Player-Event: Campfire Reveries October 3rd

September 24, 2012



Well, after hours of haggling over the arrangements with Adso, we finally managed to work out a deal with him and have secured a campsite for our first Campfire Revelry! He is never going to get that inn finished anyway…

The event starts at 8 PM /servertime on the 3rd of October on the Landroval server.

We will be sharing; Spiced Shire ale and a hearty stew fit for kings with all hungry visitors! Pipe-weed and Sanson’s famous hard boiled eggs will all be generously distributed! In addition we will be donating greater athelas and celebrant potions to any adventure that is in need of such aid!

After everyone has received their provisions and has had their fill, we will be telling stories collected from all the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, along with playing of music to help the mood.

After we have shared our tales, we will move on to several games, including; Gandalf Says and Riddles of the Shire!! Those who answer the questions posed to them first and correctly will win their choice of many prizes, kept safely within our backpack!

Once the games have concluded and the prizes have been handed out, anyone still remaining at our campfire is free to share with us tales and songs of their own! The event will last through the night and possibly well into the morning, ((Event should last between 1 and 3 hours)) so remember to bring your bed rolls! Hope to see you there!!

If you would like more information about it, you can visit our web site at

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  1. mrtoad Says:

    Sounds fun. I likely won’t be able to make it but I’ll be there in spirit. GL&HF all :)


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