Anodhelm of Landroval in the Ettenmoors II

November 7, 2012

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Hi friends, here is another of a series of videos I made of my burglar in the Moors. Stay tuned for the next ones.

Remember to watch in HD and listen to the music!

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4 Responses to “Anodhelm of Landroval in the Ettenmoors II”

  1. mrtoad Says:

    Awesome video of some great fights. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more!


  2. Cadronas Says:

    Great fights! I have some creeps so there was some good learning here. Great to see these are not ganks. I am curious, what is the add-on/app on the lower right side of your screen?


  3. Avatar of Gabo
    Gabo Says:

    Thanks, the plugin is called Buffbars


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