Community Update November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012

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It’s been a while since the last Community Update video (being Holiday season and all), but Sapience has found time to release another video to keep us all up-to-date in the goings on of LOTRO.  In this community update Sapience discusses:

  • All of the Extra Life videos (shaving of the beard, him in a Legolas costume, etc.) will be done before the end of the year.
  • The Bullroarer Test Server will be up again next week to test Update 9
    • Some of our “instance questions” will be answered
    • The XP Disabler will be in the build and has been revamped based on feedback in the Riders of Rohan Beta.
    • Open Tapping will be spread throughout Middle-Earth (Woohoo!)
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7 Responses to “Community Update November 20, 2012”

  1. Tiran Blade Says:

    I’m super excited about open tapping, gets rid of my one real complaint, ranged character following me around stealing my tap as a joke.


  2. Cpt Crunch Says:

    Open tapping spreading is ofc a good thing. However “some” of the questions answered could also be a negative answer to wether or not the IC is coming out this year


  3. Queekusme Says:

    One thing that I’ve loved about LOTRO is the fact that someone else cannot steal your kills, I was a little concerned when ROR was in beta about open tapping, but it seems to work fine.

    With the system being expanded outside of Rohan, I can see a lot of problems.

    Low level chars will be able to get kills easily for quests by tapping onto a higher level char’s kill. THIS WAS WHY TAPPING HAS NOT BEEN IN THE GAME UNTIL NOW.

    Personally I feel that this will be a bad idea. If it is for characters above level 20 per say, I wont have much against it, but for new chars it will be a ticket up to the high levels.

    Not to put turbine down too much, but I did love the days when you were rewarded for doing the harder stuff, And Actually WORKED for it.

    I hope that this won’t be a game ruin-er…

    Thanks for showing the vid though CSTM


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I don’t see how it’s any different than my level 78 minstrel rushing to try to open tap leech off a level 85. That’s a 7 level difference and they would be facing mobs at least red con to me. Opening up this functionality will operate the same as you see it in Rohan.

      Same rules will be in effect as in Rohan and purple con mobs (those 8+ levels higher than the character) yields very little experience making them undesirable targets. I could try to help with the red con mobs but I actually have to HIT the darn thing in order to contribute.

      I know probably someone is doing this in Rohan so yes, it probably will be done in the Shire too but I still think trying to gain experience in this fashion of grinding a kill location through open tapping as not a very efficient (or fun) way to gain experience verses questing.


    • Avatar of andyb
      andyb Says:

      It works both ways

      Mobs that are needed for deeds are very often used for the kill 10 quests. Open tapping should allow the low levels to quest in an area without a higher level player impeding their progress. Or prevent friction that might happen thanks to a low spawn rate when you add a higher dps rate into the mix.

      There will always be the arrogant high level who will refuse to give any quarter to a lower player just as there will always be a lower leechy player looking for an easy ride to the higher stages of the game. Open tapping will circumvent that as both will get the credit for the kill.

      If I happen to be grinding mobs in an area on one account I might well log in an f2p account character to follow them about for a nudge up their level. Open tapping might reduce the effectiveness of this as I’d actually have to be more involved on each kill with both accounts.


  4. lotrofan Says:

    The XP disabler sounds fun. I want to complete as many quests as I can and it will help if the mobs are at least somewhat challenging. I will be able to do that if I can disable XP gain :)



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