CSTM Episode 167 Live Friday @ 9:30pm

October 18, 2012


A Casual Stroll to MordorWe are making a slight shift in the schedule this week and will be hosting the live show Friday instead of Saturday night.

Merric will be away on Saturday at a Horror Movie Marathon. We try very hard not to miss a show but we don’t want Merric to miss out on stuff he enjoys either so that’s the reason for the slight sift.

Join us Friday, October 19th
at 9:30pm Eastern

Watch the video stream and join live chat

Meet us in-game on Landroval at the Last Bridge in the Trollshaws!

After the show we will be continuing the Fellowship Walk to our $5,000 goal of Bilbo’s Trolls!

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2 Responses to “CSTM Episode 167 Live Friday @ 9:30pm”

  1. Garan Says:

    Gratz on 5000. I just looked at the date on my watch and it said the 19th so I thought I already missed this somehow. THEN I realized it was after midnight :p Definately time to get some sleep. Garan is parked at the Last Bridge and should be on line after 9:15 for those that desire/need a summons – just be sure to have at leat 5 Travelling rations.



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