Fellowship Walk Update: At the Last Bridge

October 18, 2012

Fellowship Walk

This past week we reached our $4,000 and are well on our way to the next goal as well! Last week Friday we met on top of Weathertop to walk all the way across the Lone-lands to the Last Bridge! After arriving at the last bridge we all jumped off for a refreshing swim!

Fellowship Walk: Weathertop to Last Bridge Fellowship Walk: Weathertop to Last Bridge Fellowship Walk: Weathertop to Last Bridge Fellowship Walk: Weathertop to Last Bridge Fellowship Walk: Weathertop to Last Bridge

We are nearing the end of the walk though. Next week Wednesday is the end of the walk and we still hope to make our $7,000 goal!

Current Giveaways

MadCatz Mouse / Keyboard / Headset Mega Gaming Accessories Giveaway!

Madcatz BundleDonate a minimum of $20 to the Fellowship Walk during the fundraising event and you are entered to win one of four (4) amazing PC gaming accessories generously donated by MadCatz.

Giveaways include S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard, a M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse and a F.R.E.Q. 5 Gaming Headset.

Details on this giveaway are available here.

Win 2,500 Turbine Points

CardThis giveaway was donated to the Fellowship Walk from Marjarine of The Alliance kinship on Landroval. She has donated another Turbine Point code worth 2,500 Turbine Points!

Details on this giveaway is available here.



The charity auctions close tonight!

This is your last chance to bid on the items you want.

Check them out at the auction listing page that shows all the auctions and what their current bid price is.

Featured auctions this week:

Continuing the Walk

Our next goal is walking to Bilbo’s Trolls in the Trollshaws after reaching $5,000 in donations. We currently have $4,945 so we aren’t far off at all!

I would keep your eyes peeled for a walk very very soon! Or how does Sapience put things like this? Incredisoon?

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