The Fellowship Walk Has Closed a Success!

October 25, 2012

Fellowship Walk

Fundraiser TotalThe Fellowship’s Walk has finally come to an end, raising a total of $8,250 for Child’s Play, well exceeding our goal of $7,000 (we gave 117%)! Thank you everyone who has helped make this possible.

We have already selected the winners of the Mad Catz giveaway and have sent an email to them notifying of their winnings! We’ll have that announced soon.

Here are some photos of our adventures through the wilds of the Trollshaws and into Eregion! More pictures from this entire event can be found in our CSTM Flickr Group!

Fellowship Walk: Last Bridge to Rivendell Fellowship Walk: Last Bridge to Rivendell  Fellowship Walk: Last Bridge to Rivendell Fellowship Walk: Last Bridge to Rivendell Fellowship Walk: Last Bridge to Rivendell Fellowship Walk: Rivendell to Echad Dunnan Fellowship Walk: Rivendell to Echad Dunnan Fellowship Walk: Rivendell to Echad Dunnan

Thank You Isn’t Enough

I cannot say it enough. The LOTRO Community is simply amazing. Thank you to all who donated in all forms be it monetary, those who donated prizes and auctions, or in terms of your time to join us on the walks in-game.

Thank you. This event wouldn’t be anything without you.

We were hoping to reach our $7,000 goal and we were completely bowled over by the support given to us! I cannot wait to send the email to Child’s Play letting them know our final tally!

We all have done a lot of good for sick kids this past month. Be proud of yourselves LOTRO Community. I know that I am full of LOTRO Community pride!

Thank you!  /bow

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11 Responses to “The Fellowship Walk Has Closed a Success!”

  1. Avatar of Merric
    Merric Says:

    Three cheers for Goldenstar and the community! Thank you all so much!


  2. Emma Says:

    well done to all involved!


  3. Luke Says:

    Well done everyone.


  4. davidt Says:

    Well Done!


  5. Kiarane Says:

    This is simply amazing. Do we even realize how children we’re helping with this event? And how many we’ve touched over the years? This is it, I’m gonna cry again!

    Ps: Woooah, somebody is talking about the fellowship walk in Deutch. We really are international. /seriousbusinessstare


    • Oderinma Says:

      Thanks Goldenstar for all your hard work and thanks everybody for donating and helping :)

      Sidenote, the link below is in Dutch (as in from Holland) not Deutch (as in from Germany:)



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