Poll: What are your thoughts on Rohan?

October 20, 2012

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll is asking about the brand new expansion, Riders of Rohan.¬†What are your thoughts on Rohan?

What are your thoughts on Rohan?

  • I love it (49%, 514 Votes)
  • I like it (20%, 215 Votes)
  • I like cheese (12%, 123 Votes)
  • I don't know (11%, 116 Votes)
  • Meh (5%, 55 Votes)
  • I don't care for it (3%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,049

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56 Responses to “Poll: What are your thoughts on Rohan?”

  1. Avatar of wolfloversk
    wolfloversk Says:

    I don’t know cuz my highest level character can’t get there yet :P Nor have I bought the expansion yet for this reason :P


  2. Joshua Says:

    We’ll see how I still feel when I reach the 44-day Hytbold grind, BUT at the moment I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

    Mounted Combat is a ton of fun. Very dynamic, very fast, just how you’d think Mounted Combat should play.

    Open Tapping has made all the landscape questing very enjoyable. I know some people don’t like it for various reasons, but I think it’s great. Mark me down for the “Why wasn’t it always like this?” camp.

    The area itself is cool, Warbands are kind of neat (though a bit too easy so far), Processing materials to level up crafting is AMAZING, etc., etc., etc. They hyped this expansion up a lot, and at the end of the day I think they lived up to it.


    • Joshua Says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention the on-the-fly questing system! Walk past a Warband, get a quest. Kill a Warg, get a quest. Kill the Warband, kill more Wargs, complete the quest. BAM, immediate quest turn-in. Get your XP, get your shiny crap, keep playing. Awesome.


    • Tony Says:

      I like open-tapping too. I never felt connected to anyone — you’d not want to help anyone because you’d never know if they were one of those people who’d be upset that you did it due to decreased XP or something else.

      Now it feels more MMO-ish. We should be helping each other, we should be grouping without having to specifically say so.

      I can see people getting upset over free-loaders, but with them not taking your XP it’s really hard for me to get worked up over it.


  3. Adel Says:

    Was alot of fun to level up, I’m bored to death now though. Nothing to do except Hytbold dailies.


  4. Avatar of beriahim
    beriahim Says:

    Odd… comment didn’t show.
    Soooo again, love the auto loot, love the open tapping.


  5. Kirabel Says:

    Overall, I love the epic book quests (love, love, love!) and the landscape quests. I’m still trying to learn mounted combat, so not yet sold on it. I like open tapping but don’t like what it’s done to fellowships (won’t go into it here, big debate on the forums).


    • Goreamir Says:

      Does the fellowship open tapping issue also apply to loot or just xp? i could care less about xp, but the loot part would suck if you’re getting cheated out of that.


  6. Avatar of Hildifast
    Hildifast Says:

    Best Expansion Yet.


  7. Sigela Says:

    I’m enjoying Rohan. The quests and storyline are engaging. Still struggling to get the hang of mounted combat but that’s probably more about me being set in my way than it is mounted combat. (My warden had a nervous breakdown when she had to learn masteries. lol)


  8. Mae Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of mounted combat, but I LOVE the open tapping system and on the whole, the region seems great to me. Questing without having to always return to base to turn completed ones in is brilliant too, and the epic books are excellently done.


  9. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    I like it. Compared to RoI it’s been much more pleasant so far with a distinct lack of the cc immune stun mobs that plagued dunland.

    Some downsides are that yet again they introduced a new system for the crafting and didnt bother to roll it out across all tiers, farming is as mindnumbingly dull as ever, and cooking is very much a victim of the random scroll drops as they give you 0 usable recipes to work from save ingredients and a campfire. True you can level off those ingredients but it’s a waste if you dont know for sure what ones you’ll actually be needing.

    Mounted combat has been making me feel queasy which is a new thing since beta where it was fine so am having to limit myself to that side of things. The game still insists on telling you that your steed xp has been reduced because the quest you’re killing stuff for is inside a somewhere where it wont let you mount up, thats what I call idiocy.

    Loads of new store cosmetics all at crazy prices. Shame that people will buy now rather than wait for the sales.


