Bullroarer Update 9 B3 Release Notes

December 4, 2012


Another build has been released to the Bullroarer Server.  This time there are some new adjustments being made as well as some fixes.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Warden’s “The Boot”, “Onslaught”, and “Wall of Steel” will each have their own Interrupt effect with cooldowns of 8s, 10s, and 12s respectively on the Interrupt portion ONLY!
  • Players are now allowed to loot each other in the Ettenmoors! Player will drop items based off their race. Now is the time to collect trophies of your enemies!

Other minor adjustments have been made to the “Travel to Quest Objective”, crafting guild reputation items, and other parts of the game.

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16 Responses to “Bullroarer Update 9 B3 Release Notes”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Ettenmoors loot?!


  2. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:



    • Andy Says:

      Sounds like it’ll be the ears and feet you get from killing npc’s. If so a half decent attempt to get more pvp going on with those quests


  3. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Crell made a good point on the notes…
    “Curious: Does this mean that burglars can now burgle creeps? Do they get anything interesting? ( “


  4. Aethelbehrt Says:

    Cooldowns on Warden interrupts now? So not cool.


  5. Vraethir Says:

    There are a lot of undocumented changes in this build.

    There were changes to the Yule Festival. Deed is now 20, 60, 120. Snowball Fights and Eating Race are disabled. Snowman building quests don’t count for anything but their own deed. Golden Festival Tickets appear to no longer expire. Old Festival Tokens aren’t converting to new ones. Ticket unlocking of time locked quest UI has been updated. We’ve got it all documented on Page 7 of this thread http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?490782-Yule-Festival-Feedback-Thread&p=6557023&posted=1#post6557023

    The Stable UI has changed


  6. Evarden Says:

    Can anyone explain the need to put a cool down on warden gambits? It already takes time to build each gambit and it is very difficult to interrupt anything as it is. Were some wardens somehow too good at interrupts?


    • Rovold Says:

      Everything else in this announcement pales in comparison. I agree, I don’t see the need to put a cooldown on any warden gambit-based skill. Maybe too many people do what I do: put the Boot into Battle Memory first thing, just in case. Then you’ve always got at least one immediate interrupt (and with spear masteries, if the timing is right, you can fire off the Boot with two clicks again). But that’s part of the Warden tradeoff. This doesn’t speak well to the post-Graalx2 world.


    • Gentoo Says:

      Turbine thinks that since they are putting the mobs’ skills on cooldown, that means we need longer cooldowns on our interrupts since theoretically we wouldn’t be using them as often. Fair enough for maybe for a single target fight, that makes sense but in a multi-mob fight, we might actually need to pull off 2 to interrupt both defilers casting their heals.

      Well, since each skill would have its own interrupt effect, using Onslaught will put its on cooldown and you could still use The Boot. Just more adjusting.

      Not that the only time I really had an interrupt ready is when I had it stored in Battle Memory anyway. Busy enough with threat and buff maintenance.


  7. Goreamir Says:

    “Crafting Guild Reputation Items are now only useable by players who are actively a member of the respective Crafting Guild.”

    Hmm, i thought it was already that way, since they are bind on acquire…or does this mean that if you make a set of armor from guild recipes, it can only be used by someone in that guild? Surely not…


    • Strunto Says:

      Maybe some people were crafting up a bunch of reputation items, switching professions, and still able to master the guild? What purpose that could possibly serve, I can’t even imagine. Which is why I’ll never be accused of an exploit. This crap doesn’t even occur to me.


    • Andy Says:

      Presumably it means that at the moment you can stash a stack of rep items for one guild, swap to another and rep up both for patterns.

      Not worth the hassle to try it out though as its an exploit being plugged.


  8. Paladen Says:

    Does anyone have screenshots of the new festival items and steeds. With the new changes and the holidays, I want to plan what little time I have to get the items that are worth it. Otherwise, I will unfortunately have to skip another festival. =(



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