A Casual (and Comfy) Stroll to Mordor Giveaway

December 17, 2012


This giveaway is over and Alejandro was selected as our winner!

These slippers are perfect cozy-wear for elevensies, dinner, supper or afternoon tea during the holidays. Thanks to HalloweenCostumes.com, we have one pair of these halfling-feet slippers to give away to a reader of CSTM!

To enter, simply submit a caption for the slippers by leaving a comment to this post. For example, a good caption could be: “Not all those who wander are lost – especially in these slippers”

Comments for this post will be closed on December 28, 2012. CSTM will review the submitted comments and decide on the wittiest or funniest caption to win.


Take a closer look at the Halfling feet by clicking here.

This contest is limited to the U.S. only due to shipping costs. CSTM is paying to ship the item to you. If you are willing to pay for the international shipping yourself, you are welcome to enter!

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54 Responses to “A Casual (and Comfy) Stroll to Mordor Giveaway”

  1. Conor Maguire Says:


  2. Wyllo Says:

    Those Boots may have been Made for Walkin’ .. BUT
    These slippers were Made for Loungin’
    & That’s what I am gunna do …

  3. AmAvocet Says:

    May the hair on your toes never fall out!

  4. Avatar of Hildifast
    Hildifast Says:

    “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Best stay inside.

  5. Elrohir Says:

    When winter first begins to bite
    and stones crack in the frosty night,
    when pools are black and trees are bare,
    ’tis pleasant on your foot some hair.

  6. Raven Hargon Says:

    Always good to have warm feet on a cold winters day.

  7. Hoegard Harfoot Says:

    We hobbits wear no shoes, because our feet grow natural leathery soles and thick warm brown hair like the stuff on our heads (which is curly.

  8. Moraiwe Says:

    Thanks to his mother, Bilbo may have been a Baggins — but he had the soles of a Took.

  9. susan Says:

    how did you get a picture of my feet to make a model of?

    • Virtualray Says:

      “Ten shielded warriors adorned in fur,
      In formations of five,
      They stamp and spur,
      Deadly aroma, none can survive.”

      “It is hobbitsess feet my preciousss”, Gollum replied after sniffing the cold stale cavern air.

  10. Medamringone Says:

    In Frodos footsteps
    Samwise` feet
    did Mordor cross
    to Sauron beat.
    Like these heroes
    your pediatric hair
    will prove triumphant
    when these slippers you wear.

  11. Thurinphir Says:

    NEW item coming to the LOTRO store! these slippers made from REAL hobbits will give a +41% speed buff – that’s 1% more than the hobby horse!! buy now at only 4000TP!!!

  12. Flo Says:

    Hobbit slippers.
    Made with 10% real Hobbits.

  13. Aarto Says:

    Baby Hobbit Approved!

  14. Flo Says:

    A sexual hobbit horse.
    Not as awesome as these slippers.

  15. Zyngor Says:

    And Lobelia thought it would take a great ‘feat’ of strength to get that refrigerator door open…

  16. eliahu pertsovsky Says:

    Big feet – large shoes.
    Hairy feet – no shoes.

  17. Zach Says:

    As if my feet could get any hairier!

  18. Draug Says:

    Slippers for truly Merry feet!

  19. Draug Says:

    Slippers for truly Merry feet!

  20. Green Dragoon Says:

    Bless me hairy hobbit feet, I seem to have misplaced my hobbit feet!

  21. khorgrim Says:

    Wearing these, one may casually stroll anywhere.

  22. Patrick R Says:

    They’re proud-FEET!

  23. Beorbrand Says:

    Left slipper: Gawd, I just love what you did with your nails!

    Right slipper: *toesole*

    Left slipper: Did you get your hair done, too?!

  24. Amarthalion Says:

    As I started out on my journey quite fair
    Unsure of the goal or if I would get there
    I came upon a nasty, smelly sort of group
    A large orc leading his grumbling troop

    It wasn’t yet second breakfast and elevensies were far off
    But my stomach was growling and just wouldn’t stop
    Those orcs are not smart, but even they have an ear
    For a hobbit who is hungry is quite something to hear

    They halted their march, and turned toward the sound
    Only to find a small hobbit huddling close to the ground
    One spoke up and said, “Looks like breakfast my lads!”
    And the others all laughed and greedily rubbed their hands

    They grabbed me and hoisted me up off the ground
    And proceeded to toss me to and fro all around
    Then the largest orc lifted me high in the sky
    And yelled, “make a fire”, tonight we eat hobbit-pie!

    I squirmed and I squiggled but I could not get free
    Then a wonderful idea came immediately to me
    The orcs had big noses, and I had big feet
    It was high time that these two appendages should meet

    I kicked and a flailed, and nose met with hair
    And the orcs were scattered, running, sneezing everywhere
    For didn’t you know, this bit of hidden lore
    Orcs are allergic to hobbit foot-hair evermore!

  25. Avatar of Kiralynn of Rohan
    Kiralynn of Rohan Says:

    Proud feet that keep the beat,
    Sturdy, hairy, but never ordinary,
    I’m casually strolling,
    Rolling Hobbit-style down the Westfarthing street.

  26. Marlena Says:

    The perfect addition to any second breakfast. And bacon.

  27. David King Says:

    The reason the Shire will never be de”feat”ed

  28. Matthew Says:

    A little known fact, the that grows upon the foot of a Hobbit (halfling) is nearly four times thicker that the average human hair, great for keeping warm in the winter months!

  29. J Roach Says:

    I seem to have furfeeted my shoes.

    • Joe bott Says:

      In regards to the fact about Hobbitt foot hair being four times thicker than average human hair….

      yep sure would be great for keeping warm in the winter….but can you imagine the summer? or washing those things when they get dirty…I can’t and I won’t its disgusting!

  30. Sabrina McCoy Says:

    Merry Part and Merry Feet and Merry Part again!

  31. Rob W. Says:

    Left foot, left foot

    Right foot, right

    Feet in the morning

    Feet at night.

    Left foot,

    Left foot,

    Left foot,


    The Foot Book
    by Dr. Seuss

  32. Farrah Says:

    My feetses sure are warm, precioussss.

  33. A Mighty Wyn Says:

    But, what if I don’t want to win them? Should I not leave a comment?

  34. Brewstyr Says:

    Nice Feet!

  35. Liesmith Says:

    O! Water is fair and leaps on high
    is a fountain white beneath the sky;
    but never did fountain sound so sweet
    as splashing Hot Water with my feet!

  36. Hallwine Says:

    Mmmm tasty hobbites feets, Garnish wif some crispy elf ears for a Grams Special Breakfast

    yes i will get the pp to uk

  37. Miniel Says:

    They’re taking the slippers to Isengard!

  38. taggart Says:

    One does not simply take slippers into Mordor

  39. Booch Says:

    Feet so fuzzy I COULD DIE!!!

  40. Kao Says:

    That’s one small step for a man, one giant, hairy leap for hobbitses.

  41. Pojoh Says:

    Anyone know of a good Podiatrist?

  42. Alejandro Says:

    Two feet to rule them all, Two feet to wear them,
    Two feet to stink them all and in the darkness bind them.

  43. Meneladan Says:

    Their feet are covered with curly hair (usually brown, as was the hair on their heads) with leathery soles, so most Hobbits hardly ever wear shoes

  44. Maryam Says:

    One can now simply walk into Mordor.

  45. Maryam Says:

    Furry feet fit for any hobbit, man, elf or dwarf

  46. Fozia Says:

    To the kitchen and back again- a mans tale


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