  10. Lilythorn Says:

    It’d have been nice if they had just stuck to providing the Rohan expansion, instead of borking up parts of the game that have nothing to do with the expansion.

    After the community outcry about their semi-pornographic emote sounds that they decided to add to the game, they thankfully took MOST of them back out again. However, in doing so they royally screwed up a ton of other existing emote sounds. /cheer, /chuckle, /kiss, /sigh… It’s pathetic, really.

    In general, sound-effects in the game are a mess. Some are absolutely inappropriate, some are just missing, and some would be alright if they were both quieter and actually timed in sync with the events they are supposed to be sound-effects for in the first place…

    It almost seems as if it was retaliatory, although I realize it’s just Turbine’s legendary lack of QA.

    Memory leaks, crappy sound, broken store items and ridiculous price hikes in the store… and bugs, bugs, bugs. If there’s one thing Turbine is great at, it’s launching a shoddy product.


  11. Amoeborin Says:

    Love it. The graphics are very well done; the epic quests are superb and the work they put in to do justice to the lore is wonderful.

    Yes, there are some issues – but I think it’s the best expansion so far. Can’t wait for the instances and raid content.


  12. aaron Says:

    ^ i agree with the above statement, i mean, whats the use of a beta if they are going to have problems like this? i do, however, love the mounted combat!! Its really not what i thought it would be and that’s a good thing this time!! open tapping is awesome too, i started the Rohan epics at 72 and would not have been able to complete them if not for open tapping. All in all, i am pleased with the rohan region, now all i want to see is HELMS DEEP!!!!!


  13. Sig Says:

    I voted “I like it”. Would be “I love it” if it weren’t for the insane warsteed color pack prices.


  14. Rinvan Says:

    I like it, something I didn’t think I would say after my early experiences with the beta. Mounted combat is still a bit awkward but far better than it was in July. I love the open tapping, the epic books, & the music.


  15. Tuiliel Says:

    *munches on some cheese and thinks about how good it would be to have some bacon too*

    Haven’t been in yet since I’m working on lower level characters. But looking forward to it. The one thing I can say is that I agree with Lilythorn regarding the sound effects–lots of weirdness afoot! But with every update something goes off the cliff, so I think the sound issues will eventually be adjusted.


  16. RoyalBob of DD Says:

    I like it, but the option of “I like cheese” was available so I had to take it. I don’t like the epic quests compared to Isengard and I would really like to get a 6th bag


  17. LD Says:

    I don’t know about Rohan, but I’m a big fan of cheese.

    I took a forced break for a couple of months and now all my friends lists are empty again, which has effectively killed my motivation to keep levelling those characters.

    …anyone recommend a server to level on? :D


    • Bibliocat Says:

      Come to Crickhollow! We have a warm community, lots of player-sponsored events, strong role-play, and plenty of folks to team up with. There are many great kinships to choose from, but be sure to look into Second Breakfast :)

      Welcome back, and good luck!


  18. Avatar of Merrydew
    Merrydew Says:

    I put “I don’t like it” simply because of the hellish War Steed.

    The area is beautiful and the quests are… well they’re just run of the mill quests, nothing to love or hate about them. The epic is “EPIC”! But the war steed is horrible, difficult to control or use at all. I hate it.

    My husband has had so much trouble with the War Steed and Mounted Combat that he asked me to load GW2 for him.


    • mrtoad Says:

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience Merrydew. I know you’re a regular poster around here for a while and not just trying to gripe and critisize.

      The only things I might suggest to help mounted combat go more smoothly are 1) light steed with maxed out speed, turning, and dexterity (use the dexterity from the LI bridles too), 2) turn on the option to slow down if you take your finger off the ‘w’ key, 3) use your mouse to turn and steer, 4) make sure you have a decent enough system hardware-wise that can run the game effectively.

      I’m guessing you’ve probably tried all of these to no avail. Best wishes and I hope your gaming experience improves for you and yours!


