Episode 171: Gimme a Break

November 18, 2012

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kitkatThis week we have plenty of store news, update 8.1 and changes to grouping contribution in Rohan, the Steed of the Captain color issues and more!

This week Goldenstar took Sorphia’s advice and went back to do her exclusive Rohan quests for the war-steed heal and went back to do the Great River epic quests so I can do the epics as she levels in Rohan.

Merric finished migrating over to the new SSD drive. He has leveled up his Champion to 76! He’s also considering buying the Steed of the Captain for his captain.

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Daeranoth of Riddermark:


I was just wondering if there were any plans to have new round table discussions since for most of them were done before RoI and there have been a lot of changes to the game.

I am sure you’ve had this questions before.



Playing as Iabromo

Order of the Morning Star


Peter and Angela of Vanyar

Hi Goldenstar and Merric! (and Baby Hobbit of course)

We listen to your podcast every weekend since we started playing LOTRO.

Peter has played it for several months, his main character is the Elven Huntress “Catraen”.

She is level 56 and currently doing Book 12, hunting for Narchuil.

I’ve only been playing a couple of months, my main character is a Hobbit Guardian named “Vallyn”.

She is level 38 and exploring Evendim.

We play on the German language server Vanyar since I now live in Austria with Peter.

I personally enjoy hearing some voices from home. (Really from home. I’m a Shreveport girl, neighbor!)

And Peter enjoys y’all’s personalities and the fact that it’s about LOTRO, which we both enjoy the heck out of.

You should think about making a Screen Capture contest on the most beautiful scenery people find in the game.

It’s one of the aspects that we both really enjoy in the game. (Soooo much prettier than WoW.)

You did say that you would look at people’s cat photos, so I have included ours.

One is the Twin Titans, Chaos and Mystique, indulging their love of IKEA. Their dad was a wild cat, so they are a bit large.

Chaos, on the top of the “Ikea House! Is over 25 inches long, not including the tail. His sister is not much smaller.

The other photo is Yubell. She’s from Shreveport too. My son named her after a Yugioh card, so I don’t really know what her name is supposed to mean.

One photo is Peter, showing Mystique the proper grip on an axe to chop a Christmas tree with. (if she only had opposable thumbs.)

The last one is me, with some mummies. (Vienna has an excellent history museum with an Egyptian department.)

Please keep on doing the podcasts, you guys are awesome!

Peter and Angela

Mystique, Chaos and Yubell



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Recorded November 17, 2012

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    Kit kats
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