Poll: War-steed Controls for Travel Mounts

November 24, 2012

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll is being taken from the recently conducted Update Talks where the question came up about if Turbine should replace the current travel mount controls and make even the travel mounts work the same as the war-steed mount controls work.

Feel free to leave a comments noting what you would or wouldn’t like if these controls were replaced on the travel mounts.

Should the war-steed control mechanics replace the current travel mount controls?

  • No (63%, 498 Votes)
  • Yes (18%, 139 Votes)
  • I don't know (12%, 92 Votes)
  • Indifferent (7%, 58 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a Comment) (0%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 792

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34 Responses to “Poll: War-steed Controls for Travel Mounts”

  1. Jag Says:

    War-steed Controls for Travel Mounts would feel like driving on ice in a Black Friday Mall parking lot.


  2. Dietlbomb Says:

    No way! I keep a travel mount on my quickslot bar so that I can navigate through towns. The warsteed drops my frame rate to daguerreotype unless I reduce my graphics to Tron.


  3. Edward Ferret Says:

    No, cause I lag on my warsteed but not on my travel classic mount. So when this network lag will get fixed, perhaps I could say yes.


  4. Avatar of Chris Moran
    Chris Moran Says:

    I’ve not gotten to use the war steeds yet… heck, still haven’t completed the RoI content… but I’ve been practising playing in 3rd person more for the last few months (I usually prefer to play in 1st person) so I won’t fail miserably when I do get there. I suppose to get a taste in advance might not be bad.


  5. susan Says:

    I voted no since those controls would prob single handedly make the new players to the game quit. Its a hard skill to master and not one that a new player should have thrust on them along with everything else they need to learn.


  6. Avatar of Elinnea
    Elinnea Says:

    With a war-steed I can personalize my mount. If I am having too much trouble with the controls I can switch to a Light steed, and put points into Agility, and add an agility legacy to my bridle. With a regular mount I wouldn’t have any of those options – whatever turning ability they decide to give low-level players is what they’d all be stuck with. I doubt it would go over well.

    At a high level, I like having both kinds of mounts available, so I can switch to a normal steed when I’m just trying to navigate through a town and get frustrated with the controls.


  7. Elinnea Says:

    With a war-steed I can personalize my mount. If I am having too much trouble with the controls I can switch to a Light steed, and put points into Agility, and add an agility legacy to my bridle. With a regular mount I wouldn’t have any of those options – whatever turning ability they decide to give low-level players is what they’d all be stuck with. I doubt it would go over well.

    At a high level, I like having both kinds of mounts available, so I can switch to a normal steed when I’m just trying to navigate through a windy-twisty town or get through a narrow gate-way.

    There is a tutorial and riding lesson when you first get your war-steed just for this reason. I’d rather put that learning curve at level 75 than at the very beginning of the game. Some people have trouble even running straight when they first come to Lotro – throwing them onto the back of a War-steed imitation wouldn’t even be fair.


  8. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    I voted yes, because after a few months on my war-steed (including time I spent in beta), I have a hard time switching back to play on alts. The same is true of open tapping and remote loot. I think these are game systems players of all levels would benefit from and enjoy.

    However, Turbine would have to significantly reinvent how the riding skill and mounts are introduced to players. For example, there’s no obvious way players could improve the physics of handling their travel mounts. Perhaps individual travel mounts could be given unique stats for top speed, acceleration, and turn rate. Or maybe players would earn these stats on a per-character basis through questing.

    Done wrong (for example, giving all travel mounts the maneuverability of a brand new heavy war-steed), it could definitely drive new players away. But done properly, it could add a whole new dimension of the game for them to learn and enjoy.


  9. Joshua Says:

    Yes, with a caveat. I think they should change the way that the Insert key works for war-steeds first.

    Instead of using Insert to cycle through Walk->Trot->Canter->Gallop with repeated presses, Insert toggle between the current default mode, where W and S smoothly accelerate and decelerate, and a slightly different “cruise control” mode, where W and S step the speed setting up and down through the paces.

    For instance, if I wanted to lock myself at a canter now, I’d have to press Insert three times and then Numlock. (Or hold W.) But if I want to move down to a trot, I would need to tap Insert three more times, which would speed me up to a gallop, drop me down to a walk, and [i]then[/i] accelerate again to a trot.

    I would rather press Insert to enter “cruise control” mode, then press W three times to accelerate to a canter. If I wanted to drop from a canter to a trot, I’d then press S once.

    (Basically, I just find the default, “smooth” speed control with W and S to be too slippery when there’s even a small amount of lag. If I’m at a gallop (14 mps on my Heavy steed) and want to slow to a canter (~11 mps), I have to tap the S key and hope that I slow down to 11 mps rather than 13.5 or, you know, 0 The latter happens pretty rarely, but it [i]does[/i] happen, and it sucks.)


  10. Elyanna Says:

    I’d rather they just import the travel mount appearances to the warsteeds. And allow me to use my warsteed skills outside of Rohan.


  11. Lalorn Says:

    Nooooo bad idea!!!


  12. Sandbur Says:

    The only way I’d say yes to this is if the game allowed me to use my accelerator pedals to control my horse. Right now with only four forward speeds the war horse is only controllable out in the open. In the city I either need much better control of the war horse, or just keep the old horse which has so much controlability I can turn in the air.


