Episode 178: Happy New Year!

December 30, 2012

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This week we didn’t have a whole lot of official news but we had a giveaway, some discussion on the LOTRO Store and some great new posts to share!

This week Goldenstar completed tier 3 of the “More the Merrier” deed and got her yeti boots and even a bit more! She also shares a big surprise that’s going to make the Dum’s two times as awesome!

Merric made it to level 79. He tried once to do the daily quest in the Yule festival for the Hobby Horse and didn’t get it but did get a hat.


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Triple Pack Giveaway

Talivael, Elven Runekeeper on Maiar has given us a Triple Pack to giveaway to one lucky listener of CSTM!

Dear Goldenstar & Merric & Baby Hobbit (of course!),

Recently, during the 50%-offer I bought a code for the triple pack in the LotRO market for a colleague’s account.

However, someone else in our kinship reminded us, that we had already bought and registered a code for the Legendary Edition of Rise of Isengard, including “The Path of the Fellowship” on that account a long time ago. His intervention came just in time, since we were just about to apply the code. – The “Turbine: My account” information on the web did not list the previous Rise of Isengard registration; I searched back in my mail history and luckily was able to find a screenshot with a confirmation after we just had applied the RoI code on his account. So, now we skipped the useless triple pack code and bought a RoR Base edition instead for him.

I checked my own account, only to find that the info provided on “Turbine: My account” was not complete, either; the Riders of Rohan Legendary edition is missing in my account overview. Strange, isn’t it? Is this a common thing? Does anybody know, how to get the correct account info?

Now, the code for the triple pack is still unused. I first thought, I might offer it on ebay. But, hey, then I thought I had always wanted to support your awesome podcast in some way. So, maybe, you want to have the code and use it as a giveaway for a coming episode around X-MAS.

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Hello again,

I have had a lifetime membership to the game since 2007 but never really made it that far, I am returning to the game after The Hobbit movie re-igniting my interest in the game.

I am very torn on where top start. I  have a 58 guardian, 40 warden and a 33 champion.

I have not played since before the Isengard expansion came out.

The guardian was good and remember wanting to play in OP stance but it was weak at the time…is it better now?

I also loved the warden but I’m sure I would be totally lost with the gambit system.

I like the champ due to high dps but feels very “squishy at times” also he is the lowest level and I don’t really want to play the zones I remember. Looking forward to seeing  the zones I never saw (anything after Moria)

I guess I’m wondering which should I continue with. I know you have some experience with the classes and  remember some of the older shows raving about the warden.

Which do you think would be the smoother leveling experience  the warden or the guardian,  I have no interest in tanking if that helps.

Thank you

Love the show and glad to be listening once again.

Steve–Firefoot server


Hello Merric and Goldenstar,

I am pleased to inform you that the top guild leader contest has concluded with Harperella as the winner!  My personal thanks to Casual Stroll to Mordor for hosting my call to arms, and sticking with me through thick and thin.  If not for your help, this contest would never had taken off.

Now that the contest is concluded, its time for the next great thing!  We are throwing a Twelfth Night Ball in the Hall of Fire this January 5th at 3pm servertime on Landroval.  We have 5 bands booked for 3 hours of music, social dancing, pipeweed smoking, and cake!  There will be cake, no lie.  This cake will be very like the cake in the Smith of Wootten Major, so chew carefully…  A Lord and Lady of the ball will be chosen, and their proclamations must be followed by all attendees, save one.  The Jack of the ball will be free of any compulsion to follow the royal proclamations. Instead, he must follow the orders of every guest in the hall!  A Fashion Play will replace the traditional Passion Play, where the latest winter outfits will be on display in glittery glamor!  Its a night of magic, a night of fun, a night of mischief, and enchanting memories.



Hey goldenstar was listing to the podcasts thanks for the help u and merric gave me on the last question. Now i got a better answer to ur turbine cards problem.  I was at best buy and the didnt have them but they had the steam gift cards i bought that and it let me add money on my steam wallet so i was able to purchase points through lotro from my steam wallet and the best thing is u get the bonus points its so much better then turbine point cards since u get bonus points also so i hope this helps

Gwathel of landroval


Hello Goldenstar and Merric,

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you. I haven’t played LotRO since beta. I’m a follower of Syp’s and Merric’s Too long didn’t listen for awhile now and finally made the jump over to Casual Stroll. After listening to several of your podcasts I restarted my account and jumped in. On my first day (yesterday) I finished the intro quests, tried my hand at the Yule festival, and hit level 9 with both my Champion and my Minstrel. I was wondering if either of you had any suggestions on what a new player should look out for? Thanks again for your time spent on your podcast. I’m currently listening to the back log as I quest.


P.S. My characters names are Herge and Cendwig on the Lan(something) server, it was the first RP server I saw


Voicemail from Pharlo of Landroval

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Recorded December 29, 2012

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4 Responses to “Episode 178: Happy New Year!”

  1. Gliredhel Says:

    Y’know… I might be out of line here, but is there a bit of a trend towards the negative in the podcasts, lately? I’m not trying to be offensive, but it just is coming across as two people that are quite frustrated and generally tired of things.


    • Steve Says:

      I don’t really think they come off as negative. I can tell they really love the game but voice their opinions/frustrations towards things in game that bug them at times (mainly seems to be the store). I listen to podcasts to hear discussions about the game I enjoy playing whether I agree with 100% of what is being said. I have listened to the show off and on for years now and after taking a long break from the game it was refreshing when I returned that Casual Stroll to Mordor was still going when many other podcasts had abandoned the game.


    • Avatar of Vræden
      Vræden Says:

      I don’t hear the “negative” in the podcast, but the way WB/Turbine has taken the game has opened themselves up to a lot of negative criticism. It seems that the emphasis on monetization has led to an incessant grind in things that used to be fun (festivals).

      This is still my favourite game (lord knows I spend a ton of time in LOTRO), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think some of the things they’ve been doing lately are boneheaded.


  2. Ithilwen Says:

    Re: the badass dwarf with the axe in his head…that’s Bifur ;)


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