Weekly Store Sale Starting November 9, 2012

November 8, 2012



The following items are on sale from November 9-15. Below you will find the sale listings as well as our recommendation on purchasing.

Free Sample of the Week


I’m not one to buy these types of things in the store as I’m not a super awesome Legendary Item user. However, free is free right? Get your own Tier 3 Relic Pack for free this week!

Use Coupon Code: T3RP98

Weekly Store Sale

Monster Classes

Fire massive and deadly arrow types from range!
Heal Evil forces or disable Free Peoples with deadly plagues!
Strike stealthily, silently, and suddenly!
Rally your troops, heal your allies, and absorb incoming damage!
Use poisons and webs to manipulate and control prey!

Store Location: Account → Classes
Levels: 10+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Extra classes add diversity to game play and so picking up a new class or two while on sale seems like a good idea to me. If one of the other monster classes had you wondering, this may be the time to try it out!

Monster Traits

Enhance your abilities and stats with traits from the LOTRO Store. Then visit your Monster Class bard to slot your new traits.
• All monster classes can update class and racial traits in the store.
• Customize your character for how you play!

Store Location: Character → Monster Play → Class Traits
Levels: 10+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: I don’t regularly play a monster class but I’m told the ranking up of a monster to get the traits is time consuming. This allows you to buy the traits you need to survive and even conqueror those nasty free peoples without the wait. You can earn these in game but the time saved in earning will most likely pay off in a much more enjoyable moors experience from the start.

Monster Skills

Upgrade your skills to do more damage, protect your raid group, control more targets, and cause more carnage!
• Upon purchase, skills are immediately usable.
• Get access to better traits, faster!

Store Location: Character → Monster Play → Class Skills
Levels: 10+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Similar to the monster traits, the ability to buy the skills for ranks that hare higher and will take you some serious time to achieve will only benefit the monster. LOTRO Fanatik wrote to us last monster sale that “Buying the most useful and powerful skills/traits for Ranks you might never see otherwise, is a great alternative to grinding out the millions (yes MILLIONS!) of infamy that’s needed for those high ranks.”

Milestone Skills

Set multiple instant-travel destinations! Unlock an additional destination skill to bind at Milestones. 10 additions available! Milestones, or “homes”, are locations that you can instantly travel to from anywhere in the world. Players can bind to one destination at a time for free, and purchasing additional Milestone Skills allows players to access more than one destination at a moment’s notice!

Store Location: Travel & Housing → Maps & Skills → Milestone Skills
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Typically I hear that folks like to have at least two. One for where they are questing and one for where they craft. Any more needed beyond that will be something special for your needs. These are per character and they share a cooldown so don’t expect to be zipping around like a hunter if you buy these.

Hurried Traveler

Reduce the recovery time (cool-downs) on Milestone Skills by 30 minutes to use instant-travel more often! Works across all Milestone skills! This is a permanent unlock for your character.

Store Location: Travel & Housing → Travel Traits
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: It gets a meh only because it depends on your play style (how much you use milestones or if you’re a hunter/warden) how useful this is. The only bummer for this item is that is it only per character so make sure you buy it on the character you want to have this skill!

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8 Responses to “Weekly Store Sale Starting November 9, 2012”

  1. Gaspard Says:

    Thanks for the ever informative weekly sales post. Always interesting to read your recommendations especially for someone newer to LOTRO.

    One thing, I think you mean Tier 3 Relic Pack not Tier 2 in the text.


    • Gaspard Says:

      Also I see the is now a ‘Determine Your Discount! Save Up To 30% On Your Entire Cart!’ now available also from 9-11 November.


      Nice discount. Only thing when checking past ones (the article here), in Feb ’12 it appears it was only 1500 TP spent for 30% discount, compared to 3000 TP for the same level of discount. That’s double the required TP in nine months. Not sure it will entice so many especially as 3k TP is a lot to spend to get it. And not being able to play PVP yet it’s a shame there are not more useable sales on currently.

      Still, more saving for those that are spending.


  2. Siqua of Landroval Says:

    I was waiting for milestones to go on sale so I could buy a second one for all my alts.

    Actually, I like to have at least three on all my crafters, so they can get to their guilds and facilities, and will usually get five to seven for my main so I can get back to some locations that a far off the quick-travel routes (Tármunn Súrsa, Echad Candelleth, Thorenhad, Gwingris come to mind). I usually keep a milestone in the 21st Hall as well. Also I like keep one in Bree, just so I don’t have to trait “Return to Bree” to get there quickly, but this less critical since it *is* on the quick-travel routes.


  3. roselindea Says:

    Snowbourne (in Rohan) also has a “Return to” skill available from the quatermasters. I belive hunters and wardens can also get the repective ports and musters.


  4. scott Says:

    I want to buy Moors access. I dropped VIP, but bought RoR, so I have every quest pack/instance and skirmish. There is no reason for me to be VIP because the only thing I’m missing is the moors. I have 3300 TP, so come on Turbine, let me buy the Moors!



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