  13. Avatar of Ranna Dylin
    Ranna Dylin Says:

    I love love love the war steed controls…as long as I have space enough to make best use of them. I’m getting better at riding that beast through towns, but there are still times when it’s more effective just to call in one of my normal stable mounts and ride around without having to account for acceleration and deceleration and too-realistic turns…


  14. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Most emphatic no.

    I need my regular mount to be able to move around places at a decent rate without the drawbacks of the mounted throttle control.

    Might change my mind if they get the system functioning well enough that I dont feel the need to avoid levelling in rohan, but until they there’s better things to be focussed on by the devs that to expand on a system that has at best hit and miss results for the playerbase.


  15. Rothias Says:

    HELL no. I don’t know if it would drive away new players as other people suggest, but it would certainly drive me away and I’ve had a lifetime sub since launch…


  16. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    If they’re going to expand mounted combat outside of Rohan, then yes, they should add the warsteed controls, but otherwise, leave them be!

    And to go to a tangentially-related subject: would they please removed the “You would have earned XXXX amount of XP if you’d killed this enemy while mounted”, when you’re in areas that doesn’t allow mounted combat skills!


    • Avatar of andyb
      andyb Says:

      That xp announce thing to me is utterly idiotic and got me to the point of /bugging it during the beta for all the good it did.

      It’s obvious they want peoples focus to be on horsey stuff but if thats the case dont send us underground then tell us we’re doing it wrong if we’re working to within the constraints of the game.


  17. Goreamir Says:

    Absolutely not. I’ve gotten used the the war steed controls, but they are still clunky and impractical for precise riding, like stopping at an NPC or just riding around in a town, etc. Yeah you can just walk them around and it’s easier fore that, and more realistic, but I’d rather be able to still move around quickly and precisely in town. I don’t role-play.


  18. Tori Says:

    I like the way Warsteeds work…but I love the ease of controlling my travel mount. So, I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more I think no.


  19. Avatar of Diamond
    Diamond Says:

    I voted “I don’t know”. I’ve gotten better at maneuvering my war pony through towns or camps and stopping more precisely at an NPC, and I like the way the mount looks and sounds (more realistic). But, I don’t think I could run a race-course with a war pony (as in the Festival Races). I think I would prefer some kind of more cosmetic changes to standard mounts rather than changing their mechanics… like allowing for standard mount cosmetic outfits, or dyable festival mounts. For standard mounts it’s all about speed and looks.


  20. Rufusstan Says:

    I have to say no, I have got more used to the warsteeds in tight spaces like towns, but there are times when I just don’t want to be micromanaging a steed just to get from A to B.

    Other people have already mentioned the lag, which is the second reason to dislike this change. Standing still then rubberbanding backwards is not a fun way to travel, so until they fix that….


  21. Heron Says:

    I would like a speed between walk and gallop on the travel mount, but other than that no.


  22. Landonil Says:

    How about travel mount control for war steeds. Been playing this game for years and I really hate the war steed controls. It feels like a sluggish drift car.


  23. Corelin Says:

    I’d like to see it as an option. The controls can be REALLY frustrating, and in places like Moria could be catastrophic, but having the chance to learn the controls in, say, Bree wouldn’t be awful. It would be especially popular if you got the speed of war-steeds when using those controls.


  24. DancesInTrees Says:

    I was looking for Heck NO! or no way! but they seem to be missing.


  25. Beryline Says:

    No no! Sweet sassy molassy, head to the drunken steering shelter!


  26. RainingGoats Says:

    Moria says no.


  27. Thundertrain Says:

    Emphatic NO.

    I really love the way the war steeds handle out in the open, certainly more so when their agility is boosted a bit to help with turning. However, I still find myself jumping off the war steed the very instant I arrive at a town. Trying to navigate a war steed through towns is absurd.

    I’m not sure it would be a viable option from a programming stand point, but having the war steed automatically switch to travel mount controls upon entering a town would be brilliant.


  28. Tatuaje Says:


    I could rant for hours, but the WS controls are horrible. I only use the WS as a last resort.


  29. Pointy Says:

    No. Warsteed controls are clunky and hard to use to make it go where you want it to and even stop. Regular mounts don’t need to have such convoluted controls and I agree with an earlier poster that it would make new players not want to play if they had to use that finicky system simply to ride from the Shire to Bree


  30. Avatar of Hobbit Grrl
    Hobbit Grrl Says:

    I still hate the warsteed controls with a passion and I’ve been trying, believe me, to use the blasted thing more in an attempt to get used to them. Anyone who says it’s like riding on a block of ice has pretty much nailed the experience. I’m perfectly happy to have the choice of either type of mount and only if they made the warsteed more easy to control would I change my mind on only having one control set. Of course many many people made an outcry about this during the beta, myself included, only to be ignored and were faced with the clunky controls we had to suffer through before once RoR was released.


    • FoxFire Says:

      I only got into trying Mounted Combat and the War Steed in late November.

      And as much as I’m trying to get used to it, I have to say that so far I absolutely hate the War Steed controls, they are clunky. My horse feels clunky even with all the agility/turning boosts and I hate the slipping look and feel of the horse as I ride around.

      In fact I very much dislike mounted combat altogether.

      I’m sure that’s sacrilege to say because for some weird strange still inexplicable to me reason, there was a HUGE clamor for mounted combat in the preceding years. Why? Who knows. Other than having some extra strength to take out war-band elites, I’d MUCH rather be on foot fighting hand-to-hand or as I am a hunter, on solid ground from a distance.

      Given the chance to take mounted combat or leave it. I’d choose to leave it.



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