Update 8.1 Release Notes

November 14, 2012


The release notes for today’s update has been released! Lots of fun stuff happening with this update.

Some fairly significant changes have been made especially to open tapping rules while grouped. Previously being in a group behaved no differently than non-grouped with open tapping rules. Meaning that in order for experience and loot, you must contribute. If your group members kill something before you can contribute, you don’t get credit for the kill. Turbine is reversing just how the grouping works in Rohan and once again group members will get credit for the kills of their fellowship members whether they contributed or not. This does not change at all how working together in open tapping without a group operates.

In more fun news, forced emotes such as the captain’s kneel, the burglar sneeze, the minstrel dance, etc will no longer stop a musician who is playing /music. This will be great for all those people who love to host parties!

We can now pick up crafting nodes and quest items in Rohan from horseback. Woohoo! No more mounting and dismounting!

Anything you found interesting in the patch notes that I missed?

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24 Responses to “Update 8.1 Release Notes”

  1. Avatar of DJPimpDaddy
    DJPimpDaddy Says:

    Is the 6th bag available now on the store for us non-rohan owners yet? I sure could use another bag as I slog my way through Agmar in my 30′s.


    • Hallagon Says:

      Yes it has. It is a Non-client issue as it is store related (different system) and is now available: “casualstrolltomordor.com/2012/11/6th-bag-now-available”


  2. Avatar of Hildifast
    Hildifast Says:

    “The critical rate on The Patch Notes of 8.1 have significantly buffed. They should now one-shot your co-workers, even when in the Break Room Resurrection Circle. We realize this is a controversial buff, so we will be watching this one closely and adjusting as needed.” :D


  3. Leandor Says:

    It doesn’t concern every players, but for me one of the greatest news is that the french Sutcroft and Rohan maps are no longer bugged o/


  4. Andy Says:

    Issue with the 6th bag seems to stem from 4&5 being free unlocks for from subbing for characters active during the sub. Dont think we’ll see a solution to that unless they decide to make them lock after a sub expires or just make them free for all.

    Looping music bug being sorted sounds good in more ways than one.

    Now if they’ve really have also sorted the skills block so you can actually do stuff when dismounted things will be lovely. By stuff I mean everything including remounting the warsteed.

    “Slightly decreased the drop rate of dye component drops from farming nodes.” Just when farmers thought they’d given some love and respect to the most boring grindy profession.

    “Passive stats on 2-handed Legendary Item weapons have been separated a little more to better fit caster and melee classes.” Shouldnt this have been happening anyway given that noone but a champ can use a champ LI?

    Nothing about mounted mobs running at mounted speed even when dismounted, kite skutog through water to dismount and he still goes just as fast.


  5. Gaspard Says:

    My account downgraded from VIP to Premium before the Update 8.1 Before the update it showed the 4th bag option even though I had 5 unlocked on all characters as VIP. Now it gives the same error as the VIP did i.e.

    “This area of the Store does not contain anything for your character at this time. This could be due to one of several reasons including:….”

    So not fixed but maybe will prevent people buying a 4th/5th bag slot unnecessarily.

    ““Slightly decreased the drop rate of dye component drops from farming nodes.” Just when farmers thought they’d given some love and respect to the most boring grindy profession.”

    makes no sense really. Farming Umber is not exactly easy as it is so this makes little sense. Unless it is because they increased the spawn rate of Tin nodes to Copper nodes in 8.0. Either way it still seems petty as so few are even farming these types of nodes since launch.

    No obvious fixes/changes to the beta Mac client (patches and launches fine but some still can not even launch the client) or in fact any mention of tech fixes generally including PC. Or any specific mention about lag issues in Rohan.


    • Eppy Says:

      The 4th bag option isn’t really an error it’s just poorly implemented. While you are VIP any character that you login with has the 4th and 5th bag unlocked, they are however not permanently unlocked for your account. So any new character you create after you have dropped down to VIP will need to purchase access to the 4th or 5th bag.

      The devs didn’t think through all the possibilities by adding a pay only 6th bag. They should just make the 4th and 5th bag a permanent unlock for all VIP members so their accounts are flagged appropriately.


  6. Suiauthon Stormborn Says:

    To be honest, this is a very underwhelming patch. So many issues again left un fixed.


  7. susan Says:

    love the node harvesting… frankly I couldnt be bothered with harvesting anymore and having to hear the ‘imperial butter’ horn blast each time. heh heh


  8. Lorgelas Says:

    6th bag still seems to be broke. For petes sake Turbine! Seriously…..


  9. Tosca Says:

    I find the node harvesting from horseback to be convenient, but ridiculous. I like how Turbine is working on making things like traveling back and forth from NPC to landscape less tedious and repetitive. I like that they’re trying to reduce that kind of annoyance factor… putting vaults near crafting areas, and such like.

