CSTM App No Longer Available

November 8, 2012


CSTM LogoJust to make everyone aware, our CSTM iPhone app is no longer available on iTunes and currently we do not have plans to bring it back.

The app was old (it’s almost 2-years old) and it seemed fair it be removed although I didn’t see any notification from Apple this was going to happen. I could have just missed it though and mistakenly deleted it as advertising mail.

We are basically abandoning it for a couple reasons.

  1. I’m a stupid dummy girl who has neither the time nor the expertise to improve the very basic app.
  2. We do not own a Macintosh computer (required to submit apps to the app store). We previously got around this by making a hackintosh from a netbook but it was pretty unstable and while a fun project at the time, was a pain in the rear when it came to usability and I use the netbook weekly for the show.
  3. I let our Apple Developer license lapse. An easy enough fix to buy it again should I need it but given points one and two I decided to save the money.

We have also heard of some folks having issues with the Android version. This has always been a problem just given Android’s different models, versions etc but I suspect that for some newer phones, they are experiencing the same basic problem that our app is just out dated.

If the app is still working for you, great. Just don’t delete it as it is no longer available on the iTunes store to download. We are not removing support for those still able to use the app.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may bring our app users. We will remind you that www.casualstrolltomordor.com is mobile friendly and you can get most of the same functionality from the app just by browsing our site.

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10 Responses to “CSTM App No Longer Available”

  1. Keli Says:

    I have the android version, still works fine. I can understand your stance though, a lot of effort really when the website can be easily accessed on a smartphone.


  2. Geldarion Says:

    I mainly use the site anyway. Good effort on it though! I can imagine it was a lot more work than it was worth.


  3. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    i have the Android version, its how i first discovered you guys! i typed Lotro into the app store and boom! i love it for quick checking of news. it won’t let me listen to whole episodes though. but that’s where the website comes in!


  4. Eppy Says:

    Good decision. Make the best standards based mobile site you can. Platform specific apps are not necessary imo.


  5. Thurinphir Says:

    thus is another permanent safari tab opened…


  6. Lorgelas Says:

    Honestly I rarely used the app very often. I just come to the site. I appreciate the work put into it at the time but it sounds like a good decision to let it go.


  7. Kazren Says:

    I use my app almost daily! I guess next time it freezes up, I won’t be able to re-download it. That’s sad.


  8. Monadnock Says:

    I’m disappointed. I actually discovered CSTM through the app, and that was the way I most often read your posts. Every now and then the app would fail to update, but I would just delete it and reinstall–until I discovered it was gone :( I still enjoy the site and will continue to check in, but I know that I’d really welcome the return of access on my ipod touch.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      We didn’t take away access to your iPod touch. You just need to visit our site through a browser instead. The good news is that the mobile site won’t quit working and require you to delete it and reinstall!


  9. Megarelix Says:

    Yet another confirmation: the Android version (thank you!) works for me just fine on the G-2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Tab 2. And less is more: please do not think of adding animated vignettes and other bells & whistles: it does one job and does it right. Thanks for the effort.


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