Fellowship Walk Continues Tonight & Flash Giveaway

October 12, 2012

Fellowship Walk

Earlier today the Fellowship walk surpassed the ninth goal marker of $4,000! That means tonight we will be continuing our walk on to the Last Bridge!

You are all invited to join us tonight at 7:00pm /servertime (Eastern) on the Landroval Server!

We will be meeting on top of Weathertop in the Lone-lands and will be walking all the way to the Last Bridge right on the edge of the Trollshaws.

Just a reminder that new characters are welcome to join us on this trek! If you are not native to Landroval, you can still join by creating a character! No level requirement is needed to join in our adventures and we have wonderful folks who make sure our lower level friends arrive at our destination safely. There is even a kinship you can join called “Visitor from Another Server” where you can ask for help prepping or getting to event locations.

Arrive early if you can and /joinchannel cstm to find some help getting to Weathertop. (You chat in these custom channels with a number so it be like /1 hello everyone!).

Flash Giveaway

PerlinoSteedSome really wonderful folks donated Perlino Steed codes (from their visits to PAX) and we are going to use some of them in a FLASH GIVEAWAY to help spread the word about tonight’s walk.

The Perlino Steed is account wide granted horse (all characters current and future will get one). It is 62% speed and has 200 morale.

You only have until 7pm Eastern to enter to win one of five codes!

Entries below include a pre-written tweet (all you need to do is click the “tweet” button in the “Do It” section of the rafflecopter and it will pre-populate your tweet text. Be sure to paste the link to your tweet so I can verify!

You also have the option of simply sharing a link to this page with your friends via things like facebook, your kinship forums, google+ etc. I’m not going to be picky. So long as you aren’t being spammy and are helping get the word out, your link will count. Be sure to paste a link to where you shared it for verification!

a Rafflecopter giveawayWe realize this time may not be convenient for you and we apologize. We still have a ways to go until Rivendell so hopefully you can catch up with us later!

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  1. melneth Says:

    Hmm the widget in the upper right corner still says that you are at $1748.01.



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