LEAD Side Day Eastern Rohan– The East Wall: Level 76 – 77

October 26, 2012

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

While you can enter Rohan by going south from the Great River into the Wold, taking the Epic Quest route sends you directly to the East Wall (at the southern end of the region). However you end up here, make sure to have a quick way back to a major town (either a travel skill or stable route), as the only services in the area are stable-masters and a couple of basic vendors.

The East Wall Quest Hubs

Likely the first area reached in Rohan (if traveling by way of the Epic Story), The East Wall mainly comprises levels 76-77 (overlapping with the Wold, which I suggest visiting first to at least obtain the war-steed). Much like other recent areas, quests progress in level from one hub to the next.

ScreenShot00019Framric (Rec 76-77): The Argonath, massive statues of the kings of old loom over the southern banks of the Anduin , near where we meet Framric (49.9S, 47.5 W). Begin quests helping his party of riders from the Wold restore their camp and protect the border into Rohan (his quest leads us to ). Note: The Argonath doesn’t have quests specifically located at the statues of the kings.

Mansig’s Encampment (Rec 76-77): Framric’s remaining companions gather at this encampment (52.1 S, 51.4 W), offering quests to aid the Rohirrim with rebuilding and defending their camp.

The Under-wall (Rec 77): A cave found southeast of Mansig’s Encampment (entrances at 55.0 S, 51.2 W & 58.9 S, 50.3 W & 60.7S, 52.5W), the Under-wall is teeming with orcs and insects, insects and orcs, as well as an explorer/scholar who offers us some quests (after being led here by way of the quests from Mansig’s Encampment). The middle entrance/exit is right near a good area for scholar-resource gathering (lots of nodes very close to each other, with just a few orcs patrolling the area).

ScreenShot00022Dead Orc Glade (Rec 77): Dead orcs cover the ground here at the forest entrance (56.7 S, 49.7 W). Zerluk, a wounded Uruk, promises to tell us what happened in return for a few favors (including getting some grog and returning his stolen gold). Pay attention to the tale – it regards some companions we last saw quite a long time ago. Also look carefully for a blood-stained tree by the corpses and elf-arrows a bit south of Zerluk, which are easy to miss but can be used to begin more quests.

ScreenShot00023Parth Galen (Rec 77): A small camp can be found at the field of Parth Galen, near where the Fellowship was broken (58.7 S, 47.7 W). Like other hubs in the East Wall, there’s a few quests (from a group of adventures hailing from Gondor, one of whom is hidden near the top of Amon Hen at 60.2 S, 47.7 W) without any major furnishings. There is an amazing view of the Argonath from the south though, as well as a sweeping view of the plains to the east from atop Amon Hen!

The East Wall Deeds

Note: These deeds fall under the "Eastern Rohan" section

  • East Wall Explorer – Discover the locations below. Reward: 5 TP, 3 Silver tokens of the Riddermark, IXP rune, Title: Watcher, +1 Compassion
    • Mansig’s Encampment (52.1 S, 51.4 W)
    • Dead Orc Glade (56.6 S, 49.8 W)
    • Parth Galen (58.7 S, 47.7 W)
    • The Tindrock (near 59.5 S, 45.9 W) – the south end of Nen Hithoel, just before the Falls of Rauros. The flag seems to be missing from the map.
    • The Falls of Rauros (60.5 S, 45.7 W) – you can get the location marker by swimming south of Nen Hithoel and going over the falls, though this will also kill you.
    • Amon Hen (61.3 S, 46.6 W)
    • The Sutcrofts Barricade (60.9 S, 53.6 W)
    • The North-Guard – inside the Under-wall (55.0 S, 51.2 W), in a corridor at the far north end
    • The Hissing Pit – inside the Under-wall (55.0 S, 51.2 W), in a corridor near the southeast corner
    • The South-Guard – inside the Under-wall (55.0 S, 51.2 W), in a corridor at the far south end
  • Quests of the East Wall – Complete all of the East Wall’s quests Reward: 5 TP, 3 Silver tokens of the Riddermark, IXP rune, Title: Seeker, +1 Wisdom
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  1. Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

    The Falls of Rauros MAY be visited without dying if you are very careful. Right in the middle of the Anduin there is a rise which will allow you to walk up to the edge (for men and elf, hobbits and dwarves are still swimming). It’s a very close fit but you don’t HAVE to go over the edge.


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      alphaman Says:

      Where’s the fun in that? (I tried myself and couldn’t quite get in the right positioning, so I just went past as it detects the location when you’re far enough anyway)


  2. Thorvor of Vilya Says:

    I also completed the deed without going over the edge of the Falls. I was almost tempted to jump though, to see if there was a hidden deed for going over the edge..lol


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