New Locations for (some) Crafting Guild Halls

October 16, 2012

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One question repeatedly asked with Rohan’s launch is “Where did the Guild Halls go?!”

Thankfully, they didn’t disappear from those areas accessible by your lower level crafting alts. They were relocated nearby to make things more convenient.

Thorin’s Hall

thorins_craft_guildPreviously, the Weaponsmith and Metalsmith Guild halls had doors located in the general crafting area south of the forges.

Now, these doors have been moved to be in the same room as the forges.

It makes crafting for these guilds a bit more convenient, if a little bit more difficult to find. The sign post directly behind the Forge and Relic-Masters points to the two new doors (with clarification as to which is where if you hover over the signs with your cursor). The doors are also indicated on the mini-map by the blue markers on either side of the forge area.

Also worth mentioning is the new Vault-keeper in the forge area. No more running back to the other side of Thorin’s Hall for that one forgotten crafting material left in storage! This new NPC is off to the right as you enter the room, just before you get to the second set of forges.

Michel Delving

The Cook’s Guild is right where you left it last time you visited. That is to say, it is still in Michel Delving’s crafting area, near the Superior Oven.

Vault-keepers seem to be sprouting up all over the place, and this area is no different. The new NPC is to the left of the Cook’s Guild door, hanging out with the Scholar vendor.



The Scholar’s Guild has not moved from the second floor of the Last Homely House. It is still located directly below Elrond’s Library.

However, this location has a couple new additions. There is now a vault-keeper here as well as a Superior Study. Now you will no longer need to run upstairs to craft or downstairs to visit the vault while you’re working on your Scholar’s Guild rep!


The three guild halls once scattered about Esteldin have now had their doors moved to the crafting hall in this town. The Tailor, Jeweller, and Woodworker guild halls are now all within easy reach of the Superior Workbenches and Vault-keeper already in this area.


No changes to the set up in this location. All can be found as they were pre-Rohan.

Crafting Guild Reputation Item Change

jeweller_symbol There has also been a change to Crafting Guild Reputation items. This was part of an update a while back to the use of reputation items in general, but many of you may have already been at maximum reputation with your chosen crafting guild(s) at the time, and so the change may have gone unnoticed for you.

Now you no longer need to take the Symbol or Emblem or Scroll or whatever it is that your guild crafts and give it to the guild leader. Instead, you simply right-click on the item in your inventory and your reputation automatically increases.

These items will also work with Reputation accelerators bought from the Store or bartered from the Skirmish camp Curiosities vendor. With doubled reputation gain from using an accelerator, you’ll need less than a full set of reputation items from the Expert-Eastemnet crafting tiers to progress from Master of the Guild to Grand Master of the Guild.

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10 Responses to “New Locations for (some) Crafting Guild Halls”

  1. Pasduil Says:

    > no longer need to run upstairs

    Well, as long as you don’t need to buy anything from the Expert Scholar. If you need glass phials or something you still need to run up and down, and round and round.

    And if you need a friend or an alt to mail you some resource, or you need to mail them what you crafted, it’s still quite a run to the nearest mailbox.

    This is an improvement, but they obviously know that crafters need mailboxes and suppliers nearby, and ideally AH too, since they took care of that for the high-level areas.


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      True. However, I was thinking as far as stuff that you would most likely want to be in the guild hall to craft to begin with (the rep scrolls). Those items don’t require any vendor-bought components. Really, these days the main reason to go to the guild hall is just to get the recipes and barter for Relics or higher quality rep items. Now that turn ins are done from the inventory, there’s not much reason to actually be in the guild hall once you have the recipes.


  2. Willamen Says:

    you simply right-click on the item in your inventory and your reputation automatically increases – thanks Ketani! I had totally forgotten this!


  3. Malhirviel Says:

    The addition of vault NPCs near the crafting areas is much appreciated. Running back to the vault is one of those things that doesn’t serve any purpose except to waste time and annoy people, so I’m glad Turbine decided to make this change.


  4. Tony Says:

    Glad I made so many Jeweler’s Guild emblems in advance. Maxed it out again with room to spare lol


    • Anonymous Says:

      hehe, I did that too, but when I didn’t see an option to turn them in, I destroyed all my symbols and stockpile (100 of each type of mat) of westfold mats…


    • Neldoria Says:

      same here lol, actually have 50k jeweller’s guild rep ready for the next expansion too:P


  5. Anonymous Says:

    When you say you need less than one full set to go from master to grandmaster, does that mean you need a small, medium and large symbol to get all the new rep required?

    Not at home right now, so can’t check through lotro


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      I used small, medium and large symbols for expert – westfold. That gives around 27k rep if I remember correctly. Then I used rep accelerators (yay for tons of skirmish marks saved up!) to double that. It left me just needing to make a few more small symbols when the daily cd came back up (although, one each medium and small Eastemnet symbol would have been enough to get me to grand master).



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