Help the Hobbit: Champion Legacies

September 26, 2012


Hey did you know that Riders of Rohan is being released soon?  I’m just kidding; I’m sure you’re more than aware that we will soon be marching our way through the lands of the Horse Lords.  Which for some of us means that we will be returning to some of those max-level alts that we may not have played for a while.  For me, this means the Champion.

While I am reserving the Guardian to leveling with Goldenstar (who was very disappointed that I leveled that character without her in Rise of Isengard) the Champion is mine to do as I will on my own time.  This means that ones Riders of Rohan is released I’ll likely be leveling that character in my free time.  And since I don’t even have a second age weapon on that character, one of the things that I’ll be replacing soon into the expansion are my Legendary Items.

This Week’s Topic

What legacies do you use for the Champion in:

  • PvMP
  • Soloing
  • Ardour
  • Fervour
  • Glory
  • Raiding
  • Grouping

I really enjoy the Champion Class.  There’s something cool about being a whirlwind of death, swinging my axes, and screaming “Baruk Khazâd!”  But again, it’s been a while since I’ve picked up the class and really delved into it’s functionality.  So please, let me know what I should look for in different situations in order to make sure I’m the best Champion I can be.

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11 Responses to “Help the Hobbit: Champion Legacies”

  1. Nakiami Says:

    The best legacies will change based on whether you dual wield or twohand. In general, 2Hing will yield bigger numbers and is better for single-target damage; while DWing will fire off faster and is better for AOEing and tanking. This is because of how skills change when you 2H vs DW. In general, DPS is comparable between DWing and 2Hing.

    When 2Hing, you rotation should consist of Wild Attack + Swift Strike until you have 4 fervour, then hit Brutal Strikes and immediately hit Clobber, then hit Second Wind if up or Merciful Strike if allowed. For those keeping track, that’s a Normal then Immediate then Fast skill. You should use Rend every 30 seconds, too. Ferocious Strikes can be used in place of Brutal if you get 5 fervour.

    When DWing, for AOEing, open with Battle Frenzy, build fervour with traited Swift Blade + traited Blade Wall and spend it on your AOE skills as you build fervour. For single target, build up to 4 fervour with Wild Attack and Swift Strike(Blade), use Seeking Blades whenever up and immediately use Relentless Strikes as much as possible (RS, fervour potion, RS, battle frenzy, RS, wild attack as needed, …).

    Legacies in parentheses are of less value IMO and are arguable. For a Fervour champ, the best legacies IMO are:


    - All:
    ** Critical Damage Multiplier
    ** Wild Attack Damage
    *** (Sudden Defence Cooldown)
    *** (Increased Rend Armour Reduction)
    ** (Reduced Cooldown for Battle Frenzy)
    *** Might
    *** (Vitality)
    *** (Agility)

    - Dual wield/AOE:
    ** Area of Effect Damage
    ** Relentless/Remorseless Strikes Damage
    *** (Battle Acuity Duration)

    - 2H/ST:
    ** Brutal Strikes Damage



    ** Reduced Power Cost for Swift Strike
    ** (Increased Heal for Bracing Attack)
    *** (Rend Pulses)
    *** Strikes Line Power Cost
    *** (Increased Range for Hamstring) – will be better when this turns into Melee Skill Range in RoR
    *** Might
    *** (Vitality)
    *** (Agility)


    ** Blade Line Area of Effect Power Cost

    A tanking rune would of course have: Ardour/Glory Parry and Evade Rating, Ardour/Glory Pip Interval, Increased Heal for Bracing Attack, Ardour/Glory in-Combat Power Regen, and Adamant/Invincible Duration.


    • Nakiami Says:

      Ah this is PvE/group btw. PvP will want to consider Hamstring Duration and Sprint Duration too.


    • Thorcar Says:

      You would want Relentless/Remorseless Strikes Damage on a 2H also as Seeking Blades is an important part of your single target rotation on larger morale targets (e.g. raid bosses)

      If you group a lot, you should have Ebbing Ire on your rune to help manage group aggro.


  2. Adam Says:

    I’m still using this set up which I tweaked post ROI, and having tootled on in the Beta, will pretty much keep the same. The one difference, is as I have not been AOE’ing much, and started using a 2hander more, I now use Brutal Strikes damage, rather than AOE damage.


  3. Thorcar Says:

    Ardour? Never heard of it. Must not EVER be worth using.


