The winning /fishslap

October 25, 2012

Fellowship Walk

After much deliberation, a panel of CSTM contributors, friends who play LOTRO or other MMOs, friends who don’t play LOTRO or other MMOs, co-workers who wondered what the hell this contest was about, Mrs. Vraeden, a couple of random strangers and myself, the winner of the First Annual Fellowship Walk /fishslap for Turbine Points Contest has been declared.

Congratulations to Leinu of The Mad Hatters kinship on the Windfola server for submitting the winning entry!


I look forward to see what people come up next year.

So get /fishslapping!

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4 Responses to “The winning /fishslap”

  1. Hildifast Says:

    Comic Sans! Comic Sans! Comic Sans!
    Jk, this is brilliant. Great work Leinu, hearty congratulations!


  2. Avatar of
    knowfere Says:

    Anywhere to see all the entries? Thoroughly enjoyed reading about this contest and seeing who the winner was. Job well done all around!


  3. Leinu Says:

    Hahah! @Hildifast, I figured “Hey its a comic, why not use Comic Sans”. And thank you CSTM! This was a very interesting contest. Also, congratulations on all the good you’ve done with the fellowship walk!! It was a very noble cause!


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