      • Avatar of Merrydew
        Merrydew Says:

        Thank you Mr Toad! I have indeed tried all of these and I am slowly getting the hang of fighting and while I still find it frustrating on Merrydew (hunter) I am finding Eija (RK) to be a literal blast! I even soloed Cinder. I had to rearrange some buttons on both my mouse and Nostromo due to having arthritis but I am getting there, still not thrilled with it but learning.

        My hubby on the other hand…sigh, he pounds the keys and swears at the screen and nothing I suggest helps, he needs a man to explain things in ‘guy speak’ I guess. Part of the problem is also that he is on a different server than I am so I can’t take him out… any one on Meneldor who wants a challenge?


      • Goreamir Says:

        Using the dreaded X key option is great for mounted combat, to keep your target in sight, and zooming WAY out to for a larger view helps as well.
        That X key option that everyone accidentally gets into and wonders what happened to their view, well there is now a use for it.


  19. Vraethir Says:

    I’m loving warband fighting. I keep wanting more to take on! My only real gripe about Rohan is the fact that Steed Hide Coloring and Steed Gear Dyes are all Store Only, Bundled up in Packs of preset 4 colors and that they are per character for a price of 600TP. This is ridiculous and I doubt I’ll buy more than one thing in this for a few weeks at least…. On that note everyone who feels the same I advise you check out this Suggestion Thread and Comment on it.


  20. Smugglin Says:

    Mounted combat has really changed they way I play lotro. It made me rage shut off the game after the first 10 minutes of trying it. I made some coffee and then gave it a second shot on another toon. It was a little bit better and I could tell there was something there. I repeated this process until I now found myself as a lvl 82 light steed Captain one shotting on-level mobs, charging in banking a flawless 180 turns and having so much fun. What they hit on with the combination of MC and quests popping up as you go is the feeling of removing the grind from leveling and in turn you spend time actually playing the game.

    Now , to be fair and unbiased, there are loads and loads of issues. Tons of major and minor ones. One of the biggest is the combination of the fast paced combat of MC in combination with the unstable technical problems. Draw distance, LAG LAG LAG and Rubber-banding are the biggest offenders. The other huge one is there seems to be a disparaging difference between Tactical damage users and Physical/melee driven characters in MC.

    But on the whole I love it and the future seems bright.


  21. Black Llama Says:

    Had fun in beta, having even more of a blast live. I just wish the horse cosmetics weren’t so expensive. I’ve already sunk $40 into my steed and would buy more if I could justify it. The only thing I can say is that my warden feels overpowered at all times. Even at lvl 76 and running lvl 80 mobs I’m not breaking a sweat. My only death so far was trying to solo the 75k war band the moment I received my steed……


  22. Elyanna Says:

    Overall, loving it. Love mounted combat, love the music, love the epic, love the beautiful region, love autoloot and open tapping (except for that mess about fellowships & open tapping.) Just getting into Hytbold now and I’m enjoying it more than I expected I would. My only disappointments is how much I’ve been crashing, and the fact that the horse colors and most of the hides are in the Store, not accountwide, and very pricy.

    But overall, Rohan is great.


  23. M Says:

    It’s probably all fine, but I simply can’t stand the mounted combat. If I had wanted to play with cruise-ships moving slowly, I’d probably play EVE, Star Trek or Pirates of something or other…

    And the mounted combat irritation alone is enough to block me enjoying the rest.

    So… right now I just don’t play LoTRO at all other than occasional RP. Right now it’s looking like I’m going to quit LoTRO.


  24. susan Says:

    love it, immersive as heck. hate the cost to use the mount outfitting tho


  25. lorgelas Says:

    Love it. Riding around on my warsteed is awesome


  26. neo Says:

    I can’t honestly say what my feelings are because i took 4 days downloading the patch cause my update speed was restricted to 4 KB/S and i didn’t know till after the 4 days. then for the next 2 days i’ve been stuck at examine game data after my computer shut down mid-download. now on the sixth day i get to uninstall the game and dowload it all from the start! YAYY!!! 8 Gigabytes of information to download and hopefully only another 5 hours before i’m in game! FINALLY!


  27. Bellebrian Says:

    Hate the gameplay changes. Cannot do mounted combat at all. It makes me physically ill, and triggered the worst migraine I’ve had in a couple of years.

