Update 9 Itemization

November 29, 2012


RockX stopped by the forums the other day to talk about Itemization coming in Update 9.  As seen in the release notes, the Dol Guldur raid will now scale from levels 65 to 85 come the release of the update.

If you haven’t played a game where a raid was upgraded it’s pretty common to have most of the exclusive items, mounts, etc. removed in order to preserve the “uniqueness” and the sense of accomplishment which comes with doing such things on-level.  Plus no one wants to go into a dungeon at level 85 and get a level 65 item.  RockX explains that Dol Guldur will follow a similar path that previous games have forged.

Most of the loot from the Dol Guldur instances and raid has been cut. If you have it, great. If you want it, go get it now. It will no longer be available come Update 9. The level 65 DG sets will be available from the Classic skirmish vendor at <insert favorite camp of choice here>, as well as new level 85 versions. The new versions have stats more appropriate for today, but maintain the same set bonuses as before. Both the 65 and 85 sets will costs marks/medallions. The Unwelcome Mat will continue to drop out of the raid.

It’s good to see that the continued intent of Marks and Medallions are being continued as the expansions come out.  I’m sure that the gear will be deed gated like we saw with Orthanc, and I’m completely OK with that.  The system seems to have served players well and there will be no worries about rolling against your fellow raid members (at least on the gear sets).

However, not only that, but the raid and the new 3-man instances will now support the new Remote Looting system that came with Rohan.

We’ve added the ability for chests to support the Remote Looting tech introduced in Rohan. Within the new update, chests in scaling Dol Guldur and the new 3-mans will automatically create rewards for each member of the group’s pending loot-list as soon as the chest is opened by someone. Each person will get their own loot at their own odds, independent of everyone else in their fellowship. This completely bypasses the standard loot rules currently seen in game, such as Master Looter, etc. In addition, equipment rewards will be based off of your class. All equipment within your personal loot-list will be something your character can potentially use. As a result, most rewards will be Bind on Equip, to allow trading between players to still occur.

So, now we’ll be getting class-based loot should we be lucky enough to generate some?  Wow, that’s incredible.  Although there’s a part of me wondering if we’ll see pictures in the forums of Hunters being rewarded Warden spears, I see this as a huge move forward in how raid rewards are handled in the game.  I’d much rather lose to a random number generator vs. the game than against a fellow kin member.  The rewards will of course be based off the difficulty of the instance, which is understandable.  It’s also nice to see that most of the rewards will be Bind on Equip so that they might be auctioned off or given to friends.  Although RockX states that most Legendary quality drops will probably be Bind on Acquire since they will be classed based.

To me, all of the changes seem really good and I’m looking forward to experiencing them.  How about you?

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7 Responses to “Update 9 Itemization”

  1. Evarden Says:

    I love these upcoming changes. The biggest deal is the auto-loot feature. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost out on that perfect piece of gear to someone who either couldn’t use it or already had it.


  2. Mar Says:

    From forums by Rockx:
    The reason the Legendary items are class-specific is because they will have percentage modifiers to skills on them. As an example, the legendary Hunter dagger will give Agility, Power, Crit, Physical Mastery and +8% Focus Bow Critical Multiplier (as well as deal Light-type damage).The items should be on par level wise with other level 85 stuff


    • Joshua Says:

      Oh, that’s really awesome. I figured there had to be something like that missing, since the stats on some of them were completely identical to certain teal items. Plus, just plain old stats aren’t that Legendary. :P


  3. Ayalinda Says:

    “Although there’s a part of me wondering if we’ll see pictures in the forums of Hunters being rewarded Warden spears”

    They’ve said that loot will be tailored to your class, so no heavy Armour on a light class etc. I also believe the matching is fairly loose so a champion wanting to tank will still get high Vitality pieces.


  4. Feke Says:

    I hope they won’t remove my hard earned DG-pony. That would piss me off!


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Exactly. That way you keep your reward and it isn’t “cheapened” by others. However, I’m not 100% sure that the pony has been removed, but that’s what other games have done.



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