The Lord of the Rings Online Triple Pack

September 17, 2012



We’d like to thank ParsonGotti and Joe F. for letting us know that there is a new LOTRO package for sale on Steam. It’s called The Lord of the Rings: Triple Pack and it is currently on sale for 50% off until Monday September 24th at 10AM Pacific Time.

  • The package includes the following expansions:
  • The cost for the pack is $39.99 (on-sale for $19.99)
  • You must have The Lord of the Rings Online on Steam in order to play (This may not be entirely accurate, but the download of the base game is free).

I often hate going into an established MMO and wondering if I will have to purchase all the expansions one-by-one in order to access all the game’s content.  To me it seems to be a lot of money to drop on a game at one time.  (Especially since most of them rush you through most of the lower levels these days.)  In fact, this is one of the reasons I haven’t picked up World of Warcraft since dropping it several expansions ago.

Considering that the base game for LOTRO is free and then I can purchase the majority of the expansions at once makes me pretty happy.  And although I know that Turbine/Warner Brothers won’t be in any hurry to let Steam add it to the deal, I just hope that Riders of Rohan gets added to the package along the way; with little to no price increase.

UPDATE: This is also available in the LOTRO Market for the same sale price of $19.99. Thanks Laruadoc.

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22 Responses to “The Lord of the Rings Online Triple Pack”

  1. Laruadoc Says:

    It is also in the Turbine Store.


  2. Taeniel Says:

    This is a good deal at the sale price — my household is fully up to date on the expansions, but I know a few friends who could use the purchase. It’s great for someone just starting out, too.


  3. Avatar of Hoppa
    Hoppa Says:

    That’s a great deal! I’ve had a few f2p accounts I slowly bought goodies for, my first one I upgraded was with Isengard and the Path of the Fellowship, Next one I did the Mithril pack, which also had path of Fellowship.
    I think I have enough accounts ( even if I am an Alt-a-holic hehe ) but if I were to want another, this would be the package deal for me!
    Combination of this pack and the pre-order of Rohan with path of fellowship, would be enough to complete ( nearly ) any players needs.

    I love “completing” a f2p account, and making it as close to my lifetime account as possible, I’ve done that twice now, and really I don’t miss the minor things much that subscription offers, that we cannot currently buy. ( Blue experience bar, and riding travel routes are limited still ).


  4. Avatar of wolfloversk
    wolfloversk Says:

    Ok I splurged… was going to get them eventually anyways… might as well do it while they’re only 20 bucks lol


  5. Avatar of AstroWolfD
    AstroWolfD Says:

    I was worried when I saw that it was only on Steam… thanks to those that clarified :P. But this is the last time I splurge!


  6. irot Says:

    This sounds like a very good deal… only that I already have the Moria quests (from the Path of the Fellowship bundle in the Mithril Edition). Would it be still worth to get this triple pack for Mirkwood and Isengard?


  7. erunineriol Says:

    @ Irot: i think yes (50%), warden, rune keeper, 2 extra slots.. ;)

    Whats with Lothlorien?! In the descriptions is written about 2 raids, no DN… Lothlorien belongs to the “moria expansion”!


    • Korthe Says:

      “Lothlorien belongs to the “moria expansion”!”

      Not anymore. Back in November 2010, when F2P was a couple of months old, Turbine “decoupled” the Lothlórien questpack from the Moria expansion, arguing that “it never was meant to be part of it, and it released some time after Moria launched anyway”*. Any Expansion activated (by purchasing it retail or through the Store) before November 16th still included Lothlórien, any Expansion purchased afterwards didn’t include it. VIPs didn’t notice the difference, because being VIP grants access to Lórien, but for Free/Premium players it meant they were getting less content for the same price. I remember the dates well, because I got the Moria Expansion on a 50% off sale from the Store that took place on 11th November, Veteran’s Day holiday. I was a free player back then, but had gathered enough TPs to take advantage of this deal, and it was one of the last chances to get the full Expansion + Lothlórien in the same package.

      * I searched for the exact quote by Sapience: “Players who purchase Moria after the November update will get the full expansion. Which never included Lothlorien. It was content added later for subscribers. VIP Players will receive Lothlorien when they purchase Moria (same as subscribers did before), Free players or Premium players will not have access to Lothlorien content, unless they purchase it as a separate quest pack.”


  8. tito Says:

    can you buy with tp?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      We already own the expansions so it’s not possible for us to see them in the in-game Store even if they were there. But check it out and let us know if you see them!


      • Vini Says:

        It’s not in the in-game Store, it’s available only in the Turbine Store (LOTRO market). To make it impossible to buy with in-game earned TPs, I suppose :P


  9. John Says:

    Question for anyone that would know:

    What if my account already has a MoM key applied and I now get the Triple-Pack. Would it work or would it be rejected? Does the Triple-Play purchase give out three keys – one for each expansion – or just one key?


  10. norman728 Says:

    Does this give all the bonuses from the packs like the Warden\Runekeeper or the isengard mount?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      It does give warden, runekeeper, 2 character slots and the red isengard steed.


      • Mirkwood Says:

        For a new player like myself, I was considering what I would be able to use immediately versus the end-game content I might not ever get to… so, Runekeeper, Warden, two character slots. Those alone are worth a lot in TP, plus the expansions themselves. But the horse was a very nice bonus! If I’d known that was in it, I wouldn’t have hesitated at all.


  11. norman728 Says:

    AWesomeness Thriced( although I have the runekeeper and warden) two more slots to fill and ignore. and another horse for the stable!


  12. Meri Says:

    If you buy the steam pack, it’s one code that you register on your LoTR account management page. So if you have one of these packs already, you won’t have a chance to gift that portion to someone else.


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