Episode 169: Scrafting in Lohan

November 4, 2012

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This week Turbine headed to the fall out shelter for Hurricane Sandy. They still had time to release a Mac client and some store sales!

Goldenstar is level 77! Yeah like hold onto your hats. She dinged two weeks in a row and killed a warband! This time I get a housing decoration pennant thing. Dumtime was missing 3 of the Dums so Sodum, Opdum and Silvers ran the Library and School instances.

Merric is almost 76 (which apparently is seventy-twelve). That is code for saying he’s still 75. He also took down a warband in his first.

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Riddles in the Dark is a bi-weekly podcast series by Dr. Corey Olsen (The Tolkien Professor) and David Kale. Discussion will focus on the themes, characters, and events of Middle-earth and lay the groundwork for intelligent speculation about how the book may be translated to film. Each episode will culminate in the hosts making a specific prediction about the upcoming films, to be proven or disproven when the films are finally released.

More information on RITD can be found at http://www.mythgard.org/exclusives/riddles-in-the-dark/

Riddle: What role will the Dwarf Ring play in the movie?

A. None at all, it will never be alluded to.

B. Passing reference, does not figure into the plot

C. Only foreshadows the power of the One Ring over its wielder

D. Part of the larger story connecting Sauron to the back story of the Dwarves, becomes a feature of the plot.

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Hi there,

I have a question that I have not been able to find the answer for.

I’ve recently gotten into doing skirmishes, specifically Seige of Gondamon and Trouble in Tuckborough – and am enjoying them.

However, I’ve been trying to go after the deeds you get for the optional encounters, and for the life of me – I seem to be getting the same 3 encounters.

Is this truly random? Or does changing level/tier make a difference?


Pineleaf Answer:

The encounters you face within a skirmish are truly selected at random. Yes, sometimes you do get streaks where you keep getting the same encounters (or avoid the one you want to complete a deed) but eventually, you should be able to get the encounter you are seeking.

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Recorded November 3, 2012

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3 Responses to “Episode 169: Scrafting in Lohan”

  1. Kiarane Says:

    Hehe. My favorite Brotherhood Workshop video is the birthday one; there’s a hobbit hole cake in it! :P


  2. Andy Says:

    Funcom told people that their TSW servers were running off generators. Thats the only company I saw that actually admitted they were having issues with the weather.

    Wonder if they broke the lotteries adding in the rubberband removal scroll (coming soon to the store @ 995TP for an hour)


  3. Thurinphir Says:

    there are a few encounters in the ‘Attack at Dawn’ skirmish that require you to fend off the 2nd wave in the barraged zone (if you capture both gates, they will not spawn)
    other than that, they are completely random. If you are hunting a specific one, you can find the triggered text and point that triggers it in Pineleaf’s excellent guides
    (I know that I never completed the warg one for Tuckboroughroughrough before I read Pineleaf’s guide, the trigger text was too obscure and I have troubles with ‘west’ ‘east’ etc. (I think of the way my character is facing at the start of skirm as north))

    -Thurindos, Medic of Mirkwood (who can now use ‘YOU SHALL NOT FALL!!!!’ (lvl 50))


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