Update Talks Rohan Review Details

November 19, 2012

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It is once again time for the next episode of Update Talks.  This time we are reviewing Rohan with what we like and don’t like about the expansion.  The episode will be LIVE Friday November 23rd at 9pm Eastern (server time) (Black Friday) right here on this page.  You can bookmark this page now and when you come back on Friday around 9pm it should be updated with a link to the LIVE video feed.

Link to the Feed…(will be blank until start time…if you missed it live it will be recorded…only blank if you are early)


This episode we will not have a live voice audience but we will still have our chat room (likely using the Middle-Earth Network chat on the bottom bar of all our pages).

We have a great cast of characters for this episode of Update Talks.


Show Agenda

  • Warsteeds
  • Mounted Combat
  • New Systems
  • Epic Story
  • Store Prices
  • Ettenmoors
  • Hytbold
  • Crafting
  • Predictions

If you have any questions, topics or comments for us to do/read on the show feel free to leave a comment or E-Mail me at andang@casualstrolltomordor.com

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9 Responses to “Update Talks Rohan Review Details”

  1. Avatar of Thurinphir
    Thurinphir Says:

    just wanted to say, Eastern is -4GMT and is the same as /servertime in-game
    so this happens at 1am Saturday 24th GMT…I think :)
    -Smuso, Dreamer


  2. mmicnova Says:

    even though no one asked me i’ll give my opinion anyway because internet.
    what i don’t like: the occasional bugs when riding my war-steed (getting stuck in some places and getting pulled back, this sort of glitches).
    what i like: mounted combat, the new crafting system with the shavings, the areas that i’ve seen so far (about half of rohan), the fact that i bought the steed of night a long time ago and i can now use the skin for my war steed, the fact that i can buy a sixth inventory bag, the first quests of the epic line (the session plays), the way the quests flow from one to another while still giving you enough freedom, warbands and tackling them, pop-up quests in several areas, the fact that there’s no delivery on said quests and warbands, mounted combat (again), every other quest of the epic line, cliving and the fields around it, tackling mounted foes, riding around on my war steed, and the feeling that there’s more to come as i head towards lvl 85 (currently at 79).

    have a great review!


  3. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    My gripes about RoR are often paired with the likes which is a bit odd.

    I like the mounted combat even though doing so loses a lot of the essence of the class. Like others though my MC gripe would be the lag, latency and rubberbanding issues that have made rohan unplayable some days and a bad session one day makes me less likely to log on again the next.

    I like the addition to the crafting however my gripe is that the system would benefit lower tiers more but like with the RoI addiditons those have been ignored.

    The Mounted LI’s should have been given their own LI window and relics from nuking rather than being reliant on cash and melding of shards/relics. As it is the system is just a massive grind for what looks to be the core focus of RoR in mounted stuff.

    Quests are good but I’d like to be able to complete chains like the cliving poisoner one. From information given by the npc’s I’m not going to accuse anyone as I dont feel theres sufficient burden of proof to point the finger at any particular suspect. Maybe I’m old fashioned that I still think innocent until proven guilty.

    There are a few where the dialogues seems daft, horse lord being unable to ride better in combat than a stranger who just started out or sending a hobbit for a swim near the top of a HUGE waterfall.

    I like most of the new whistles and bells they added but the gripe is that they still dont think of giving options to disable them should we want or need to. And some of the existing options have been tweaked to ignore stuff they used to control.

    I’d like to see them add more warbands into a pool and have those spawn at random around the place rather than set ones in specific locations. Might help spice things up just a bit instead of just doing a circuit killing them before moving to the next zone.


  4. Tolgarth of Anduin Says:

    I hope you can answer this question in the livestream, will you participate in the update 9 beta? Feel free to add Beogras/Beogris
    Greetings Tolgarth



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