LEAD Side Day Eastern Rohan – The Wold: Level 76 – 77

October 19, 2012

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

While you can enter The Wold (and the rest of Eastern Rohan) by going south from the Great River, taking the Epic Quest route sends you directly to the East Wall (at the southern end of the region). Look out for two quests before entering Rohan. One is granted by a letter automatically appearing in the inventory (possibly appearing in the inventory at level 75). Use it to begin the quest “Rohan Awaits”, which leads us in to Rohan – complete before the Langhold quest line, as there is currently (as of the posting date) a known-issue preventing it from being completed afterwards. The second is the Epic Quest (V. III, Book 7), which begins by speaking with Galadriel in Caras Galadhon and takes us to this new area in Chapter 6.

Probably the most important set of quests in the area is at Langhold – complete them all to gain access to the War-steed.

The Wold Quest Hubs

The main series of quests in the Wold begins at Langhold and continues in a chain throughout the area. To make sure you find them all, it’s best to complete them as you get them, and move on to the next hub as directed. The end of this series leads to both East Wall and Norcroft, providing a choice for which area you would like to try first (keeping in mind that the East Wall is the first area in Rohan for the new Epic Quest). Also take note of task boards, which are found in most of the larger villages or encampments. Task boards in Rohan take 10 of the same item at every board in an area, and offer EXP, IXP, and Steed XP (SXP) instead of reputation points.

Some quests (both here and throughout Rohan) are gained by killing mobs in a certain area or being nearby them, much like the old quests that were obtained from item drops. These are indicated by a much larger text and button on the screen,so watch out for them (they’re typically found in areas we’re directed to already, so they will not be specifically mentioned below or in other Side-Day posts). Warbands also roam the area, and offer daily repeatable quests to defeat the warband leader – even the harder warbands are soloable, provided you’re fighting from a War-steed and can circle the warband well enough.

Langhold (Rec 76): Langhold is the first city in Rohan if traveling south from the Great River (36.2 S, 53.5 W). There are many of the usual town amnenities, though the most important feature is the quest series that ends with the reward of a War-steed, a new type of mount that you can use combat skills from! Some of these quests also lead to The Undeep Watch (35.9 S, 49.0 W) to the east, and even more quests can be found by visiting the South Undeep (34.9 S, 47.9 W) and defeating enemies there.

ScreenShot00021Harwick (Rec 76): Harwick is a large city overlooking the Wold (39.2 S, 52.3 W). Containing virtually every basic necessity (from vaults to crafting spaces to auction halls and beyond), it’s a major hub for Eastern Rohan. It also is host to a tourney field, used as a tutorial for mounted combat (make sure to run it carefully, War-steeds control slightly differently than normal non combat mounts).

Feldburg (Rec 76): This fort (42.3 S, 52.0 W) is threatened by nearby beasts, including boar and wargs. It’s also the fort where all Warband quests in the Wold are turned in, as well as the base for the quest chain that proves us trustworthy to Aldor Harding, Reeve of the Wold.

Wakenflood (Rec 76): Another small fort, Wakenflood is home to a small group of Rohirrim and horses, and offers a few quests in the Wold quest chain (381 S, 50.4 W).

Twickenburg (Rec 77): A fort located in the south of the Wold (44.2 S, 49.8 W), Twickenburg offers quests slightly higher than the earlier parts of the Wold – the enemy is getting tougher, though the new War-steeds can make a big difference!

ScreenShot00020Floodwend (Rec 77): Floodwend is a large Rohirrim settlement in the southeastern section of the Wold (45.5 S, 48.2 W), complete with Legendary Item-masters, a stable, and a task board. War is at the gates of Floodwind, so help them defend their land before moving on. The final quests here lead to two new areas of Eastern Rohan: the East Wall, and the Norcrofts.

North-torr (Rec 77): North-torr (44.1 S, 47.5 W) is the final hub in the Wold. A small camp, there’s not much to do here other than finish a few quests, then return to Floodwend for the remaining quests for the Wold.

The Wold Deeds

Quests of Langhold – Complete all of Langhold’s quests. Reward: 5 TP, 3 Silver tokens of Riddermark, Title: Survivor of Langhold, +1 Honour

Quests of the Wold – Complete 55 quests in The Wold (repeatables count each time). Reward: 5 TP, 3 Silver tokens of the Riddermark, IXP rune, Title: Wold Adventurer, +1 Compassion

Reputation Deeds – Reputation is gained with Men of the Wold. For more info, see Side Day Eastern Rohan (coming soon).

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7 Responses to “LEAD Side Day Eastern Rohan – The Wold: Level 76 – 77”

  1. Steve Says:

    If one follows the Epic line into East Wall, when is it recommended to head into the Wold? Is there a vector? Is it recommended to enter from the south or go back around via Parth Celebrant?



    • Avatar of alphaman
      alphaman Says:

      If you follow the Epic line before entering the Wold at all, you’ll be directed there at the end of Book 7 (the first new book) – I should have the post done within the next day or two, and it’ll likely be up within a few days after that.

      However, I personally chose to enter the Wold right away to get my war-steed (it’s pretty useful, and can be fun depending on if you like how they’ve done the combat or not – I happen to enjoy it a lot.). I ended up entering from the south (through the East Wall) because I did enough of the Epic to get ported there, but it’s quicker to go through the north if you’ve got a milestone assigned to the Great River, or even just by using a fast stable route there, especially since the quests in the Wold go North -> South

      Hope that helps!


      • Steve Says:

        Thanks! Yes it does help to know that there is a natural progression into the Wold via the Epic line. So far i am enjoying the East Wall but had a nagging worry about having to “back track” which seemed to happen in the Great River a couple of times.


  2. Thurinphir Says:

    I can confirm the Letter appears in inventory at lvl 74, my Lore-Master just got it :)



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