Riders of Rohan Goodie Bag Notes

September 18, 2012


There is a bit of confusion with some folks and the pre-order goodie bags that were given due to the Riders of Rohan delay. I thought I’d be super helpful (or at least try to be) and give some instructions on these little packages.

Who gets goodie bags?

The goodie bags codes are only sent to those who preordered AND applied the Riders of Rohan product key to their account by September 5, 2012. [source]

This was one part of their apology for the delay. We have already received our bonus 500 turbine points.

How are Turbine sending me the goodie bags?

The goodie bags aren’t auto-granted to you in-game. You will need to check your email (your out of game email). The email is titled: “LOTRO – Your Goodie Bag Codes Enclosed”.

Inside you will find three 18-digit codes that are for your goodie bags.

These are not auto-granted to every character from here on out like past gifts. You get three codes for three characters. Once your codes are used, you goodie bag gifts are fulfilled and you will not get any more (well for free anyway).

How do I get my goodie bags?

goodiebagThis is done through the in-game store.  You get three and they applied per character. The goodie bag code is applied like a coupon.

  1. Login a character you wish to get a goodie bag.
  2. Open up the LOTRO Store and search for “goodie bag”
  3. Put it in your cart or use the “Quick Buy” option.
  4. Apply your goodie bag code as a coupon for the item. it will drop the price of the goodie bag from 560 Turbine Points to 0 Turbine Points.Goodie Bag 0TP
  5. Place Order and your goodie bag will appear in your character’s inventory.goodiebag2

What do the goodie bags contain?

The goodie bag will contain the following items –

  • 100% XP Boost (1hr)
  • Slayer Deed Accelerators x1 (60 min)
  • +20% Renown (3 hours)
  • +20% Mount Speed (1 hour)
  • Tome of Defence
  • Scroll of Finesse

Why do I not see a goodie bag in the store?

The goodie bag has a minimum level of 40 on it. If your character is below level 40, they will not see it in the store. [source]

Not sure if by design but it seems like an unintended oversight and it is something Turbine is looking for options to make the goodie bag more accessible.

When do I need to use my goodie bag codes by?

Goodie bag codes expire on October 15th (Riders of Rohan Launch). You must use all three of your goodie bag codes by then or lose the goodies. [source]

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27 Responses to “Riders of Rohan Goodie Bag Notes”

  1. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Also, the Goodie Bags are bound to account, so you can redeem them all on one toon and pass them around to whomever needs them. That would be one way of giving the XP boost and slayer accelerator to a character that is under level 40.


  2. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    I still havn’t got an E-mail about TP or goodie bags…is that a thing to talk to Turbine about or are they still handing these out?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      You should have gotten your TP already. September 7th is when mine arrived.

      First, I’d check that you haven’t gotten your TP already. You can look in your recent purchases in the LOTRO Store and should see if you get the goodie bag points (I have a picture of what that looks like in the goodie bag delayed post). The points were auto-granted. No action neccessary.

      I’d also check your email for spam folders / junk mail to make sure your messages weren’t filtered by your mail system. You’ll need to find your email to get your goodie bag codes. They should have been emailed to the account tied to your Turbine account.

      Exhausting these checks, I’d contact Turbine Support for help getting your points and codes.


    • Peter Says:

      I would definitely talk to Turbine as all the 500TP gifts have already been sent out and the emails about goodie bags should all be received as well. As long, of course, as you applied your code before 9/5 and didn’t just buy the expansion before 9/5…but I’m sure you knew that part already.

      And (stating the obvious here) Turbine should have known better and told everyone up front these were for level 40 characters and above…there is confusion only because they often forget the basics of communication!


  3. Sigela Says:

    I know that I had no idea that these goodie bags were only accessible to folks with characters level 40 and up. I was going to try and apply one to my level 38 captain so I’ll not even bother trying that now.

    Since I’m certain that there will be a great many people who pre-ordered RoR but haven’t reached that level yet, I’m also certain that quite a few people will be pretty hot when they discover it.

    It makes me sad when Turbine’s behavior has me scratching my head and wondering “What were they thinking?”


  4. Draculetta Says:

    Still no email.. Of course I never once got a beta email either. Guess I have to contact support.


  5. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    I got the code email but no beta one I just asumed they randomly chose how ever all my kin who preordered got one. I am really upset that I cant use the codes on any toon under 40 (only have 2 toons over 4) and all i really want/will use from them is the one hour XP boost and slayer deed acelerator since the other items will sit in my bank or bags since I am not use to using them regularly and will always be saving them until “I need them” which will never happen.


    • Pjotr Says:

      No need to be upset! The items are bond on account, so you can send these items to your lower level toons.

      Only the the mount speed buff is bound to character, but you don’t want to use that one anyway :)

      I hope you are not upset anymore…


    • Zilkin Says:

      Getting upset over getting free stuff. Maybe you should think if you are acting a tiny bit silly here?


  6. Zilkin Says:

    Uh, did you actually have to do something about the 500 TP? I thought they just added it to your account.


  7. davidt Says:

    The goodie bag codes expire Oct. 15, but what about the goodie bags themselves?

    Can we leave the goodie bags unopened long term to take up less inventory space?


  8. Nur Says:

    Being a premium player the Renown bonus item doesn’t impress me, and I wish it weren’t bound at least that way I could give it away.


  9. lawless168 Says:

    I never received a email …. /sigh


  10. lawless168 Says:

    I never received a email, no idea why not …. /sigh


  11. Avatar of Merrydew
    Merrydew Says:

    I still haven’t received any of 5 goodie bags… I bought for 7 accounts, the two I gave for Christmas have redeemed their codes but I am still waiting for the email…*grr*


  12. Sythewyn Says:

    I never got points or email either! Any ideas on how to obtain them ( which department to contact)


  13. lawless168 Says:

    Update: I called turbines customer support yesterday and they looked up my account and sent me a email within 5-10 mins with the codes. They’re customer support was very nice and helpful.

    Thanks turbine!



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