Episode 167: Trapezoid

October 21, 2012

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Naked SodumThis week we discuss Riders of Rohan release, naked dwarves, hot fixes, the Fellowship Walk and more!

This week the Dums have officially finished the epic story for Lothlorien and have moved on into Mirkwood. Opdum was having problems installing the patch and wasn’t able to join us unfortunately.

Goldenstar has gotten her warsteed in Rohan and pretty much didn’t make it much further.

Merric completed the intro quests for Rohan, played with mounted combat and livestreamed some of it.

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The Fellowship Walk has currently collected $7,672.97 for Child’s Play! The fundraiser ends on Wednesday!

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Riddle: How will Sauron the Necromancer appear in the first film?

A. He will be referred to in dialogue, but will make no direct appearance on screen
B. He will never appear on camera, but we will hear his voice.
C. He will appear in a form we saw in LOTR (black armor humanoid, flaming eyeball, etc.)
D. He will appear in a non-corporeal, non-LOTR form (e.g., some kind of wraith or shadow)
E. He will appear in a corporeal, non-LOTR form (e.g., cloaked/hooded wizard, fair form, etc.)

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Wow, it’s finally here!
I really just wanted to know your thoughts on Rohan. Do you agree with me in saying it’s the best expansion yet? Because you’re wrong if you don’t :D
Mounted Combat is taking time to get used to, I always just end up holding w because thats what I’m used to, and then just going at MAXIMUM POWA the whole way. Hytbold is looking awesome too (although I havent got there yet, except for beta.) It’s damn complex though, but I think I’m just about getting my head round it (if your struggling, and you want a guest on the podcast who can explain it, well, :D *hides*)
Anyway, keep up the good work and have fun in Rohan,
Hehe, after writing this I realise its turning into one of those emails you have to write in language class; “Juan has emailed you about Rohan. Reply to Juan, utilising the verbs in the form ‘gustar’”. Sorry about that :P

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Recorded October 19, 2012

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11 Responses to “Episode 167: Trapezoid”

  1. Thurinphir Says:

    I just wanted to notify people that I ran into the 200 photo limit on free accounts for Flickr, so I’ll be posting photos with my mew account, Thurindos (www.flickr.com/thurindos). This is just a differant name :)

    also, I started working on a Delving of Fror map showing the relevant Ettenmoors areas (Orc Camp, Outposts, DG and OR I think) because I cannot remember any of them

    Enjoying my Reaver
    -Thurinphir SneakyBoots of the Riddermark


    • Thurinphir Says:

      and I started a war-leader on Elemdilmir :D all shall fear the wrath of Shaaknoolu (I think that was his name, lol)

      -Thurindos, Medic of Mirkwood


      • Thurinphir Says:

        Okay Delving map is done (or all that I’m going to do), the ‘DO NOT GO HERE’ bit is where the 1.5million morale rogmul boss and all his fire minions are, the bridges on north and south sides are completely safe. there is a wight mini-boss south-east of delving OC who can be killed with the NPCs and wights scattered around

        the tunnel-teleports and above-ground doors can only be used out of combat and creeps can’t use EC, freeps can’t use OC

        should be all… http://www.flickr.com/thurindos should have it somewhere in that photostream, also a link directly to the photo on the forums (that I can’t be bothered to look up on this device)

        -Thurinphir SneakyBoots, Dawn-breaker


  2. Andy Says:

    The bags are another example of poor communication between turbine and their players. The first we know about it is when they’ve already hiked the price and then made it a “sale” to try and smooth things over. Bag prices are now what I’d class as the considered purchase option rather than the price to buy bracket.

    If they wanted to normalise it would have worked better to average the cost of all bags to 700, priced at 995 more people will be going down the sub a month route for the unlocks and they’ll end up losing sales and revenue.

    Between this and the very high prices of the new store content I’m starting to get slightly concerned that the store focus is becoming more greed driven than it used to be. Still a good ways to go before it hits the depths of STO’s store but it looks like the wax is being applied to their sledge.

    Very safe bet that any changes to housing will be firmly anchored in overpriced store unlocks.


  3. Hildifast Says:

    Hehe, I’m on Raise your Glass!


  4. LilyRose Says:

    Just heard the shoutout on the podcast, and thanks.

    Also, yes, the orc head on a pike is a cosmetic that drops randomly off the warbands. (Not sure which one it came from, but it was from the blue box of spoils, so presumably would drop from any similar boxes.)

    I’ll work on a screen shot. Lily’s in full draig (minus cloak) and has Bella and she make an awesome looking (and deadly team).


  5. LilyRose Says:

    I don’t know if this will work, but I just uploaded this to the Lotroshots flickr group.


  6. Atheron Says:

    I just listened to the podcast..

    WARSTEEDS.COM does in fact have pictures of the Orc Head on a Pike. :D



  7. Sig Says:

    It’s funny, about a week ago the better half and I had a very similar discussion about “trapazoids” and the correct name for the Trapezius muscles, after I mentioned my “trapazoids” hurt.

    Great show and thanks for the couple mentions of WARSTEEDS!


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