    Hate open tapping. I play a warden and on my second day in Rohan, I had some guy following me around and tapping my kills just before they went down, so he could get the kill without pulling any aggro.

    Loathe and despise the changes to group play. I have friends I’ve grouped with for years, and now, instead of our usual smooth cooperative grouping, we have to rush about and NOT kill so that our fellows can share.

    And all this extra loot is going to put a huge inflationary pressure on the in-game economy.

    Also I noticed how much Turbine is pushing store purchases for warsteed stuff.

    Autoloot? No, I don’t like it. Groups apparently have lost the ability to decide what to roll on, and the game hydraulic awards loot randomly. I don’t appreciate software written to take all my choices away.

    Quests popping up and completely on location is nice. And that’s about the only good thing I can say.


    • M Says:

      Seems I’m not alone in completely hating mounted combat, at least…

      I didn’t know about the ruined fellowship-play. That’s sad.


  28. Bellebrian Says:

    Sorry, that should be “randomly awards loot”. No idea why autocomplete went for “hydraulic”!


  29. Firiel Says:

    Belle, a couple of things that helped me with MC were to pan out so that i do not get so dizzy. The other was to ride the warsteed everywhere. At first I was running into everything – fell off the cliff and died in the rapids – felt like i was doing the inn league quest. Although I am not great at it, i’ve gotten I’m getting better and love the feel of the horse flying across the fields.


    • Bellebrian Says:

      Firiel, I appreciate the tip. I know tricks like panning out will work for some people, but it’s the motion itself that’s the problem, as well as the need for split-second decisions. I wasn’t any good at console games when I was young and they were two-dimensional. I am no longer young, and three-dimensional console games — which is how I experience mounted combat — are beyond my ability to tolerate.

      I also can’t handle the visual “busyness” of MC + warbands, and it’s intolerable when there’s a group of freeps against a group of mobs. Besides my warden (who solos by preference), I have a minstrel that I play as a raid group healer. I can manage that because I can focus on the green bars and (mostly) ignore everything happening on on the screen. Put up an assist target visual, and I start to lose it.

      Not for all the loot in the game am I going to risk another migraine like the one I got from playing the tutorial. I’ve soloed the first four warbands on foot without any problem. If I can’t take the others on foot, I’ll pass.

      Apart from that, I hate mounted combat because it’s buttons on a skill bar. I have a 22-key keypad and I use it to play my warden like a piano. Mounted combat doesn’t work like that. Where are my gambits? There is nothing “wardenly” about mounted combat. There’s nothing unique about the class when on horseback. I met another warden the other day who was also fighting on foot because she hated the warden-on-horseback experience as much as I did.

      I am very disappointed with Turbine for putting so much focus on the mounted combat. I’ve read quite a number of posts from people who have a physical problem with it. Frankly, I think it was completely half-witted of Whoever Is In Charge not to have foreseen the problems. It looks to me like a lawsuit waiting to happen, because there is no warning about the possible health risks.

      People have known about motion sickness/migraine triggers/seizure triggers from video games for many years. MC is just another version of the same thing, and, as they say, everyone has a lawyer. I’m not saying whether or not such a suit would have merit, but just the publicity would be a bad thing for the game.


  30. lawless168 Says:

    Loving it and the more I play it, the more I’m thinking its the best xpack yet :)


  31. Beryline Says:

    I’m enjoying the mounted combat, the warbands, the epic quest line, and the gorgeous, gorgeous scenery. However, I found the quest pack stories to be much more engaging in Isengard. (Isengard bids 5, anyone?) I thought the ones in Great River were more interesting as well, at least until the Brown Lands.

    I’m only at level 78 though. Maybe the stories get better. They’re not bad, just not as inspired as those other ones were.


  32. Isilwren Says:

    Completely love it!

    Finally they added kids into the villages – something lacking in Bree. I know it’s cheesy, but I love the small quests that involve dealing with kids, saving kids, protecting kids. From a mom’s standpoint I’m all for that so there is extra drive in doing those quests.

    I’ve also been loving the quest storylines that have to do with people living in the towns. Wonderfully done!

