Pineleaf Previews the Necromancer’s Fix [Video]

December 5, 2012

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With Update 9 on Bullroarer, I decided to check to see if matters were any better in the Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate skirmish. Has the Fell Beast learned to fly any better. or does it still need (to paraphrase LOTRO Reporter) some better landing lights.

This is certainly a vast improvement over the behavior in the last two updates. Now we only need this to reach live.

I noticed two other changes while running skirmishes on Bullroarer. The first is that auto looting is active in skirmishes, which means that I will no longer have to remind other players to loot the bodies. The other is that I was seeing Tier 4 relics drop at level 85 (rather than the Tier 3 relics I have been seeing on live).

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6 Responses to “Pineleaf Previews the Necromancer’s Fix [Video]”

  1. Gentoo Says:

    RE: Auto-looting in the skirmishes, is the loot generated the same way then and just into your bags? Or is it custom generated like in Rohan per player? Are people going to be randomly given star-lit crystals and whatnot without a chance to roll is my main concern. I’d be perfectly happy if it’s the former. Sometimes it’s hard for people to find bodies in certain places like in water or if the LT fell into a rock or other structure.


    • Goreamir Says:

      I don’t know, not sure I like the idea of auto-loot in skirmishes/raids. Loot of a certain rarity should still be rolled on. Although random granting the stuff is basically the computer rolling for us, we should at least be able to opt out of the roll if it’s for something we don’t need or whatever, for those with that kind of courtesy at least.


  2. téaparty Says:

    Remote looting on encounters must mean random distribution of those little flags? Hopefully they get into the right hands one way or another.


  3. Jonathan Says:

    As many are speculating it could mean the end of DKP as well. That may be a good thing because, although its use is intended to reward kin loyalty and participation in group play, the way it’s managed is an endless source of controversy within kinships.


  4. Layanor Says:

    I really hope chest auto looting will be added to scraids when it hits live. I am so tired of players kicking members out so they can roll on the loot alone.

    And I am tired of these tier 2 under man scraids that are almost impossible to finish. 6 players instead of 12? come on :P



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