Episode 177: Yule Stool

December 23, 2012

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SantaCSTM2This week we have Update 9, Yule Festival, Dev Chat, tons of sales and more to discuss!

Goldenstar this week has been doing the Yule Festival and actually hit level 81 with just yule festival. Dum time this week we were missing Dumidum so we did a 5-man skirmish of Assault in the Tower. We then did a tier 2 Battle of the 21st with our friendly agent of Sauron, Blitz.

Merric did not play again. /mock.

We hope you all have a very happy holiday!!

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Gwathel of Landrovol

Hey maybe u guys can answer this i keep trying to log into my lotro i have a premium account and the log in screen says error doesnt reconize my user name is this because im a premium account holder

Gwathel of Landrovol

Shaun S.

HI Merric and Goldenstar. I’m playing through the Rohan content and am currently during quests in Cliving in the Norcroft area. I was wondering if you noticed a couple of the quests have a nursery rhyme theme – “An Uncharitable Feast” has you talk to a butcher and a baker and “Silver Tongues” has you talk to a candlestick maker. Quite amusing!

Ssenir of Landroval


Hate to bother you again for the second time in just a few weeks, but I hadn’t seen this mentioned yet anywhere, so I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Now, I did miss the last two festivals due to technical difficulties, so maybe this is an old change and I just never got the memo, but if this is new, I think this is a pretty significant change. All festival quests are now on-level!

Please see my blog post here. Thanks for all you do!

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Recorded December 23, 2012

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5 Responses to “Episode 177: Yule Stool”

  1. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    way to go Harperella!


  2. Avatar of Bregyn
    Bregyn Says:

    Merry Christmas.


  3. Adam Says:

    Merry Chtistmas folks, hope you have a fantastic one!


  4. Avatar of eleen scholten
    eleen scholten Says:

    marry xmas ^^

    did it work with the pink warsteed ?


  5. Danania Says:

    Merry Christmas Goldenstar and Merric. <3


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