    Mounted combat is awesome! I’ve got my LM and hunter running through the epic/quests right now on both their horses. LM might be a bit more fun on the horse, to be honest. Took me a while to get the hang of turning quickly but once traited correctly its now a breeze.

    Really enjoying how vast this area is. How the quests are set up, the warbands, sharing defeat credit with other players without being fellowed, etc. Thumbs up all the way around.

    My only complaint is on the cost of horse colors. I just won’t pay that high a cost for them. I’d rather earn them through quests or defeating warbands. If they brought the cost way down I’d get a few colors but as it is, my horses will remain colorless.


  33. Goreamir Says:

    Great quest lines, great epic, great landscape. I was in beta butonly went as far as exploring the region and I’m glad I did. Mounted combat is cool once you get the hang of it, it feels like it should. Using that dreaded X key option is actually useful with mountde combat. My only complaint about it is that due o th emob density, once you get into a mounted fight with a warband or whatever, you cover suck a large area that you keep picking up more mobs and the battle goes on forever.


  34. Andy Says:

    Anyone that has issues with the game nosediving when you ding should try and avoid being mounted and moving when it happens.

    I was fighting a warband and killed an extra add with some aoe, dinged and next thing I know I’m a corpse. Had only taken a couple of hits up to that point from a ranged unit so was nowhere near either dismount of death.


  35. Tony Says:

    I’ve had no technical problems, but my computer is admittedly kind of a beast.

    Beyond that, I really love it. I wasn’t sure how to feel about the warsteed stuff at first — it’s a bit awkward for a while. But it sinks in after a while and I enjoy that it’s challenging and different.

    What really won me over were the warbands… I found a couple of monster ones, but then I found one with other human ncps on horses and it was just awesome. They matched my speed, the main guy was flanking me and I just felt really involved. It was notably different from going in circles attacking a slow monster or something and different from the game’s traditional combat.

    And beyond that, the world design is excellent, the music is great… I’m very happy with it. And knowing that I’ll be getting the raid content when it releases, I’m pleased with the purchase.


    • Tony Says:

      There also seems to be a lot of confusion by people in general online (not here per se, but elsewhere) over what’s a server problem and what their problem is. It’s simply harder to run this game at the settings you would have before with mounted combat — you’re moving faster, more is being rendered, draw distance and fluff is important.

      Of course I’m aware of LOTRO’s random issues with lag and performance in the last several months, but I also know first and second hand that a lot of what is mistaken for “lag” is people’s inability to turn the settings down to what their computer handles well.


  36. Twitcheetwitch Says:

    I haven’t purchased the quest pack yet, but since both the epic quest and the intro quests that allow characters to earn the war-steed are both free to play, I’ve had a good chance to sample the area. Very nice scenery, and the first time it actually feels like a more civilized nation-state. Dunland had a bit of that feeling, but not anywhere near the level of Rohan with its many settlements and feudal lords with their mounted cavalry.

    Mounted combat is fun, and it’s also a playing mechanic that feels very different to anything we’ve seen up to this point. I enjoy riding over the vast rolling plains and attacking random mobs who simply can’t hit back due to the fact that I can literally ride circles around them!

    And if nothing else it’s been nice to work on gaining XP and leveling all my level-capped characters again!


  37. Kazren Says:

    It was rough riding in Beta, but now it’s much much better, especially on the heavy war steed. The light one my Minstrel has I’m still getting used to, but I can get where I want and stop on a dime, so I’m not complaining.

    Overall, I’ve gotten one to 85 and I’m discovering that not all characters get the same quests offered to them. My friend has had 2 go to the first Langhold Thane’s hall intro and have NOT been asked to eat and drink and bow! I thought everyone got that. And in Beta I got a quest from the group of Rohirrm at the refugee camp, they never had rings for my Champ or my Mini, so I thought they’d left those quests out, but I saw someone else there get them and vanish (for the instance) so apparently there’s a lot of variety.

