Fellowship Walk Continues Tonight

October 19, 2012

Fellowship Walk

The Fellowship walk surpassed the next to last goal marker of $6,000! That means tonight we will be continuing our walk on to the Ford of Bruinen!

You are all invited to join us tonight at 10:30pm /servertime (Eastern) on the Landroval Server!

Walk will follow the CSTM Live Show.


We will be meeting at the Last Bridge in the Lone-lands and will be walking all the way to the Ford of Bruinen ($6,000 goal) in the Trollshaws with first a quick stop to visit Bilbo’s Trolls ($5,000 goal).

We are totally going to make our $7,000 goal! All thanks to all of you and your wonderful support. Thank you!

Just a reminder that new characters are welcome to join us on this trek! If you are not native to Landroval, you can still join by creating a character! No level requirement is needed to join in our adventures and we have wonderful folks who make sure our lower level friends arrive at our destination safely. There is even a kinship you can join called “Visitor from Another Server” where you can ask for help prepping or getting to event locations.

Arrive early if you can and /joinchannel cstm to find some help getting to the Last Bridge. (You chat in these custom channels with a number so it be like /1 hello everyone!).


We’ve made it to the $7,000 and are still going! That means the walk will not stop at the Ford of Bruinen tonight but will continue all the way to Rivendell!

Tell you what. If we make it to $8,000 before the Fellowship Walk closes on October 24th, we’ll extend the walk to the Gates of Moria!

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4 Responses to “Fellowship Walk Continues Tonight”

  1. buckyball Says:

    Congratulations on making the goal! What a great community. Thanks CSTM for bringing such a wonderful group of people together. LOTRO is more than just a game because of events like this.


  2. Thurinphir Says:



  3. LilyRose Says:

    woohoo! tonight we feast in Rivendell!


  4. Avatar of Lorgelas
    Lorgelas Says:

    Congrats for making the goal. I bailed out of the walk a little before the Ford of Bruinen but I had a good time. Seems I bailed at the right time as someone… *cough* Goldenstar *cough* decided to lead the fellowship walk to their doom and send them off a cliff. :) Tricksy hobbitses!


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