New War-steed Cosmetic Bundles in the Store

December 27, 2012


Returning to the Store:

Around the time Riders of Rohan launched, the LOTRO Store had a war-steed cosmetic set called the “Bone Set”. It was listed as a Limited Time item, but there was no indication anywhere that I could find of when it would be removed from the store. As far as I can tell, it was in the store for about a month before it was removed. I know many people were very disappointed about this, so hopefully the news that it is back in the store again will cheer them up.bone_set_rustbone_set_tail

The Bone Set is seen pictured here with Rust dye. It is currently 995 TP (and is again listed as “limited time”). One thing to note is that the tail piece does not dye (attempting to do so will only change the color of the mane/tail hair) and so it will stay the default pale purple of the set.

New to the Store:

The Steed of Victory and the Steed of Dol Baran were recently added to the store as travel mounts bundled with war-steed cosmetics. Now, we have their war-steed cosmetics available separately from the travel mount at a discounted price (995 TP compared to 1995 for the bundle). These new war-steed bundles are called the Heavy Assault Set (Victory) and Heavy Leather Set (Dol Baran).

Store previews of these war-steed cosmetics in Forest Green dye: Dol BaranVictory








One important thing to note: The leggings on all three of these sets will not display White or Black dye. This is a common problem I’ve noticed with many war-steed sets and have been sending bug reports in on as noticed. As far as I can tell, all other colors will work on the dyeable pieces of these sets.

UPDATE: These two cosmetic sets are currently unavailable in the LOTRO Store. Quartermaster is claiming some naming issue as being the root of the confusion.

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13 Responses to “New War-steed Cosmetic Bundles in the Store”

  1. susan Says:

    thanks for the info, I often wondered where that bone set came from


  2. bluntforce Says:

    i have been seeing that set all week. as far as i know it hasn’t been removed. When Steed of Victory and the Steed of Dol Baran were added i bought the steed of victory and noticed the steed of bone.


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      Right, I know it’s still up now, but seeing as no one feels the need to advertise the sale duration for this item, I was just pointing out that it’s not guaranteed to stay up very long. I think at most it was up for a month last time around, maybe closer to a couple weeks.


  3. Strunto Says:

    I bought the Bone Set for my Captain. I’ve been seeing it a lot, too.

    The tail issue really, really bugs me. Not only do the tail pieces not dye properly, but the “Simple Tail” item doesn’t change colors when you choose a different color for mane and tail at all. I’m not sure if that’s an issue accross the board, but the Simple Tail item doesn’t dye with the Winter Festival set. I should check again. Maybe it’s working with the Bone Set. I’m pretty sure I removed the Bone Tail item, because I didn’t want the purple piece. (I’m using Umber, or Sienna, or something brown. Don’t remember exactly.)


  4. Aeronwy Says:

    I’m disappointed that the Steed of Victory and the Steed of Dol Baran weren’t originally available as war-steed only cosmetic bundles. Guess I wasted a good chunk of TP on travel mounts I’ll never use…


  5. Taruth Says:

    I’m slightly annoyed that the Steed of Victory and Dol Baran Sets have only been added now. I really wanted both of them for the war-steed appearance, but settled for just getting the Dol Baran, and if I had only waited a little longer I would have had enough TPs for both :(


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      Ugh. The problem wasn’t even the names like the Quartermaster states, it was the fact that the sets were made available in the store a week after the horses showed up.


      • Korthe Says:

        So after QuartermasterU LIED to you (people, please, stop hitting around the bush and call things by its right name) Sapience appears and reiterates the same lie (

        “We’re currently looking into this. As QuartermasterU pointed out this was not intentional, but seems to have been an error when creating the combos and publishing them in the store. Obviously we thought we had published one thing and either it failed to show or did not publish correctly.”

        Obviously? If they thought those war-steed packages were already in the Store “since Rohan launch”, then why did they appear suddenly? Is the Store self-sentient and can add and remove stuff from itself? NO, SOMEONE HAS TO ACTIVATE THEM. So they were absolutely aware of this issue, and did it on purpouse to gouge people. Another classy act from the Store people. /slow clap


  6. Aethelbehrt Says:

    What’s the deal? I almost bought one of the Steeds a few days ago when they appeared in the store, but couldn’t make up my mind. I was thrilled when they both popped up at 995 TP, but they were gone again before I could choose. I remember seeing these steeds in Rohan beta, and was wondering when they would show up. I wish they’d just put them all in the Store without playing games with us. Where’s the customer service?



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