Player Achievements for the Week

October 5, 2012

Player Achievements

Each week we ask you to share your successes in Middle Earth with the rest of the community. Post a comment letting us know what you’ve accomplished this past week. We will pick comments at random to read on the podcast giving you a chance for a little shout out for yourself! Our shout-outs are only as good as the information we get so remember:

  • Don’t forget to add your character name, what server you play on and, if you like, add your Kinship if you have one.
  • Please keep your posts brief. We won’t be able to read full novels of your adventures. At least make it so we can easily sum it up!
  • Do not be afraid to post any of your achievements. We don’t care if you just saved Archet or cleared out the Tower of Orthanc. We want to hear from you!

These shout outs will appear in tomorrow’s recording of A Casual Stroll to Mordor Podcast. You are welcome to join us live at 9:30pm Eastern on Saturday! First time joining us live? See our post on how to join CSTM’s live broadcast. Comments for this thread will be closed after recording as this is a weekly thing. If you missed this week’s cut off, don’t fret! A new thread just like this one will appear next Friday.

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12 Responses to “Player Achievements for the Week”

  1. Ivaneus Says:

    I tanked the Dragon!

    And it di’in’t eat my Deputy!

    I also got new festival horses on my Captain and Guardian, led some Kinmates on their first steps into the Ettenmoors as minions of a decidedly not benign nature, and hit level 70 on my Captain.

    And I finally finished Marathon: Durandal on the Insane difficulty. Bring on Rohan (and Infinity)!

  2. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    Respect from the great kinship Quest on the Riddermark server FINALY finshid Saruman and got her boots and chest. Big thanks to Brunif for leading and evertone who was there!

  3. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    This week:
    I’ve pretty much abandoned Nimrodel as my main is already level-capped and the members of my Kinship that still play LotRO jumped ship to GW2.
    So everything is on Landroval:
    Thelhir – Hunter, hit level 30 and then passed play over to my Captain…
    Durnric – Who went from 30 – 32 in the course of a few hours play on Thursday. He finished Book 2 of Vol. 1 and is currently running the Augamar quest line. Hopefully I can get a group to run the full GA instance cluster, including the non-instanced quest line. (If you’re on Landy and interested, send me a line!)
    After that, it’s a toss up for him. Run Book 3 in the North Downs or go to Evendim like I have with everyone else since the revamp…

  4. Kazren Says:

    It’s been a wonderful week! First off, all on Elendilmir, my Mini Winnie has a beautiful new Steed of the Minstrel! She also has 2 pieces of Draigoch armor and a few other pieces that match it. My Champ Eorohir has been doing 3-man Isengard, and multiple skirmishes with his “The Pathfinder” buddies Glerno and and Enderathe(and his several incarnations). My Captain Wittyjack Sparrow is now 57 and ripping through Moria with his Herald AnaMaria, and he’s also been skirmishing (someone has to pay for Winnie’s new gear). I even got my original Hunter Finulos to complete the Limlight run. It took three attempts, since people kept having to leave. We ended up doing them as a three man, and Feagulund helped on the last day.
    The Harvestmath Festival has been generously attended, every one of my 10 alts got the Brew horse, and a few more got the Autumnfest steed, hats, cloaks and a basket of apples.
    Lastly, last Sunday on Landroval my Warden Elryyk atetnded his first Fellowship Walk with the group from Crickethollow to Tom Bombadil’s house. Splendid. (He also got the Brew horse!)
    Pretzels for all!

  5. Flosiin Says:

    Leveled up my 6th character on Winfola server to level 75. I’ve been really suprised how fun the Lore master class is. Got him 4 pieces of the Draigoch armour. Just have to finish off the epic storey line and get his virutes to 14 (at 11 now.)
    At level 74, I had the +25% xp bonus pocket item and tried the xp tome that came with the RoR gift bag. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of my characters blow through a level that fast at high level. Took about 45 minutes!

    Keep up the great work on Child’s play event!
    Flosiin of Winfola server
    ~Anyone seen my dental floss? ;)

  6. Zach Payne Says:

    My latest toon, and 8th level 75 (and 3rd 75 LM) Imogæn Fulminata (Im-oh-gihn Full-mihn-ah-ta) of Elendilmir has hit level 75! At last. This will (probably) be the last toon that I rush to cap before RoR, so now I get some time to relax, find a kin, and get ready for RoR!

  7. Ana Lucia Says:

    My hunter, Annadis (from Meneldor), finally got her fishing title Lady of Streams! Now I just need to get my darter trophy and catch the biggest salmon there is to catch and I’ll be done with that hobby! =D

  8. Avatar of adamb
    adamb Says:

    Hi ACSTM this is London calling, my 51st level Dwarven hunter Throstgar made it into Golums lair without dying! He’s now in Moria after loosing all his gold after selling a level 75 second age item for 50 silver by mistake…

    I play on the Landroval server with my Hunter buddy Ludik ‘the brave’.

  9. Elleby Says:

    Elleby Silverthorn, founder of Visitor from Another Server on Landroval. In honor of the fellowship walk and our one year anniversary later this month, we have purchased a lovely kinhouse. I have spent many days this week setting it up with everything a weary traveler might need including several changes of clothes, a roaring fire for warmth, a comfy bed to sleep in, and a free continental breakfast. In addition to this, I attended two fellowship walks and a lovely dance party at Tom’s House.

    P.S. – Thank you Merric for our mention on last week’s show.

  10. Thurinphir Says:

    Thurindos, Medic of Mirkwood (RK, Gothic Riders, Riddermark) is almost 48, leveling in Forochel to prepare for Carn Dûm (the epic quest instance, duo)

    getting Mrweird his horse-heal (75 minstrel, Footsteps of Doom, Crickhollow)

    My brother’s captain is halfway through 43 from skirmish grinds and the epic quest (and I just remembered the existance of tasks ;) )

    • Thurinphir Says:

      oh yes, I also stopped the Dourhands’ efforts in Skorgrim’s Tomb (as my lvl 14 dwarf-champion, Zeinaldo)

  11. Avatar of Kiralynn of Rohan
    Kiralynn of Rohan Says:

    Congratulations to the Windy Acres Ranch formation riding team on their Ales and Tales performance! This was the Argent unit’s first public demonstration. Craicwyth. Caiyyd, Lhinnthel and Lifebringer really know how to ride! Many thanks to Old Winyards for their wonderful music.

    (The full article with screenshots is at if anyone is interested.)