Community Update October 8, 2012 [Video]

October 8, 2012

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In this week’s Community Update, Sapience discusses the following topics:

AND in special news, the Riders of Rohan Soundtrack will be available for sale on October 9th in iTunes! (That’s tomorrow!)

Preorders are available now and can be purchased through your country’s iTunes store.

US Store

iTunes USA


iTunes Canada

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17 Responses to “Community Update October 8, 2012 [Video]”

  1. Gliredhel Says:

    Ten bucks? I can totally do ten bucks for that.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Yeah, it’s a really good deal!


    • Hallagon Says:

      That’s not as bad as $16 in Australia for the Digital copy :|
      (Probably cheaper to buy the physical copy here), Apple apparently gets a large percentage of its profits from milking Australia :C


      • Avatar of Winterwolf
        Winterwolf Says:

        Aye…. Sixteen bucks is pretty cheep compared to other soundtracks, but compared to the American Price….
        I’d like to see the physical copy and would definitely get it instead of the digital version. I just hope Turbine releases it here…
        And heres for them releasing soundtracks for all the expansions from now on, or ever release the soundtracks from the older expansions, especial Rise of Isengard.


  2. Avatar of Ellrion
    Ellrion Says:

    ah but will there be an actual physical copy/CD!?!

    i’m not paying actual money for digital media (ever). and i’m definitly not giving iTunes my credit card just to create an account. Here’s hoping they give us a soundtrack disk, ideally with actual art inserts or a booklet.


  3. Gaspard Says:

    The US price always looks a bargain when comparing it to, say, the comparative price we would pay in Euros but the US price does not include local tax but European prices have to (typically around +20%)

    iTune is restrictive and it is very annoying that you can’t even shop in English if you happen to live in France. However it does function well.


  4. Ryzis Says:

    I’m ready to give my money for the soundtrack, but not to iTunes. Waiting for alternative :(


  5. Avatar of Merrydew
    Merrydew Says:

    Meh… I don’t really like the new music. *ducks and runs for cover!*


    • Pjotr Says:

      Did you by chance just recently change your avatar? I seem to remember that there was a user who made this comment whenever another one of the songs was previewed. You have not the avatar I had in my mind, but the name rings a bell. Or I am just getting old ;D


  6. Thurinphir Says:

    There is a Moria compilation bonus track (think it’s album only), Lothlorien music, skirmish/instance musics as well as Moria musics

    I would recommended “Struggle for the Ring”, “LOTRO Legacy” (which is on youtube, for free) and the “Moria Highlight Reel”


  7. Kynta Says:

    Yay! My LotRO music collection is now complete! I’m a happy happy Hobbit (and now I can play it without worrying about the game doing weird things to it…just when i get into a song I enter combat and it’s all ruined…Problem now has been solved. :P



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