  4. Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

    So long and short of it: If you intend to play the champion in multiple roles (that is Tank, DPS, PvMP. etc) you will need multiple LI sets and likely as not multiple armor and jewelry sets. If you want to jsut go out and landscape smash with the occasional foray in to fellowship content then you can probably get away with a generalized DPS build. With that said:

    Casual DPS Build:
    1) Focus on Might, Mastery, Mitigation, and Morale in that order. If you aren’t trying to min/max you need both solid DPS (Might and Mastery) and survivability (Mitigation/Morale) since you likely won’t be striving for single roation kills and speed clearing through end-game content.
    2) Plan on running in Fervour unless your survivability suffers in which case you can switch to Ardour. Probably 95/100 times even a casual Champ with a solid (not max-level) build can kill enemies before they kill him or her while running in Fervour.

    -Virtues (see above re: Might, Mastery, Morale and Mitigation)
    -Class: Go with 4 red/3 yellow if you run in Fervour (4 yellow/3red if you run Ardour). It will provide a solid balance of DPS and utility buffs. Make sure you slot Flurry of Blows and Swift to Anger (Improved Rend is also highly recommended)


    Crit Multiplier
    AoE Damage (for DWing) or Wild Attack Damage (for 2H)
    Brutal Strikes Dmg (for 2H) or Remorseless Strikes Dmg (for DW)
    Sudden Defense Cooldown
    +Rend Armor Reduction
    Battle Frenzy Cooldown

    -SS/SB power cost
    -Blade line power cost
    +Bracing Attack Heal
    -Strikes line power cost
    +Champ bubble magnitdue (post RoR only)
    +Might or +Vitality stat legacy

    This is designed as an all around build, your DPS won’t be maxing out near as much as a pure Min/Max’er but you’ll have bubble avaialble to help you survive, and some good utility tools to work with for general play. Again this is a run-of-the-mill and very middle fo the road build.

    DPS Maximizing:
    1) Focus on Might, Crit, and Mastery in that order. Make sure you have enough Finesse to get to the 15% or so range, make sure you have enough agility to not be missing too much but otherwise poor everything else in to those 3 stats in that order.
    2) Run in Fervour…period

    Vritues: see above re: Might, Crit, Mastery. You will also need som Tactical Mitigation if you plan to run raid-level content.
    Class: 5R/2Y, The objective is to be able to equip Continuous Blood Rage, make sur eyou have improved rend as one of your yellow traits, make sury you have both Fury of Blows and Controlled Fury slotted on the Red side.
    Legendary: CBR, Raging Blades, and Controlled Burn.


    Crit Damage
    AoE or Wild Attack
    Brutal Strikes
    Remorseless Strikes
    Battle Frenzy CD
    +Might stat legacy

    -SS/SB power cost
    -Blade line power cost
    -Strikes line power cost
    +Rend armor reduction
    +Might stat legacy
    +Agility stat legacy

    *If you get a 4th major you can sub out the +Agility for an Ebbing Ire legacy othwerwise you can keep that on a swap rune OR group with a GRD/WRD that can keep aggro over you even when you are blowing it out the door :D

    Your objective is pure DPS, that means maximize in every way possible ESPECIALLY -% Attack Duration. Anything you can find with this on it trumps anything and everything else PERIOD. So if you don’t want to wait for the T9-Eastemnet relics with -%AD on them get the old L55 unique relics. Sure the +Evade and +Will is useless but the DPS gain from then -%AD trumps the DPS benefits of any other LI relic out there. Also if you have a Captain in your group bribe them if need to to throw Revealing Mark on the target and then click on Continuous Blood Rage, your DPS morale return will exceed the DoT.

    Tanking Build:
    1) Focus on Morale, Vitality, Mitigation and Might. You need lots of the first three but you will also need a fair amount of the later just to help stay on top of the threat ratings. Note that maxing your Armor helps tremendously with your Mitigation
    2) Run in Glory…and for goodness sake be prepared to play this differently than any other tank out there…your objective is going to be to get hit (its how you build aggro). You aren’t an avoidance tank or a a HoT tank, rahter you are a bubble and mitigation tank.

    Virtues: Mitigation and Morale…morale and mitigation. Especially TacMit, there aren’t as many sources of it out there aside from virtues so make sure you stock up on some here.
    Class traits: 5B/2Y or 5B/2R. I prefer the former (since you can equip Blade-Wall for both pip-generation AND threat generation). Mkae sure you trait Reprisal, Call of the Wild, Tight Grip and Braced Against Defeat (5th is either Aggresive Exchange if you need more threat or Vigour of Champions if you need more power)
    Legendary: Raging Blades, Ferocious Strikes, Invicible or Controlled Burn (optional)


    Crit Damage
    AoE Damage
    Wild Attack Damage
    +Rend Armor Reduction
    -Sudden Defense Cooldown
    +Vitality Stat Legacy

    -SS/SB power
    -Blade line power
    +Ardour/Glory Pip
    -Strikes line power
    +Champ skill bubble magnitude (post-RoR launch only)
    Optional (either Heroics Heal, Rising Ire CD, or +Vitality stat legacy)

    *If you get a 4th Major swap out the optional minor for +Bracing Attack Heal
    *You WILL have power issues if you go balls to the wall in Glory stance (heck in RoR you’re gonna have ‘em in Fervour) so BE CAUTIOUS on power usage and max out your power cost reduction legacies first, then bubble then Incoming Healing, spare points go in to everything else.

