Riders of Rohan Beta: War-steed Appearance [Video]

September 18, 2012

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I wanted to give everyone a bit of a teaser of the war-steed appearance system.

I purchased all available items in the beta store to do with war-steed appearance to show you some of the options. The store is not the only place you can get new looks for your war-steed but it of course was the easiest for purposes of this demonstration.

I show the customizable options of:

    • Body
    • Gear (goes on the rump)
    • Head
    • Hide (horse color)
    • Legs
    • Saddle
    • Tail (horse tail and mane color)

Currently in beta, we are unable to apply different colors to the horse’s hide or tail but I can preview what it would look like to show you the possibilities.

This was recorded on Riders of Rohan Beta Build 5 on September 16, 2012. Any of it is subject to change between now and release date of October 15th.

View the video on CSTM’s YouTube Channel

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3 Responses to “Riders of Rohan Beta: War-steed Appearance [Video]”

  1. Beryline Says:

    The horse’s name is Wafflecopter! I love it! You make me smile, Goldenstar.


  2. Flavius Says:


    Thanks so much, Goldenstar! This answers alot of the questions I had. One thing I am still curious about though: does the type of steed (light, medium, and heavy) have any effect on appearance; for instance, is the heavy steed larger or more muscular than the light steed?


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