    However, it is simply not possible to chop wood or mine or from horseback. Things like this, though convenient, start to deteriorate the immersion in the world, imo, and that’s the thing that drew me to LoTRO. I am not a huge RP person, but I love how true the game is to the lore and how consistent it is… and I’m pretty sure that Tolkien would say that you can’t farm nodes from horseback in Middle Earth, either.

    Were people really complaining about this?? I would MUCH prefer a flood of new hairstyles and a new class. :)


    • Andy Says:

      Makes less sense when you consider that people have had to dismount to harvest nodes for the previous 70 levels.

      And still do!

      Yet again its a new addition for convenience thats not been rolled out across the board, as they should be doing if they do indeed really have to do it.


    • Siqua of Landroval Says:

      FWIW, when I’m playing LOTRO I really miss the send-your-companion-to-harvest-the-node feature from SWTOR.

      The real issue is the sound-fatigue caused by hearing the warhorse mount animation as people remount.


  10. Goreamir Says:

    I was searching thoroughly for the lots of fun stuff, but couldn’t seem to find it..:(


  11. Avatar of Thurinphir
    Thurinphir Says:

    “Players can no longer join instances that have been scaled to more than 10 levels above their current level”

    I have a friend who said he was power-leveling with the Ancient Flames quest in GB: Maze (set at 70+) with some high level friends to clear it out before he goes and gets his lazy 3-6k xp. this is probably a fix for that, following up their ‘reduced xp from purple kills’


  12. Pasduil Says:

    Thank goodness they changed the open tapping rules for fellowships.

    But it sounds like they’re still having a hard time getting their head around the idea that good teamwork doesn’t mean every single person has to hit every single mob, and just begrudgingly giving users what we asked for because they think we we’re not enlightened enough to change our ways. And it sounds like they’d like to change it back in the future.

    > The hope was to change landscape content to feel more like an open battlefield

    Someone should tell them that in real wars you don’t frantically run around with every tank, helicopter, infantryman, field medic trying to get a hit on every single enemy, or waiting for their buddy to get a hit in before finishing off the target.

    Focusing on doing what you do best, and wiping out the enemy forces in the most efficient way possible is what constitutes good teamwork, and it’s what people should be going in a true “open battlefield”.


  13. lorgelas Says:

    According to Celestrata the 6th bag is fixed and now available


  14. Tuiliel Says:

    Somewhat underwhelmed, unless they left a lot out of the patch notes about fixing bugs in quests/skirms/instances.

    I was also annoyed about the way they referred to players who run in fellowships as ‘cliques’ and ‘locusts’ in their long-winded and fairly passive-aggressive explanation of the fellowship changes. All players wanted was a simple fix to make certain skills count as tapping, but the notes make it sound like those of us who play with friends and family simply didn’t understand this wonderful new way of playing the game, so they had to appease us folks who can’t handle change. Not a cool way to speak to/about paying customers. Just tell me which bugs you fixed and leave out the snark.


    • Cagney of Landroval Says:

      I found it snarky and long-winded as well. “clique” probably wasnt the best choice of word.

      Remember, its not what you say, but how you say it ;)


    • Andy Says:

      Locusts wouldnt have been the analogy I’d choose for lotro.

      GW2 is a better example of the social swarm that drifts from one event to the next. But that game is based around those events so the “swarm” lasts longer.

      In lotro the warbands are a once perday event so once done people will rarely go back for another as the loot source is the reward box. Populations in lotro are a lot smaller as well so swarm hardly fits anyway.

      Should have been in a dev diary rather than patch notes and should have been proof read by someone before they published it, like their prepuchase RoR instance cluster debacle.


  15. Sola Says:

    No mention of them fixing the broken graphics options. Really tired of all the lag that stems from not being able to turn off the fire effects and glowy, spearkly green healing crap that makes the moors almost unplayable these days.


  16. susan Says:

    Anyone seeing an increase in difficulty of warbands? Ones that I could easily solo before were knocking me off my mount today


  17. Megarelix Says:

    The problem with Superior Forge at the Snowbourne Crafting Hall, mentioned in Release Notes as fixed, still persists. It is not recognised as such on a Prospector character, ro do anything you have to use the one in the outdoors crafting arena.

    Map link bugs are, ot seems, not limited to just French and German versions. A Hunter using Desperate Flight near the Rift entrance in Angmar will end up at the West Bree rally point.

    All “Kill N Riders” dailies in East Rohan are strill implemented in, to put it mildly, a moronic way: an enemy respawns in the same spot about 5 sec after being killed: you can get your quota just staying in one point and shooting them as they show up.

    The 32-bit client still crashes a lot, which dis not (almost) happen before Ror – checked on two very different Window installations. When run on a 64-bit system, things are normal (if one crash or hangup a day can be called so).

    Generally, looks like the develompent team has lots of problems getting to a stable and relatively problem-free release. Too bad, as East Rohan is very pretty and enjoyable to explore.


  18. susan Says:

    I had weird graphical displays too, like a Draug three sizes bigger than the rest, a torch light morphed into the size of a bonfire and so on… some big heads too. It was like Alice in Wonderland sometimes.


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