Fellowship Walk Final Walk Tonight!

October 24, 2012

Fellowship Walk

We have done it! Not only have we surpassed our $7,000 goal for the month long of fundraising, we have also breezed by the $8,000 goal.

As I write this, $8,227.25 has been donated to Child’s Play to help provide toys and games to kids in children’s hospitals around the world!

You made this possible. Thank you. I am so incredibly proud of the LOTRO Community! Thank you everyone for your support!

It is still possible to donate today but this is the final day of the Fellowship Walk and donations will be closed tonight.

Join us for the Final Walk

I had promised that if we reached $8,000 in donations that I would walk us all to the Gates of Moria like we did last year.

You are all invited to join us tonight at
9:30pm /servertime (Eastern)
on the Landroval Server!

We are meeting in Rivendell and will be walking up to the Gates of Moria instance (basically walking to Echad Dunann). We cannot go in as some of our walkers will not be able to follow through the gate.

All are welcome to join us although this will be a very dangerous journey! Our young walkers just need to be aware that our Fellowship Guard will be doing their best keeping all the baddies at bay but you are delicious and have bacon stuffed in your pockets and can be pounced on at any moment! It’s going to be an adventure!

We plan to leave Rivendell at 9:30 so if you need help getting to Rivendell, please login early. Use our channel (/joinchannel cstm) to ask for assistance. I believe there is a summoning limit (level 15) to have a captain summon you to Rivendell so you may have to run part of the way but you can ask for help as fellow walkers are all extremely helpful!

We realize the time is really late for some and we apologize especially since it is during the week.

We hope to see you there!

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17 Responses to “Fellowship Walk Final Walk Tonight!”

  1. Belwynne Says:

    Meet at the Milestone?


  2. Silvercrow Says:

    If i can make it on tonight ill help with bringing people to Rivendell thru quick travel.


  3. Byrcha Says:

    Why, oh why, must you have this at the same time as the long-scheduled and well-advertised Wraith Race/Party? Many of us cannot be in two places at the same time.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I had this scheduled in early September (see the events widget on the side of the blog) so it MAY be possible that this was scheduled first :P

      Even so, this should only take a half an hour or so depending on how difficult the trek becomes.


  4. Avatar of Draculetta
    Draculetta Says:

    I’ll be there.. and will help with keeping the newbies alive the best I can…


  5. Tathlian Says:

    Perhaps you ought to ban bacon… although I suppose some young hobbits might still sneak a few strips through.


  6. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    I will be there as Elethahil! (As much as Deasmuain would love to go, he might be a bit weedy to deal with Eregion, even at level 40… ish. Ele, on the other hand…)


  7. Avatar of Hobbitmeister
    Hobbitmeister Says:

    “but you are delicious and have bacon stuffed in your pockets”



  8. Zach Payne Says:

    Oh good! I’m so relieved to hear this … I was getting worried. It seems like your widget has been frozen at ~$5100, at least on my side, for the last couple days. Good stuff, CSTM community. I shall try to make it down :)


  9. aaron Says:

    wish i was on landroval server :( anyways congrats to exceeding the expectations for the donations! 117%!! as peter griffin would say “Freakin’ Sweet”


  10. LilyRose Says:

    How awesome! Congratulations to all who made this possible, and a special thanks to Merric and Goldenstar for their leadership in this effort.

    I’ll see you all at Elrond’s house!


  11. Kha L Says:

    Oh, I missed this final great event. When I logged in, it was 10:40pm. And all members of the fellowship said good night. Hope I can join this event next year.


  12. Alawon Says:

    It was glorious! I have some screen shots of the walk if you would like them, where should I send them?


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