Poll: War-steed Cosmetic Skins & Colors Pricing

November 3, 2012

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll was suggested by Adam of the Khazad Guard. We have all heard the discussions on the war-steed cosmetic pricing and now it’s your turn to share your opinion. Even if you are not currently in Rohan with a war-steed, you can still give your thoughts on whether or not you find the items at a price you would be willing to pay.

With the pricing debate about warsteed cosmetic skins and dyes (595TP per pack, character only), what are your thoughts?

  • I haven't bought any and won't at this price (67%, 689 Votes)
  • I bought 1 or 2 but will not buy any more at the current price (14%, 147 Votes)
  • I haven't bought any but might in future if they don't lower (9%, 94 Votes)
  • I have no interest in cosmetics (8%, 81 Votes)
  • I have/will buy them as they are priced (2%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,025

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27 Responses to “Poll: War-steed Cosmetic Skins & Colors Pricing”

  1. fredingdon Says:

    Great Googly Moogly i like cheese!

    actually cosmetics aren’t very important to me, but i would buy a horse colour if it was like 99 or 199 tp and account wide.


  2. William S Says:

    If it stays the same price, they should make it Account-wide. If they lower the price by 50% – as a minimum discount – then I may consider per character. As is? Oh, heck no.


  3. Sparkle Says:

    I think it will be like with stat tomes – They cost 500TP at f2p launch, but after November Update (U1) the price was lowered to 300TP.
    Maybe in U9 color packs will cost 350-400TP?


  4. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    I think the current price is based on the idea that every player should purchase only one or two color packs per character, thus having created one steed according to their wishes, similar to buying one class-steed. I don’t think the color pricing was designed with multiple or frequent customizations in mind. If you’re content with only one or two color packs, and have only one character, then you’re probably fine with the current prices.


  5. Aryadne Says:

    595tp is way too much for one colour scheme, for a single character, if you compare it to what else is that price.

    A permanent account wide access to any QuestPack. Entire Mirkwood Expansion. Slots for Vault, Shared Storage or Wardrobe.

    But I’ve seen a number of people riding around Snowbourn with oddly coloured mounts, so perhaps its just a matter of perspective.


  6. Andy Says:

    Cosmetics should use the stipend as the absolute maximum price level.

    Anything higher than that and the cost makes them fall into the considered purchase bin alongside useful stuff like the wallet, content packs and whatnot.

    Cosmetics are visual fluff so should be priced as such. Lower price means those that are less inclined towards the fluff might actually go out and buy something.


  7. Joshua Says:

    The actual cosmetic equipment is priced fine, but the colour pack pricing was a mistake. I doubt they can be unbundled now, but they should cost half of what they do or else be account-wide.

    I’ll still buy the Steed of the Captain when it’s out, but I probably will make do with the free gear colours rather than buying any dye packs.


  8. Sigela Says:

    I can’t afford to buy something so optional as cosmetic packs at prices this high in addition to buying other things from the LOTRO Store for character “quality of life” like wallet enhancements, game play items, LI scrolls and such.

    It’s a problem making a game that I enjoy so much that I play a lot of toons. Liking the game so much makes me less likely to buy fluff items instead of more likely to buy when I can’t afford to buy for the whole gang. I don’t like all the color packs so would probably want to use a few of the packs on multiple steeds and I refuse to buy the same pack more than once.

    The horse dyes should be either craftable (by scholars or lore-masters) or account wide at a moderately discounted price from current. For the cosmetic items, I don’t think they need to be account wide but I’d certainly buy more of them if the price were more affordable. I wouldn’t mind seeing war-steed dyes appearing in the lotteries.

    So, at least for now, I’m going to stick tight to lore as my excuse for not having a dyed steed. War-steeds are descended from the Meara and the Meara are white or light grey horses. So mine are going to be stock white or light grey.


  9. Natalise Says:

    I understand that Turbine needs to make money through the store to stay profitable. I look at the layoffs and say that perhaps we’re overestimating the game’s profitability pre RoR. This is a business, and if you love LOTRO, you need to support it as a money maker or it will go away.

    I totally support buying TP/subbing to support a product that gives me hours of enjoyment per dollar spent (easily the best entertainment value out there.)

    However, at the current prices, the dye packs should be account-wide or available individually. I know that when someone like me thinks that things are overpriced (and I have a high tolerance for it), that they have gone too far. I’m not angry, I’m just waiting for them to see that they’re overreaching.


