities planned. Something that I like is that some of the donations are not really items at all. Playing in Goldenstar’s Dum Group for example? Priceless!!! I would love to play with the Dums :)


  3. Avatar of Hilly Greenfield
  4. Dalton Says:

    Awesome! But I thought we were gonna go farther this year?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Its difficult to continue following Frodo because it would require that everyone can enter Moria which the gates of Moria (where we stopped last year) are as far as you can go without doing some of the epic book to open that instance. It didn’t seem fair to ask people to join us and then leave them at the door to Moria.

      Besides Frodo waking up at Imladris (in Elrond’s healing house) seems fitting :)


  5. Kiarane Says:

    My absolute favorite auction is definitely the role-play dinner. I’m so going to get this one. Watch out ladies.


  6. Avatar of idalwyn
    idalwyn Says:

    I just love this event! lookin forward to it!!


  7. Avatar of Merrydew
    Merrydew Says:

    Is there an easy way to find a list of auctions? The little ad thingy only shows 2 at the most. I could be blind as a bat to and it is staring me in the face but I’m not seeing a list.


  8. Damper Says:

    Is the donation-counter broken? It’s been on $762 ever since I chipped in.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I think it’s a browser caching issue. I see it updated on my computer at home, Merric’s computer still says $0, yours says $762. Try clearing the browser cache or the settings on the flash widget? I’ll see if there’s any official tips from ChipIn.

      As of this morning, the Fellowship Walk has collected $1,242 for Child’s Play.


      • Opdum/Bregle Says:

        It’s a browser issue. It’s still on $762 in Chrome for me, the widget doesn’t pop up at all in my (woefully neglected) Firefox, and displays properly in IE8. Need to find a fix for this; I hate it when I have to admit IE is the only browser doing something right.


      • Damper Says:

        Clearing the cache worked, it now shows 1242! Thanks for the reply Goldenstar :)


  9. Bugo Dughall Says:

    I wish I had known about the auction thing early enough and donated a custom art commission of some sort. x-x


  10. Garan Says:

    I was going to suggest auctioning the chance to name a LotRO Point of Interest in the MoorMap plugin – everyone on every server would then know where your special location is. There would have to be some restrictions to guarantee appropriateness in the location naming. Perhaps next year…


  11. Avatar of Dean
    Dean Says:

    Congrats on reaching $2,000!!!


  12. BarrelRider Says:

    Maybe a silly question – are the walks always 2:00pm server time?

    (I made the first one by dumb luck! I hope to join you call again, if I can get my act together!)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Not typically no. We host them after a goal is reached and depending on the day it could be during the day or late at night since we have to work with Merric and my schedule. We work full time so an afternoon walk during a weekday is not possible.


      • BarrelRider Says:

        Thanks! I guess what I also should have asked – where are times posted?


        • Avatar of Goldenstar
          Goldenstar Says:

          A blog post is set up the day of the event. (we don’t much advanced notice on when enough donations come in). Also there will be twitter posts, facebook post, google plus posts, and steam announcement in our group.

          We’ll add an event in the Events listing on the right navigation bar (right below the auction widget) and make an event in our steam group.

          I do all this and I still hear about how people miss it however I don’t know what else I can do.


          • BarrelRider Says:

            Thanks! Yeah, somehow I’d managed to miss even all of that. Serves me right for ignoring social media. :)


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