Pineleaf Ponders the Necromancer’s Gate [Video]

November 5, 2012

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One of the annoyances introduced with the Riders of Rohan expansion was a bug in Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate. The Fell Beast misbehaves at the first two control points. In this video, I will demonstrate how I get around that little issue.

I hope this helps some of you while you are running this skirmish.

May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

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11 Responses to “Pineleaf Ponders the Necromancer’s Gate [Video]”

  1. Avatar of Ketani
    Ketani Says:

    Thanks for the tips! I was in a raid the other night doing that skirmish and I got stuck in the corner before the bridge at that second control point. I couldn’t get far enough away between fear effects to free myself from getting stuck in the loop. I ended up taking my chances and jumping from the bridge at my earliest opportunity. Such a frustrating bug!


  2. Belwynne Says:

    Great! I love having a strategy to avoid getting stuck.

    Are you going to do similar guides to tricky places (bugged or otherwise) Instances? I think that would be wonderful!!!!

    Belwynne/Bellcari from Landroval


  3. Kazren Says:

    This just happened to my group over the weekend. I wish I’d seen this first! Thanks, Pineleaf.


  4. Xica Says:

    As a anking warden falling injuries is (one of) the worst scenario(s).
    U lose all B/P/E, u get sloed so hard to reach mobs and take up aggro in tame and u will take brutal damage.

    SO i always just run aay from flag asap but never try those jumps…


    • Doug L Says:

      We have 8 skills that heal, 4 of them damage the enemy; so not much risk, but ya, you don’t want to be main tanking a general level mob with falling injuries, but if there are 4 or more hale mobs you are good to go.


  5. khorgrim Says:

    We ran into this issue last night. Some I think jumped down, some of us got past the location it was stuck in by running over it, and then panicking away from him. :D (at least I did) Fortunately we had a good crew so we were able to deal with it even with some stuck.


  6. Doug L Says:

    Heh, I didn’t have a problem with this when I did it about a week ago, but he appears to get stuck on flag poles and whatnot, but still shows up at your next checkpoint.

    I didn’t read your guide first, so I promptly died. I wasn’t thinking very wardenly. After that I knew to run to the next set of mobs so I could heal up until the dps went a way. I soloed it though. Is it bad that I constantly forget to summon my soldier?

    I love the warden, get into a fight so I can heal up.


  7. Ryzis Says:

    Oh wow! I was running this for the first time this weekend and kept wiping over and over, lol! Thanks for making the video. What a coincidence.


  8. téaparty Says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I just got to this point in the Mirkwood Epic on one of my characters and this helped me get through the two checkpoints. Something else that is bugged is the dragon encounter at the second checkpoint (aurochs meat on the platform). The dragon continues to bob up and down, so I was on fire but could not touch it. I ended up claiming the checkpoint and jumping without being able to finish that encounter.


  9. Giggles Says:

    Thank you Pineleaf, great video, just wished I had seen it before helping a kin mate with this skirmish. :)



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