    Your obejctive as a Glory tank is to get hit…a lot. Reprisal means that 3 out of every 4 times you get hit you will get a +threat response, in other words don’t worry about Parry and Evade you want to get hit your objective is to both keep your bubble up. Make sure you hit “Hedge” every time its available as the +Armor and +Crit Defense buffs are often the difference between life and death. Use Wild Attack as often as possible, it both generates additional threat AND decreases the cooldown of Sudden Defense. SD with the legacy maxed has a 1min coodldown, using WA often means you can pop a 3.6k morale bubble once every ~45sec. Basically you should have hedge up at all times, SD up every time its off coodlown, use Invincible/Adamant as needed, use Bracing Attack whenever possible since it not only heals you it also HoTs you in RoR AND gives you an incoming healing buff. Using Rising Ire to steal threat from the healer (or a high DPS toon such as a DPS champ or Strength stance hunter).

    Remember that Champ tanking with a healer (and also with a Cappy to throw revealing mark) the critical thing will be aggro management. Make sure you know which skills generate +threat (Wild Attack, Ferocious Strikes, Raging Blades, and True Heroics plus Horn of Champions in RoR), remember your other threat management tools (Rising Ire and Glorious Exchange/Reprisal) and never forget that you’ve got the force taunt if all else fails.

    *Side note on Champ tanking, get the Anduin Martyr’s jewellry set from the great river as it gives you yet ANOTHER bubble.


  5. Goreamir Says:

    I like horn stun duration on my emblems. I know I’m in the minority, but it’s a personal preference. That 10 second stun comes in really handy.


    • Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

      On a swap rune/Moors rune its a decent legacy to have but the cooldown on the crafted horn’s (and that’s the only one the legacy applies to) is just too long for everyday use.


  6. Isilwren Says:

    I’ve been rebuilding my champion based on some help from a kinny’s suggestions.

    Some traits I’ve recently added are wild attack damage and area attack damage after getting rid of brutal and ferocious strike damage.

    I’m presently trying to add heroics morale heal and strikes like power cost to my rune.

    I’m possibly the only DW, dagger-holding champion out there. I’m traited mostly in Berserker with some Deadly Storm mixed in and run only in Fervour. I know my weapon choice is not highly favored upon by most who play Champions but it works for me.


    • Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

      Weapon choice isn’t really the issue except that there are far fewer daggers out there, right now, that have champ friendly DPS stats (see above RE: Might.Crit, Mastery). The secondary benefits to weapon type are much smaller in their overall effect than most of the stat differences (e.g. the superior stats on the Polished Greeat River Axe of Battle outweigh the 2% Man sword bonus with the stats on the PGR Sword of Battle and the armor rend versus +hit chance are iffy though in groups they would favour the armor rend).

      Basically weapon choice is just that…choice jsut as with DW versus 2H the problem being that the available off-hand weapons for a DW champ are heavily biased towards axes and swords (though the Deadly Curved Beleriand Dagger would be awesome).

      If you DW you should have Remorseless strikes damage for sure on your weapon as it would be your go-to strikes skill…WA and AoE are definitely solid, likewise with the strikes power cost on the rune (all power cost reduction legacies are worth having) though the true heroics heal chance is just…meh. I mean for a tanking build sure but when you are DPSing it doesn’t add anything, heck as a DW/AoE person you’d probably be better of with +Battle Acuity duration.


  7. Cyraith Says:

    My Champ’s setup:

    1h Sword:

    Rend Bleed Damage
    Brutal Strikes Damage
    AOE Skill Damage
    Critical Damage Multiplier
    Sudden Defence CD
    Battle Frenzy CD


    Ardour/Glory Parry Evade
    Ardour/Glory Pip Rate
    Ardour/Glory ICPR
    Bracing Attack Heal
    Battle Acuity Duration
    Legacy of Vitality

    The rune I plan on replacing, but I was running in Ardour for a long while because of the higher group dps I was able to do. I would definitely recommend building a rune similar to mine for group-play (Moors or not I suppose). The Champ’s yellow line traits will afford a much higher dps in skraids and groups than staying red line, and with my rune’s build, you’re fervor generation is only 1s longer than fervor stance, however with the “Swift to Anger” trait, you’re effective pip generation is much higher given mob densities in (sk)raids.

    I do plan on replacing the rune with a more solo-power friendly one which will include “strike-line power cost”, “bubble magnitude”, and “heroics heal chance”.


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