  10. Davi Says:

    I love the war-horse, I love the game, I checked some comestics and they are great, I even have some extra TP which I am not sure what to do with them. But with the dyes so expensive (and not account bound), I am really not buying anything for the horses, after all, all the comestics itens looses lots of value if I cannot change my steed’s color.

    Which I think is really the point, making steed colors more plenty available would make people more interested on the other comestics, like tails, hairs and armor.


  11. Moraiwë Says:

    I am happy to subscribe. I love buying (and crafting, and dyeing, and and and) cosmetic items for my toons themselves. And I really want one of the mottled appearances for my War-steed.

    But I bought two color packs originally, thinking they were account-wide (and what bizarre choices — jamming purple in with olive, black, and gold, for example). As to what colors are canon, we can clearly see horses standing around the countryside displaying the new, different hide appearances and colors — note that at the end of the Combe horse quest, Shadowfax says the horse you’re playing is only part Méara, and thus it isn’t necessarily going to look the same as he does. I note also that your Lórien elf can have red hair, despite exactly one Elf family in canon being described as having that trait. Let’s just accept that some people are going to want more colors and cosmetics than JRRT would necessarily have thought of. (I mean, please don’t tell me that the chicken mask is actually mentioned in a Silmarillion footnote to a footnote. I’ve read the damn thing. It just isn’t.)

    Since the dragon-bone horse costume, which is attractive but hard to mix and match, currently retails at 995 TP, it’s damn tempting to buy my hunter main a Steed of the Champion instead just to have some armor pieces to swap around that don’t look ridiculous when worn with bits of Rohan armor, or her existing class steed armor. (The red checkered rump of the Steed of the Guardian really goes with nothing else either, and the minstrel’s lute/drum accessory really needs to be sold separately, but those are their own topics.)

    I read the Khazad Guard blog entry, which IIRC seemed to advocate one color pack per steed for your main character only. Even so, I have to agree that any price over the monthly VIP stipend is painful when we could be paying for many kinds of accelerator (XP, slayer deed, renown, reputation, craft, what have you), or extra LI slots, or other “buffs & boosts” that actually affect gameplay.

    I love cosmetics. I would love to have a mottled or brindled horse that can do a bit of blending in to the grasslands, as would make sense for my hunter. The prices are making me crazy, however, and the only hope I have for anything other than the solid hide is running down a bazillion warbands until one drops from the resulting lootbox. That, I suppose, or receiving a stack of point cards for Giftmas.


    • M Says:

      I find the price insanely high for something that isn’t account-wide.


    • Adam Says:

      Too expensive, we have bought an odd one, might spend out monthly amount on them, occasionally, but its not something we can get behind and invest in as we hoped.

      One tiny point, we certainly have bought a single one ourselve, but we don’t particularly advocate it, we are just putting across our point of view, we would always hesitate from representing a position, or suggesting what people do with their money, except for our own!

      Seems a fairly one sided vote, I wonder if this is actually impacting Turbine, or if they are seeing sales, and are assuming as the second most popular option suggests, people crack after a period of time?



  12. Tony Says:

    I think more of this stuff should be account wide. By itself the prices for one character are terrible.

    Would they maybe not made as many skins if this wasn’t a F2P game? Maybe not. But I definitely think they’d give us more than a handful of colors for free. The fact that all but one set are pay for is mind boggling to me.


  13. susan Says:

    I had a wad of tokens just sitting there, so in desperation I bought 3 packs (really burns my bum that the mane/tail is separate from hide) and some gear. What resulted is one of my favorite accessories now, my horse.

    I only did it because I think I am done and dusted for the game other than casual playing and roaming around Rohan. I dont care about any new instances for raids, cant do the ones we have now as I solo mostly. So after Rohan wears off novelty wise I’m pretty much done.

    they are missing the market by not pricing the cosmetics lower and get a ton more volume, and not by changing housing to be more customizeable as well.


  14. DancesInTrees Says:

    I love messing around with cosmetics, but rarely buy them from the store. These I won’t touch with a barge-pole – unless they put them in the lottery and I’m lucky enough to win ;-)

    IMO they should have been tier 8 scholar dyes. Or at least a mix of scholar and store.


