Episode 176: Zzzzzzzzzz

December 17, 2012

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Hobby HorseThis week we talk about Update 9 and all the dev diaries, hobby horses, rumors, store sales and more!

Goldenstar’s burglar during Dum Time did the Necromancer’s Gate skirmish and the Ringwraith’s Lair. Next week we will be tackling the Battle in the Tower. Special thanks to Pineleaf for his videos on the Necromancer’s Gate!

Merric did nothing this week not even logging in this week. He’s looking forward to Christmas break to have more free time!

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Recorded December 15, 2012

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9 Responses to “Episode 176: Zzzzzzzzzz”

  1. Avatar of eleen scholten
    eleen scholten Says:

    it was really fun last Saturday ^^ cant wait till the next one


  2. Avatar of classyhoodlum
    classyhoodlum Says:

    With the hobby horse graphical bugs, you can be *puts on sunglasses* hung like a horse.



  3. Cutedge Says:

    I have to say, Travel To Quest is kind of nice. It’s 50 TP for 5 uses, I think that’s pretty reasonable actually.


    • Adam Says:

      Agreed, I was very impressed. I used it once last night, at the end of the evening when I was done and just wanted to hand in. 10TP… I probably earned that in deeds and at that price will keep buying them to use.

      They will probably hike the price them I’ll stop, such is the logic over there. They need to pay attention to whats happening economically; apparently ‘£1 shops’ are the success story of the recession, more popping up that ever, and doing well, No where have I seen news articles for ‘overpriced horse, hobby horse, and colours stores’ going great guns.. think on Turbine folks!



  4. Adam Says:

    I dunno about Guard interrupts Merric, You do need to trait blue line 4 deep, and need the legacy, but that puts ‘stamp’ on a 5 second CD, guaranteed (especially as it now can’t miss), and you have another potential interrupt with shield bash if its up (x2 with the legendary shield smash) and don’t forget you can force them up with traited warrior fortitude. I think after these changes guards could be the interrupt kings.

    There is no real harm in leaving guards interrupt so short, as they just can’t boost their dps by truncating skills in the way champs and burgs can, and also as they have to go 4 deep in blue line, their dps will suffer makin git less desirable for PvMP so its sort of self policing.


    • Smugglin Says:

      I like how the changes to interrupts skills puts them back in line with what they were obviously intended to do….. interrupt. And the other great thing about this is that this should open up a bit of dialogue between the community and the Devs on the subject of combat and animations. I know a long time ago when they normalized weapon speeds they changed skills to be immediate, fast or whatever but I think there is a fine line to tread between holding on to an old system that hinders the game from progressing out of the dated style its stuck in and throwing out the combat system you have built your game around. I think that we can all agree that having to use an interrupt skill to not interrupt, but to allow you to kill something is bad game design. I think they know it and I have faith in them to fix it.


  5. Lorgelas Says:

    Mr Merric sir you need to login and play, or your getting coal in your stocking this year!


  6. Avatar of dtchris
    dtchris Says:

    is it just me or did Goldenstar sound a little choppy?


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