Pineleaf Returns to the Necromancer’s Gate [Video]

November 20, 2012


As you recall, I earlier showed you how to get around an issue with Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate. With Update 8.1, we have an update to this skirmish. Let’s see how the Fell Beast behaves now.

While we’re at it, let’s also take a look at Gondamon.

I have heard reports that the raid chest in Gondamon was not spawning properly in Gondamon but these reports came on the day of the patch (a Wednesday). Perhaps we will hear more on this after the weekly lock reset.

May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

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6 Responses to “Pineleaf Returns to the Necromancer’s Gate [Video]”

  1. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    We ran Gondamon on Friday night and the chest at the end did not spawn. A Tarnished Symbol was on the final boss, but there was no other loot. We ran Prancing Pony on Saturday night and there was no chest at the end, either.


  2. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    Yep did Gondamon last Wed. Right after tge update and found no chest and no seals(12 man size) we warned everyone else on the server and I dont think anyone has tried since


  3. SportsGuy Says:

    One of the quests that auto bestow in the raid did not complete. That seems to be why the chest doesn’t spawn. It stayed incomplete in the quest tracker with no clear reason why the conditions weren’t satisfied.



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