Episode 172: Dropping A Bomb

November 25, 2012

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This week we had a community update and whole lot of really great sales. Also be forewarned Goldenstar had a passionate rant that ended in a swear word and a lot of apologizing.

This week Goldenstar is level 80! The Dum’s spent this week’s play with Odewolf, our winner of the Dum Time Auction. Odewolf chose to do Chicken Play with the Dums which we very much enjoyed. Pretty sure we’ll never see Dumidum in dwarf form ever again.

Merric is now level 78 out of pure weirdo need to not be three levels under Goldenstar. /shrug I don’t get it either. Merric participated in the latest Update Talks which will be out later this week. He also bought the steed of the captain.

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Manegrod of Imladris:

Hi Merric and Goldenstar,

Weird things going on today in the 21st Hall on Imladris.  Someone announced in the regional chat that there were gators in the 21st Hall.  They weren’t joking.  Level 85, open tapping, Sutcrofts Marsh-Avancs were everywhere.  You can see in the images, I did get some experience and drops if I could hit, but it didn’t work out too well for me overall.

Someone named Ouswald was taking credit for the Gators calling himself the "Gator Boy".  I’m not sure if this was an exploit, someone with Turbine creating some fun, or just something I haven’t seen yet.  Most people seemed to be having a good time with it, but there were a few around my level getting insta-killed by 6 gators just trying to exit the vault.

Have you guys seen this yet?


Manegrod of Imladris


Rinidin of Dwarrodelf

Notice the name of the monster in the floating hint box on the left? I don’t know when that popped up. This in the cave in the swamp to the NW of EAWorth.

Maybe that’s one of the things that the horseshoe does. I sure don’t remember seeing him down there. If it is a horseshoe thing, I really appreciate that Easter Egg, and hats off to Turbine.

Rinidin of DwarrowDelf


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Recorded November 24, 2012

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10 Responses to “Episode 172: Dropping A Bomb”

  1. Joshua Says:

    I had my horseshoe in while traversing that tomb and saw no monster named Steve Jobs.


    • Avatar of Opdum/Bregle
      Opdum/Bregle Says:

      I get the feeling it was likely some Captain’s Oathbreaker Herald. But I choose not to believe that, cuz it’s less fun.


      • Rinidin Says:

        Just to be clear, it’s not a fake, I never saw a monster named Steve Jobs, I saw the hint pop up of a Signature Undead called SteveJobs. Are OathBreaker Herald Signatures?

        I also use a Nostromo Keyboard (It’s like a numeric keypad) and I don’t even have the H key mapped to any keys on that keyboard, so I don’t see how the persistent hint showed up. While it’s possible that I made a mistake somewhere (I’m only Hobbit) I’ve never had a persistent hint show up before.

        It’s possible that somewhere I did something strange to get it to show up, I prefer to believe that it’s an easter egg that shows up under some rare circumstance.

        A monster called SteveJobs popping up would be a bit premature, but I don’t feel the same way about a simple reminder hint like that.


        • Avatar of Ketani
          Ketani Says:

          I’m pretty sure that “SteveJobs” he saw is a captain’s oathbreaker herald. Someone was just having a fun time with naming their pet.


          • Joshua Says:

            Ah, the images weren’t up before. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right.

            It’s also noteworthy that “SteveJobs” is blue (below level) to Rinidin, while the draugr from Byrgenstow are white (on-level). As far as I know, all the draugr in that dungeon are the same level.

            So, the explanation that makes the most sense is, as you say, that SteveJobs is some Captain’s Oathbreaker herald whose tooltip got stickied by accident somehow. (I’m pretty sure that heralds do show up as Signature mobs, even the human ones.)

  2. Avatar of classyhoodlum
    classyhoodlum Says:

    Man I feel like such a hipster. I think I’m the only person who uses BevyOBars instead of Tonicbars lol


  3. Odewulf Says:

    Heya guys, I’m glad to hear you also enjoyed the chicken run. I had a great time, even though it was super late. The Dumms are awesome!

    Regarding the 50% discount on steed dyes, this feels to me like this could be perhaps like putting the Lonelands on a 50% discount, 2 weeks before it went free for all. This was shortly after the F2P launch and I still remember it because I bought the Lonelands with that 50% discount… So perhaps a change in steed dyes is coming, maybe account wide even?

    Regards, Odewulf



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