    I got to 85 and I’ve loved it all. The daily quest to kill mounted goblins in Snowborn is the most fun! My Warden is also already in Rohan and instead of crossing the bridge and starting in Langhold, she followed the epic quest line and double back, so she had experiences the others didn’t have when they did the horse line first then went back for the epic one. I think doing the epic first is valuable, because you’ll be up to 75.5 when you start Langhold that way, and have the epic quests all taken care of and, if you’ve rememberd, a milestone at Parth Galan – or at least a stable link.

    Have fun!


  38. Sigela Says:

    I’m taking my time leveling up in Rohan. I don’t want to try to master the game in 2-3 days like others. That said, my highest ranked Rohan player is my lvl 78 LM. So I have some deeper comments on Rohan based on mounted combat with beginner squishies of LM, RK and Mini but they aren’t too deep.

    War-steeds. They’re not easy. You won’t be climbing on one and find yourself well-suited to mounted combat. There’s a learning curve, literally, as you train yourself and your war-steed in new skills. The game gives you war-steed experience pretty liberally so you’ll be able to add necessary mounted traits quickly.

    In early days, if the war-steed is giving you trouble, simply get off. Most anything you face is just as easy if not easier to burn down on foot and your war-steed will still get experience. Just get back on your war-steed and try again. The better your war-steed gets, the more you’ll want to do from his back. (LM trick: load your bear before you mount your war-steed. If you dismount by choice or misadventure, the bear appears and does a good job force taunting the mobs to let you regain control of the battle.)

    I recommend you max war-steed agility as soon as possible for the control it
    gives you. When you change your mount’s skills, it wouldn’t be a bad idea in early days to keep going back to the tourney field in Harwick to feel them in action. I do wish that after you complete the initial training tourney quest, it would split into two repeatable quests: maneuverability mode and combat mode. I don’t always want to do both and I don’t want to have to do all of maneuverability to practice my combat timing.

    I see people grousing about the shortage of class skills with mounted combat and I admit that I felt much the same way… at first. Now, not so much. Yes, there are only six skills per class but there are three disciplines and the non-discipline application of them to give variety and keep this a thinking game. I think that’s a lot coupled with controlling the steed so I’m happy in my slightly overwhelmed state. I think that mounted combat should be both immersive and intensive enough that it becomes its own entity. As we level our war-steeds they’ll add additional skills of their own that will let us do more things. (Yeah, I’ve got my LM’s eye on the steed skill that forces the mob to ride alongside me for 10 sec because I wanna see how much damage I can pump into him while he’s there. *evil laff*)

    So I’m going to go along for the ride, so to speak, and see where the game takes me.

    My biggest gripes about the Rohan expansion are that it’s screwing up my lower level characters by having two different sets of pretty fundamental game mechanics.

    After a week in Nimrodel focusing on lvl 75+ players in Rohan, I took some time to visit my vacation server in Riddermark and play some of my lvl 20s there. To my chagrin, I spent a morning in the Great Barrows happily RKing down the wights and beasts for quite a while before I realized: THE GAME ISN’T AUTOLOOTING THEM. So I lost a good bit of that coin so essential in early days by missed looting opportunities. Sure wish that something like this would have been implemented everywhere.

    For that matter, I think that all our mounts should get the speed control mechanism that war-steeds have but without the variability we get due to war-steed training and equipping. Walk-trot-canter-gallop are just cool and a lot of fun.

    I’m still a big fan of open-tapping but agree that the mechanics shouldn’t be considered final and work is still needed to fit open-tapping better into fellowshipping. So I’d like to see an improved, debugged version of open-tapping be game wide and not just Rohan wide. I can only imagine how royally ticked off people in the GB would have been if I’d open-tapped there but the low level zones were basically a ghost town with everyone in Rohan.

    Sign me pleasantly surprised and liking Rohan. Soon as they work out more kinks, it will only be better.


  39. Avatar of Carica
    Carica Says:

    I absolutely love it!
    I would love it even more when all the bugs get fixed. XD


  40. Dave Says:

    It’s absolutely horrible and I don’t like it at all.

    I spent a bunch of time practicing but can’t seem to control the war steed at all. A lot of the quests require a steed so I am up the creek.

    The steed requirement caused me to stop playing LOTRO and move on to another game.


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