  15. Eppy Says:

    I am very disappointed that this was promoted as a major feature of the expansion and even people who shelled out $70 don’t have access to it. It is completely locked down :(

    I can understand selling cosmetic outfits for the horses but colors? Not only is it crazy to charge for colors but to make it so that it is both character bound AND you may even have to buy the same color twice to use on different parts of the horse.

    Turbine…you really know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This should work the same as the regular character cosmetic system. As it is I’m making myself a grey and black outfit to go with my standard war steed until this system is changed :)


  16. Pointy Says:

    Too expensive. Really. 1) they should make it account wide if it’s going to stay this high. 2) they’d probably sell more if they sold single colours for a more reasonable price. I don’t want to pay this much for a handful of colours of which I’m only going to use one.

    I paid seventy dollars for the expansion. I’m not giving them MORE money just so my horsie can be a slightly different shade of brown from the person next to me.

    When I can dye him purple and give him a blue mane and tail, we’ll talk.


  17. dan Says:

    Off topic, but re store – anyone seen price of skirmishes? They seem to have dropped to 195 tps


  18. Lanark Says:

    If there was a poll option, “I haven’t bought any yet, but will when they lower the price and make them account-wide” I would’ve chosen that one. Account-wide and half the price (at least!) and then sure, I’ll get a bunch!


    • Abergar Says:

      Ridiculous pricing. I agree with others that say if they lower the price and make them account wide I will consider buying but they have to be worth the price they charge. I realise that they have to make a profit on this game but at the moment the pricing looks like they’re just “trying it on” with us, to see how high they can push the prices and still have their customers pay for it. Sorry, guys, I’m not going to dance to that particular tune.

      Lower your price and give me a fairer deal, my little winged-monkeys at Turbine/WB, and I might be more willing to open my wallet.


  19. Celondur Says:

    I’ll buy a color pack or two when I see them on sale for 395 TP.


  20. Beryline Says:

    My problem is that I have a LOT of alts. I will not buy something for one character and not for the others, because I play them all. So until the color packs go account wide, I won’t buy a single one.


  21. susan Says:

    I have been pleasantly surprised with how good the earned horse cosmetics look. They are free of charge and look far better than the expensive bought overly done skins. Totally enjoying my mount, of course it helps to have the dyes, but if one can spring the expense of one dye pack its worth it.

    I have no desire to ever use one of my standard mounts. My baby is as much a part of my character now as her sword and shield.


  22. Anthony Arndt Says:

    As a point of reference, the war horse cosmetic pricing in the store angers me far more than the stupid hobby horse.

    Like others here, I have lots of alts and love LOTRO and its cosmetics system.

    *However,* I have been a subscriber since 2007 and don’t feel I should be paying the extortionate prices that they are asking in the store for single character, cosmetic items.

    Every other cosmetic item in the store is either something that all characters on a server can use or something that can also be crafted in-game. So far, my main is up to level 82, I have cleared multiple zones in Rohan, I kill all the soloable war bands every day, and I have found not a single war stead cosmetic other than the utterly-forgettable-yet-better-than-nothing quest rewards.

    I have no illusions that all of my (currently) twelve characters will reach level-cap together. I doubt that my lowest level alts will ever see Rohan. But my leading five or six characters are usually at or near level cap. All have heavily cusomized looks and outfits, complete with a reputation mount to match overall appearance. I spent a lot of time and gold to grind out the reputation and buy those mounts.

    Now, post-RoR those mounts are obsolete. I can’t just go back to those old rep vendors and buy War Steed cosmetics, would that I could. I have to buy them from the store (*if* they’re even in it yet) with real money, on top of my subsciption. I have to buy the skin, body colour, equipment dye, and equipment pieces all separately. It ends up totaling many, many months of my subscribers stipend of Turbine points. Nearly 2200 TP so far and the head, body, saddle, and legs aren’t even in the store yet.

    To have half-way, not-good-but-better-than-a-carbon-copy war steeds for my primary characters would take years of my stipend.

    Not. Bloody. Likely.

    All of my store purchases have been in wardrobe/vault/storage expansion and cosmetics. That’s it. Every expansion has been bought with real money and I’ve always bought the top tier so that I get all of the cosmetics and extras. So it’s not that I mind spending my TP on cosmetics, it’s that it really, really rubs me the wrong way to be faced with account-wide prices on per-character items.



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